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Flashback : Guyana Police Commissioner Henry Greene, Accused of Rape – Victim’s Testimony

Flashback : Guyana Police Commissioner Henry Greene, Accused of Rape – Victim’s Testimony About these ads

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Kevin Fields, Shot dead in Guyana robbing a businessman.

Just after 12 noon on Monday 15 July, a businessman went to Ramchand Auto Spares on Sheriff Street to transact business, when Kevin Fields, who was armed with a gun ( revolver) entered the store and took away a bag containing $1.7M from the businessman. Kevin Fields, then ran outside and towards a CG motorcycle … Continue reading

Dictator bharRAT Jagdeo, Electricity bills from December 2011 to February 2014 amounted to $9,875,680. Paid for by you.

The figures provided by Dr. Singh, represent the money the State spent on Jagdeo on the item (electricity bills) from the time he demitted office in December 2011 up to February 2014. Jagdeo’s total electricity bill for the duration stated has amounted to $9,875,680. His average monthly bill is $365,766. Or over 6.866 Kilowatts per … Continue reading

navin chandarpal goes to america to save his life – another hypocritical guyana govt scamp

another ppp crime family scamp is currently in America hoping the whiteman save his life. why didn’t he go to Georgetown or diamond hospital? you know why, cause he is a effin hypocrite just like all the other bandits in the Guyana govt. navin is best remembered for being chased out of office of the … Continue reading

dynamic airways suspends guyana operations – the end is now

we received the following message from our colleague and friend. and we’re speaking of Dynamic Airways front man Capt.Gerry Gouveia. we hate to say we told you so but on june 4 2014 we said EZ Jet Guyana lives again in Guyana under the name Dynamic Airways. propaganda press is hereby advising Guyanese to boycott this … Continue reading

flashback : priya manickchand shows off her 1st american anchor baby in guyana

priya manickchand sent us this crazy message and a photo of her first American anchor baby back in 2009. now she cussing out the American ambassador!

Robert Mercury Persaud PPP 4 family/friends reckless behavior cause traffic jam at Deli Street Prashad Nagar

On the afternoon into the evening of Friday July 04, 2014 the Minister of Natural Resource Mr. Robert Mercury Selling Persaud, mother held a memorial service/party (we say Party because lots of dancing was noticeable) for her late husband Mr. Croal at her multi Million Dollar recently renovated residence in Deli Street, Prashad Nagar ( … Continue reading

A PitBull Name Priya Manickchand on the Loose, Also answer by the Name BOOO.

…attempts to humiliate US Ambassador In what can only be the most shocking abuse of hospitality and a disregard for the diplomatic norms, Guyana’s Acting Foreign Minister, Priya Manickchand, last evening launched into an attack on United States Ambassador, Dr. D. Brent Hardt. And for her efforts she was soundly booed by the invitees. The … Continue reading

Guyana second most corrupt country in caribbean, edged out by haiti

Country’s corruption rating worsens July 1, 2014 | By KNews | Filed Under News …Haiti first, Guyana second President Ramotar, after nearly three years as President, still cannot pronounce on the NCN report. The Marriott Hotel project still has more questions than answers. This year, the Finance Minister has spent $4.5B without the approval of … Continue reading

GUYSUCO runs out of money again, unable to pay staffers

Guysuco runs out of cash to pay office staffers July 1, 2014 | By KNews | Filed Under News …Workers plan to take matter in hand if no word forthcoming The beleagued Guysuco Sugar Corporation (Guysuco) is heading for a crisis with staff not being paid and workers not too sure when and if they … Continue reading

Dynamic Airways grounded @ JFK – Guyana passengers stranded

we’ll just reprint what we said on june 4 EZ Jet Guyana lives again in Guyana under the name Dynamic Airways. propaganda press is hereby advising Guyanese to boycott this airline. EZ Jet and the Guyana govt still has not repaid outstanding tickets when they went belly up.

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