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Guyana Cocaine

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ADNAN G. EL SHUKRIJUMAH, CITIZENSHIP GUYANESE WANTED BY THE FBI Reward US$5 million Most Wanted Terrorists list. Date(s) of Birth Used: August 4, 1975 Hair: Black Place of Birth: Saudi Arabia Eyes: Black Height: 5’3″ to 5’6″ Complexion: Dark, Mediterranean Weight: 132 pounds Sex: Male Build: Average Citizenship: Guyanese ADNAN G. EL SHUKRIJUMAH Conspiracy to … Continue reading

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cheese roll & pine tarts filled with cocaine coming from guyana

the guyana govt has intensified its program of catching small time drug dealers. a shitment of 15lbs of cocaine arrived @ cheddi jagan international today

bandit pandits Pavinranauth Parsram & Rishie Misir @ stealing USA Pandits Parishad

pstrong>your name: Church Manyour name: Church Man email: ………..@……com describe crime: Bandit Pavinranauth Parsram formely of Albion Along with Bandit Rishie Misir formely of 43 Village stole the Mandir money these 2 bandits are a members of a pack of wolves in sheep clothing they are teaching other bandit pandits of their organization USA Pandits … Continue reading

ralph ramkarran should be ashamed of himself – malcolm harripaul

fan mail Please publish. RAMKARRAN SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF HIMSELF 4-02-14 As I read the reports in both the KN and SN of Ralph Ramkarran’s SN Sunday column of 3-30-14 in which he whined about how former President Jagdeo had seized control of the PPP and was now “ drooling” for a thirlid term, I … Continue reading

propaganda press secures interview with Guyana muslim terrorist roshan khan.

In the Name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful. All the praises and thanks be to Allah, the Lord of the ‘Alamin (mankind, jinns and all that exists). you can submit questions you would like us to ask Roshan. leave your questions in the comments section or via the contact page

bharrat jagdeo ‘medical charter’ was a cocaine run to florida

bharrat jagdeo and bobby ramroop medical charter was really a cocaine run to florida. see comments on link above agents were already hinting that this looked like a test run. propaganda press received the following from a friend operating deep within ppp crime family inc jagdeo said he sick and entitled to go anywhere fuh … Continue reading

queen kwame mccoy & the coup against guyana “president” ramotar

queen kwame mccoy is a key player in the ongoing cat fight in the ranks of ppp crime family inc. mccoy enjoyed the high and low life during the jagdeo years. he amassed great wealth [big house & pool in diamond] and life in the spotlight while simultaneously fat-fowling and raping little boys. his stint … Continue reading

bharrat jagdeo is ppp crime family candidate for upcoming guyana elections

S E C R E T SECTION 01 OF 03 GEORGETOWN 000607 SUBJECT: GOVERNMENT THREATENED BY ANOTHER DRUG SCANDAL; SAYS IT WANTS USG HELP Classified By: Charge d’Affaires, a.i. Michael D. Thomas, Reason 1.4 (b) and (d) ¶2. (S) Head of the Presidential Secretariat Roger Luncheon is using the crisis to reassert his personal authority … Continue reading

roger luncheon castle in pradoville near bharrat jagdeo

as seen on demerara waves waves

hotel tower guyana & emerald resort priced at 2.73 billion

original asking price for hotel tower was 750 million azeez and manbahal are now packaging hotel tower and emerald resort for 2.73 billion

hotel tower guyana for sale – salim jumaan azeez cocaine empire crumbling

the party has been over for a good while at hotel tower but it’s official now. serious inquiries only. the owners are asking for CASH transactions only asking price 750 million guyana dollars. 3.75 million US propaganda flashback developing story: look for more on this tomorrow. to our utter surprise Chris gayle has accepted money … Continue reading

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