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guyana crime

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guyana govt $US60,000 ambulance @ mahdia hospital is a junk yard vehicle

Dear Editor, The sum of $12M was approved in the 2013 national budget for an ambulance for the Mahdia Hospital, Region No. 8. I am aware that APNU`s MP, Ronald Bulkan made mention of the above in his contribution to the budget debate made on 31st March, 2014 and highlighting the fact that one year … Continue reading

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Deodat ‘Popcorn’ Seecharran another young dangerous criminal created & destroyed by ppp crime family inc

look out for our feature on the violent youths born and raised in ppp crime family guyana the guyana police blew away popcorn brains two nights ago A sister-in-law said Seecharran was still very young and “deserved an opportunity to change his life.” She criticized the police for “blowing his brains” and said they “could … Continue reading

rapist ganga persaud addresses guyana parliament during budget 2014 debates

raping and impregnating amerindian girls does not mean you cant be a member of parliament in guyana

intelligence agents from a rogue state spotted @ guyana govt complex

intelligence officers from a rogue state have been spotted operating out of a guyana govt office. stay tuned to propaganda press for the explosive details later today

bharrat jagdeo’s mansion video

irfaan ali of babaa will betray donald ramotar in guyana

one of bharrat jagdeo’s most trusted snakes is very cozy with donald ramotar. when the great betrayal comes keep your eyes on ali of babaa ali started his criminal behaviour from a very young age. his first spotlighted act was the staged kidnapping of his girlfriend marceline basdeo and andre ramphal. this was a hoax … Continue reading

queen kwame mccoy & the coup against guyana “president” ramotar

queen kwame mccoy is a key player in the ongoing cat fight in the ranks of ppp crime family inc. mccoy enjoyed the high and low life during the jagdeo years. he amassed great wealth [big house & pool in diamond] and life in the spotlight while simultaneously fat-fowling and raping little boys. his stint … Continue reading

staff operating with torch lights & cellphones @ guyana govt hospital port kaituma

fanmail dear propaganda: please print how we being treated in port kaituma by this government right now the hospital dont have lights. the little light we get from the power company cant run a hospital they got one generator that aint working for over one year mow when we complain nobody taking care of these … Continue reading

narco gangster bharrat jagdeo is ‘uncle’ of freed murderer rondy jagdeo.

our source cannot confirm the exact family relationship but rondy calls narco gangster bharrat “uncle” magistrate priya sewnarine-beharry owes ppp crime family and bharrat jagdeo for her position kirk davisnever stood a chance

rondy jagdeo rides free of murdering kirk davis in guyana

the lead article talks about widespread corruption then rondy riding free after killing kirk davis. nice job by editors at kaieteur news. everything was set up. Chief Magistrate, Priya Sewnarine- Beharry and the police done get paid off and davis wife and the other witnesses disappeared rondy jagdeo shot kirk davis 16 times in broad … Continue reading

GAHEF liliendaal complex destroyed by fire to hide guyana govt crimes

another guyana govt building destroyed by ppp crime family inc. this is the 7th govt complex burnt by ppp crime family. Stabroek News: The building housing the Guyana Agency for Health Sciences Education, Environment and Food Policy (GAHEF) at Liliendaal, East Coast Demerara was destroyed by fire early this morning. person of interest. goes by … Continue reading

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