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propaganda press under construction

another backball for lowlife jagdeo. look who's watching

another backball for lowlife jagdeo. look who’s watching

We are renovating and preparing for Guyana elections 2015. Everything is still here just use the search option and give us a couple days.

albert baldeo at lefferts blvd A train station

Albert Baldeo faking heart problems to avoid jail sentence

Re: United States v. Albert Baldeo,
S1 13 Cr. 125 (PAC)
Dear Judge Crotty:
The Government respectfully writes to provide an update to the Court regarding the continued self-hospitalization of the defendant in the above-captioned matter, and to ask the Court to order certain measures in light of recent developments.

Today, the Government learned that the defendant remains in the hospital, for unknown reasons. The

negro on right albert baldeo and negro on left gregory meeks. greg also started the dominoes falling on his other good friend ed ahmad

negro on right albert baldeo and negro on left gregory meeks. greg also started the dominoes falling on his other good friend ed ahmad

Government also learned that the defendant instructed the hospital not to include his name in its system or to inform anyone who called that a patient with his name is a patient.
The Government understands that this option, commonly known as “opting out,” is typically provided to and availed of by victims of domestic violence or others who fear that for their safety if their location is known. The Government is unware of any basis for the defendant, who is on bail pending sentencing, under the supervision of Pretrial Services, to invoke this option, much less to do so without providing contact information to Pretrial Services and/or the Court.

Based on the foregoing, the Government is concerned both that (a) the defendant is faking or exaggerating his alleged medical problems in order to delay sentencing and/or support an argument at sentencing for leniency, and (b) the defendant may be seeking to hide his location, so to as complicate or defeat the ability of Pretrial Services to supervise him, and the ability of law enforcement to ensure that he does not seek to flee prior to sentencing.

US Attorney Preet Bharara letter to Judge Crotty on Albert Baldeo fake hospital visits

Albert Baldeo biography
blockquote>The Queens Tribune/Press of South East Queens probably analyzed Albert Baldeo best when it endorsed him as a champion of the oppressed in September 2008: “While Baldeo’s abrasive style of bare-knuckle politics may not win him many allies in the political establishment, it’s been effective in voicing the concerns of his community…If’s there’s one person qualified to represent the underdogs, it’s Baldeo.” He is popularly called the Al Sharpton of Richmond Hill, or the Cheddi Jagan of New York.