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raymond azeez – another criminal exposed at NCN guyana

raymond azeez - ncn marketing managerNCN’s Marketing Manager, Raymond Azeez cannot explain why he’s hoaring large sums of american currency, guyana dollars, gold and milk powder in his office. someone in the office caught wind of the stash and stole it. with a straight face azeez called in the police to intimidate and interrogate the cleaning staff and other personnel at NCN.

propaganda press understands raymond “lost” in excess of one million dollars. old habits die hard and criminal activities are ongoing at NCN guyana long after the fall of yog mahadeo Continue reading

transport for the property @camp & lamaha street georgetown guyana

one of our agents pulled this out of patrick sukhlall files.

this transport for the property at camp and lamaha street georgetown
is for the building shown below. it has since been taken over by the chinese triads. i.e the chinese mafia. bai shan lin is also in on the money via khurshid sattur and the guyana revenue authority. nice pay as you go parking lot they building there.

patrick sukhlall and sharda sukhlall are big fronts and money launderers
meanwhile basil persaud , mahadai lalu and the other gangsters at the guyana santan dharma maha sabha doing pretty good for themselves

yog mahadeo towers @ lamaha and camp - arian browne photo