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BREAKING NEWS! Bharrat Jagdeo hospitalised in Florida

Former President Bharrat Jagdeo is reportedly in a Florida hospital having landed in the United States early Saturday morning. According to reports, Jagdeo had a persistent fever and diarrhea. How long he had this condition was not ascertained. Accompanying him is Dr Ranjisinghi ‘Bobby’ Ramroop who is described as his best friend. the two mobsters … Continue reading

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The Crime Situation and Mashramani – Lurlene Nestor

DEAR EDITOR, Recent headlines in the daily newspapers seem to suggest that the country is under siege by criminal gangs roaming the streets. The social media lit up a few days ago when a photograph of the lifeless body of slain money-changer, Brijlall Persaud, saturated many online spaces. The image has augmented flashes of our … Continue reading

Sand pile completely blocks street

Dear Editor, I live obliquely opposite where construction is taking place at 447 Fordyce Street, Phase 2 Republic Park. Yesterday (Thursday) several loads of sand were dropped off at the site which covered half the road making it difficult to pass. This morning (Friday) more loads of sand were dropped off, this time in the … Continue reading

Cement mixer truck making a mess at traffic lights on roadways

A Reminder Road debris is a hazard that can cause fishtailing and damage like a flat tire or even a traffic accident with injury or death. Road debris can cause loss of control crashes, rollover crashes, or penetration of the passenger compartment by the debris. Road debris can be especially dangerous to bicyclists, who may … Continue reading

Are the police a law unto themselves in Guyana? – Paulette Harvey

 Dear Editor,   Over the years members of the Guyana Police Force came in for praise and criticism for their actions on various issues. However, over the past several months, the police have been making the news for all the wrong reasons.   We heard of the case of a Rupununi woman being beaten by … Continue reading

Standing up to the Corrupt Guyana Government is a Revolution not a war.

Do not be fooled, when you figure it out, Politicians will try to fool you   What is war?   War is when your Government tells you who the Enemy is.   What is a revolution   Revolution is when you figure it out for yourself.   The PPP Guyana Government are scared that more … Continue reading

Guyana Policeman assaults Demerara Harbour Bridge GM

General Manager of the Demerara Harbour Bridge, Rawlston Adams, came face to face with police arrogance and power when a serving policeman of The Guyana POLICE Force crashed into the rails of the bridge a few days ago. The accident occurred on Thursday as the Guyana policeman was heading across the bridge to his home. … Continue reading

How come there is no evidence to convict Guyana drug lords? – Mark Dacosta

Dear Editor, It appears, every time the Minister of Home Affairs makes a public statement, his pronouncements are so full of shaky positions, fallacious assertions and indefensible claims, that if one wants to take issue with them, one must choose some tiny aspect of the statement with which to argue. Otherwise, one risks writing a … Continue reading

Security Hazard at the Camp Street Jail in Georgetown.

In Guyana, some people just talk about Security, and have the brightest ideas and few of those people are in command of Guyana’s Safety and security. But what we are showing you here is a Security Hazard to the nation of Guyana, can you imagine a disable Truck and other obstacle belonging to the Guyana … Continue reading

Sanjay Shew corrupt CANU Officer, facilitated 73.34 kilograms of cocaine out of Guyana

On August 2nd 2013 a shipment of rice and 73.34 kilograms of brick cocaine lift Guyana on-board the MV Azuria and was busted in the Dominican Republic on August 13, 2013, The Customs Anti-Narcotics Unit (CANU) which has become a drugs facilitating unit and not a drug fighting Unit as it has been setup to … Continue reading

Guess which part is the Trench and which is the Roadway?

Guess which part is the Trench and which is the Roadway? Take a Try and guess the answer!  (Not a Trick question)

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