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Daniel Singh sexing the girls & Michael Young buggering the boys @ Guyana Times

daniel singh

Daniel Singh

background & flashback

12:24pm Oct 31
Just want to give you an insight….
Daniel Singh, a sexual predator, who is the General Manager of Guyana Times had his contract in the BVI terminated due to accusation of Child Molestation.

March 15, 2015 at 12:30 am
fan mail
Beacon of fuckulence and bugarance Guyana Times is a hot place when it comes to bosses getting hot with subordinates, even if it means to prove a point to someone.


mikey in his slim days

Last night, Saturday it was high action in a female washroom which was screwed tight. The passion was intense, it was “fuck me”, oh yes” “aah”, then bram! Bram! Continue reading