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Standing up to the Corrupt Guyana Government is a Revolution not a war.

Do not be fooled, when you figure it out, Politicians will try to fool you   What is war?   War is when your Government tells you who the Enemy is.   What is a revolution   Revolution is when you figure it out for yourself.   The PPP Guyana Government are scared that more … Continue reading

Alana Seebarran & charles ramson suing Chandini Ramnarine & lucricia rambalak for 50 million

Written by Chriseana Ramrekha for propaganda press Saturday, 04 May 2013 21:23 MISS India Worldwide 2012, Alana Seebarran, has filed a $50M lawsuit against the holder of the Miss India Worldwide Guyana franchise, Chandini Ramnarine, and her sister Lucria Rambalak, who was selected to be Miss India Guyana 2010. Papers obtained from the Supreme Court … Continue reading

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robeson benn jr dead in guyana?

we gettin word lil scunty robeson benn jr like he crap out. we checkin pon it morale of story if he dead : stop knock people girl chirren update: access tight. we not compromising agent security to check up pon lil scunty. as soon as we know y’all gon know update 2: bad news. lil scunty is … Continue reading

nigel hughes quits linden commission of inquiry

Hughes apparently became peeved when Hicken repeatedly stated that he could not recall salient details of the meeting, which was attended by Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee, Commissioner of Police Leroy Brumell and Crime Chief Seelall Persaud. Hicken contradicted himself in stating at one point that the possibility of the Mackenzie/ Wismar Bridge being blocked … Continue reading

guyana police harassing citizen for ‘lil drink’ money on soesdyke highway

fan mail I’m wondering on to send letter/report to p/press. I’m a regular traveler of Linden/Soesdyke highway. I’m feed up and disgusted with the policemen asking for “lil drink” most of the time I passed them. They acting like a beggar without respecting their uniform. their uniform is supposed to be honored with dignity.

dennis chabrol of demerara waves is manipulative & wicked – charles ramson jr

chuckie jr sent us this note charles dot ramson at hotmail.com – Dear propaganda press: I note with much disgust and concern, the kind of manipulative and wicked journalism being practised by the Denis Chabrol-led Demerarawaves website over the past few weeks. This supposedly ‘independent’ news outfit, by its twisted coverage, seems hell bent on … Continue reading

who’s reading propaganda press? 19 october 2012

the question is usually asked, who’s reading propaganda press?  as it happened  19 october 2012. top 25 countries you’re not alone Country Views United States 51,975 Guyana 48,044 Canada 18,621 United Kingdom 5,614 Trinidad and Tobago 1,684 Barbados 1,187 Netherlands 1,155 India 1,051 Saint Lucia 604 Suriname 574 Brazil 437 Jamaica 435 Bahamas 354 Saint … Continue reading

vic puran funeral & cremation today in guyana

call anin nandndlall for times 1 Merriman’s Funeral Home for viewing at 10 am 2 viewing and funeral service at his house. Barr Street Kitty 3 Good Hope Crematorium, East Coast Demerara Related articles Jirbahan Dianand & Vic Puran tortured before they get MURDER (propagandapress.wordpress.com) glen hannoman missing in Guyana since ricardo rodrigues & vic … Continue reading

thanks to our guyana police & canu agents

join us in saying thanks to our agents @ Guyana Police Force & Customs Anti Narcotics Unit working behind enemy lines and de rest of agents too. man like pandit_g, ally babba, avinash. we ain fuhgettin yall

do not email propaganda press, use the contact form

we’ve shut down our email system due to low level enemy activity. please use our contact form from now on. we will contact you with our new email address

reporter files complaint against dea mole seelall persaud

Written by Leroy Smith, Reporter, Guyana Chronicle Saturday, 15 September 2012 23:06 IT is with much frustration in every meaning of the word that I pen this letter to the press regarding what can only be described as nothing but unprofessionalism by a senior member of the Guyana Police Force, whose job it is to … Continue reading

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