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It is advisable to stay away from goats,Rohee and those wild accusations

Dear Editor, Earlier in the evening as I was looking at the HGP’s Nightly News I saw a very disgusting comment coming from none other than the Minister of Home Affairs and the PPP General Secretary, Clement Rohee. Mr. Rohee went on a tirade accusing the PNC and APNU leader, Brig David Granger, of being … Continue reading

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Flashback : Guyana Police Commissioner Henry Greene, Accused of Rape – Victim’s Testimony

Flashback : Guyana Police Commissioner Henry Greene, Accused of Rape – Victim’s Testimony

Dictator bharRAT Jagdeo, Electricity bills from December 2011 to February 2014 amounted to $9,875,680. Paid for by you.

The figures provided by Dr. Singh, represent the money the State spent on Jagdeo on the item (electricity bills) from the time he demitted office in December 2011 up to February 2014. Jagdeo’s total electricity bill for the duration stated has amounted to $9,875,680. His average monthly bill is $365,766. Or over 6.866 Kilowatts per … Continue reading

A PitBull Name Priya Manickchand on the Loose, Also answer by the Name BOOO.

…attempts to humiliate US Ambassador In what can only be the most shocking abuse of hospitality and a disregard for the diplomatic norms, Guyana’s Acting Foreign Minister, Priya Manickchand, last evening launched into an attack on United States Ambassador, Dr. D. Brent Hardt. And for her efforts she was soundly booed by the invitees. The … Continue reading

Narine Chattergoon, called ‘Ken Another PPP Government rapist identify and Exposed.

Narine Chattergoon, called ‘Ken’, 49, Another PPP Government rapist identify and Exposed has been at the centre of a number of sexual issues over a period of time. Monday June 30 he appeared before Magistrate Sherdel Marcus-Isaacs in the New Amsterdam Magistrate’s court charged with exposing his genitals. Narine Chattergoon, called ‘Ken The offence the … Continue reading

Justice, Corruption & Narcotics in Guyana,Craig Sylvester.

This is a few days late, but the Honorable Minister of Legal Affairs should get know one thing: he is a SENIOR public servant of the Guyanese public. If we have a problem with him or his office, it is our right to let him know. As a senior public servant, he of all persons … Continue reading

Hola Guayana, CCTV CH27 now Studio Universal Spanish?

Recent checks of CCTV CH27 China Spy Base hub79, one will notice that CCTV China is now broadcasting a English Spanish specking movie channel name Studio Universal A recent article about China using Guyana as a Spy Base and CCTV part of it a motive for this Related Article: China Spy Base HUB 79 located … Continue reading

Cadet Officer, Franz Paul, remanded to prison for shooting 15-year-old Alex Griffith in the mouth.

Cadet Officer, Franz Paul, who shoot 15-year-old Alex Griffith in the mouth was remanded to prison this afternoon 2014/06/09 after facing four charges. Franz Paul who was personally investigating the robbery of his sister pleaded not guilty.

Andrew Yarde CANU officer, whoring, drunk driving and killing with Government vehicle. :updated

Updated: CANU Officer  Andrew Yarde attended  court on friday May 15 and was placed on $185.000 Guyana dollars bail a slap on the wrist for this kind of action, in a society where others are remanded to prison for less than this, he’s Free to go he has 4 charge against him let’s see how … Continue reading


ADNAN G. EL SHUKRIJUMAH, CITIZENSHIP GUYANESE WANTED BY THE FBI Reward US$5 million Most Wanted Terrorists list. Date(s) of Birth Used: August 4, 1975 Hair: Black Place of Birth: Saudi Arabia Eyes: Black Height: 5’3″ to 5’6″ Complexion: Dark, Mediterranean Weight: 132 pounds Sex: Male Build: Average Citizenship: Guyanese ADNAN G. EL SHUKRIJUMAH Conspiracy to … Continue reading

BREAKING NEWS! Bharrat Jagdeo hospitalised in Florida

Former President Bharrat Jagdeo is reportedly in a Florida hospital having landed in the United States early Saturday morning. According to reports, Jagdeo had a persistent fever and diarrhea. How long he had this condition was not ascertained. Accompanying him is Dr Ranjisinghi ‘Bobby’ Ramroop who is described as his best friend. the two mobsters … Continue reading

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