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kwame mccoy grandmother $700,000 wake paid for by guyana tax payers

Georgetown, Guyana – April 4, 2014: Sources close to Presidential Advisor Kwame McCoy revealed that he has been boasting that he was reimbursed $700,000 GY for expenses associated with the wake he hosted for his grandmother’s passing. Independent investigations by BrutalFactsGy confirmed that indeed the accounting office in OP was instructed to make the reimbursement. … Continue reading

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guyana govt minister bheri ramsaran sexually molest kaieteur news journalist

minister of health bheri ramsaran is a dangerous sexual predator. he has been guilty of rape, sexual assaults and molestations since the days of cheddi & janet jagan. all these crimes have been covered up by the family in order to protect the pristine image of jagan’s party. propaganda press readers will remember bheri ramsarran … Continue reading

propaganda press shooting for 100,000 followers in 2014

please help us achieve our goal of 100,000 followers in 2014. thank you for getting us this far. tell a friend about propaganda press and continue sharing our posts, photos and updates. ppp crime family inc will fall. don’t get weary

priya manickchand & ppp crime family lead racially charged ‘rally’ attacking Afro Guyanese

priya manickchand and ppp crime family led a racially charged “protest” outside parliament a few hundred “cane cutters” were ferried in by bus to hurl racist taunts at opposition politicians and Afro Guyanese. protesters egged on by priya manickchand, clement rohee and other crime family leading lites chanted and screamed racist statements about afro guyanese. … Continue reading

US ambassador brent hardt leaves guyana as a failure

brent hardt leaves guyana as a total failure. his biggest claim to fame is picking up garbage in a foolish clean up campaign. he will be remembered as a friend of ppp crime family initially after replacing melvin jones, hardt had a low pulse which subsequently died. propaganda press says good riddance brent hardt, you … Continue reading

Carol Sooba appointment declared illegal by Guyana Chief Justice Ian Chang

Carol Sooba’s appointment as Town Clerk by ppp crime family was today quashed by Chief Justice (ag) Ian Chang in the High Court. Justice Chang ruled that the Local Government Minister Ganga Persaud did not have the power to appoint Sooba and therefore the appointment was illegal. Ganga Persaud has become infamous recently for raping … Continue reading

bobby ramroop & bharrat jagdeo sumo wrestling in guyana

best “friends” for life photo courtesy of agent persaud

dr faith harding the keeper of forbes burnham “millions”? article updating

we’ve received information that dr faith harding is the key to unearthing forbes burnham “millions” Faith Harding was in possession of some of Burnham Millions which she kept for him before he died. she was his stash. when Burnham died, she held on to the money which was in cold hard cash. over the years … Continue reading

kwame mccoy photo update from guyana – see thru neglige

kwame mccoy, presidential spokesperson, office of the president guyana sexual predator boy rapist ppp crime family house negroe member of the rights of the child commission nominated by priya manickchand ppp crime family point man on all things boys >

priya manickchand only support rape victims who weren’t raped by her comrades

updating 496 days ago priya got selectively outraged over chris brown performing in guyana. she thought the people forgot she defended her ex boyfriend bharrat jagdeo when he was abusing his “wife” priya said it was a private matter the minister has once again picked up my foot in my mouth disease OVCW: Essentially PPPC … Continue reading

priya manickchand still married propaganda press?

photo of a happy guyanese family fanmail propaganda press is priya manickchand still married? please fine out and publish. she dont add the murli after she name no more so like She and de army captain man done she and he had big story one night.she come in she night gown and pull he out … Continue reading

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