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Dynamic Airways Guyana service CANCELLED by US aviation authorities on August 6 2014!

Jerry Gouveia, Irfaan Ali & Donald Ramotar bluffing Guyanese. The Department of Transportation cancelled Dynamic Airways Guyana service weeks ago. List of Public Charters Charter Report – 2014 Prospectuses Updated: Friday, August 15, 2014  14-087 Charter Operator : Dynamic Airways (Direct Sales) Carrier : Dynamic Airways Origin : JFK-BDL Destination : GEO Beginning date : … Continue reading

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more murders in Guyana – Ashook Ragghu shot dead @ botanical gardens, wife shyrazadi wounded

man shot dead and woman wounded outside botanical gardens as Guyana murder rate keeps climbing gunmen disappear on motor bike

Norway expresses concerns over Chinese timber firm operations in Guyana

Oslo, Norway: A senior monitoring official at Norway’s Ministry of Climate and the Environment is alarmed at reports highlighting the apparent green-house abuse of Guyana’s rainforest by a Chinese firm. Referring to several articles in the Guyana’s Kaieteur News, a leading private daily newspaper from Georgetown, the senior Norwegian climate monitor told this Publication that … Continue reading

Albert Baldeo guilty – another Guyana govt affiliated bandit off to jail

Former Queens District Leader And City Council Candidate Found Guilty Of Obstruction Of Justice FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Monday, August 11, 2014 Preet Bharara, the United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York, announced that attorney ALBERT BALDEO, a former Queens District Leader, was found guilty today in federal court of tampering with witnesses … Continue reading

Guyana violent crime up 16% – 80 murders in 7 months, 679 REPORTED armed robberies

August 9, 2014 | By KNews | Filed Under News Eighty people have been murdered within the first seven months of this year and there have been 679 reported armed robberies, but police say that “total serious crimes” have decreased during this period. According to statistics released by the Guyana Police Force, 80 murders were … Continue reading

Marvin Cumberbatch dies after being removed from ambulance by Guayna Police

The Guayna Police Farce is not known for brilliance Marvin Cumberbatch was shot multiple times. Eyewitnesses said an ambulance was about rush the man to a hospital when police arrived and ordered that the injured man be taken out and placed on the road. Investigators said their instructions were based on the fact that it … Continue reading

shameer mohammed, murderer of donna mc kinnon – cold case files

fanmail did you guys check out shameer mohammed the owner of ocean spray hotel who killed black sister donna mccalmon mc kinnon on robb st. j.p Ocean Spray Hotel 46 Stanley Place Kitty, Georgetown Guyana South America Tel +592 227 3763-5 Fax +592 225 3911 Email [via Reservation/ Inquiry form]

Bai Shan Lin & Asian loggers plundering Guyana forests – Janette Bulkan

DEAR EDITOR, Full marks to Kaieteur News whose front-page photograph of a convoy of containers of logs bound for China eloquently conveyed more than a thousand words could (‘Bai Shan Lin circumvents Guyana’s logging laws…Ships Billions $$$$ of high priced logs monthly’, 7 August 2014). Your newspaper’s interpretation was that the Asian loggers have now … Continue reading

Moses Nagamootoo tells Guyana ‘president’ Donald Ramotar “time up!”

I view as sinister the accusation made by the PPP’s Manzoor Nadir that the Chairman of the Elections Commission Dr. Steve Surujbally is in conspiracy with the opposition to hold either general or local government elections. Whilst Dr. Surujbally dismissed the charge as “dottishness” and the public might believe that discredited political operatives like Nadir, … Continue reading

cashed checque showing Rishi Misir robbed USA pandits parishad

propaganda press took a lot of flack for bandit pandits Pavinranauth Parsram & Rishie Misir @ stealing USA Pandits Parishad Joe: I am really wondering why all this is a topic of discussion especially since there is no proof of what is being said. Secondly, propaganda means information, especially of a biased or misleading nature, used … Continue reading

PPP’s devious action in the Rupununi

  Dear Editor, There is a typical case here in the Rupununi of misplaced priorities by the PPP government. There is an intense campaign, almost an obsession by the party, to convert all and sundry to PPPites. This campaign has now shifted focus to the youths. On most weekends the PPP operatives, mostly from Georgetown, … Continue reading

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