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Standing up to the Corrupt Guyana Government is a Revolution not a war.


Do not be fooled, when you figure it out, Politicians will try to fool you


What is war?


War is when your Government tells you who the Enemy is.


What is a revolution


Revolution is when you figure it out for yourself.


The PPP Guyana Government are scared that more and more Guyanese are figuring out how corrupt The PPP Government is.


Most supporters are realizing that the PPP only know them at Election time after that get inline, its friends and family only.


With the PPP government being blatantly corrupt, a Revolution is in order.

Corruption in Guyana has to be Curbed to Spur Economic Growth

Corruption is licensed to the Corrupt elite of Guyana Only

Corruption is licensed to the Corrupt elite of Guyana Only

Dear Editor,

The general consensus among the people of Guyana and Guyanese in the Diaspora is that the PPP regime has not developed any programme that will curb corruption, reduce crime or spur economic growth and jobs for the thousands of unemployed youths and those who want to work.

No such programme exists and none is forthcoming since the regime has been unable to deal with those issues, especially corruption and crime. And even though the Minister of Home Affairs is back, that would not make a difference. Continue reading