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Guyana Cocaine

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Flashback : Guyana Police Commissioner Henry Greene, Accused of Rape – Victim’s Testimony

Flashback : Guyana Police Commissioner Henry Greene, Accused of Rape – Victim’s Testimony About these ads

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hotel tower guyana ghost investers remain invisible

salim azeez promised that he had a jumbie buyer from florida. we still waiting for this phantom to appear hotel tower Guyana is dead and gone

large cocaine shipment left Guyana with “assistance”

another large cocaine shipment recently departed Guyana for north America with the “assistance” of people in high places with known faces more to come

Warren Hawk, caught “white-handed” with more than US$82,000 of cocaine from Guyana in his luggage at JFK Airport

Warren Hawk, of East Hartford Connecticut was caught “white-handed” at John F. Kennedy (JFK) International Airport for trying to smuggle nearly five pounds of cocaine in the handle rails of his luggage, by U.S. Customs and Border Protection Agents. On June 5, Warren Hawk, a U.S. citizen traveling from Guyana back to New York, was … Continue reading

Justice, Corruption & Narcotics in Guyana,Craig Sylvester.

This is a few days late, but the Honorable Minister of Legal Affairs should get know one thing: he is a SENIOR public servant of the Guyanese public. If we have a problem with him or his office, it is our right to let him know. As a senior public servant, he of all persons … Continue reading

new thriving triad group buys out salim azeez & hotel tower guyana

BREAKING NEWS from a ppp crime inc. family insider the chinese have demonstrated once again who’s boss in guyana. the new thriving triad group have come to the rescue of cocaine salim azeez and canal investments inc. by buying hotel tower and all related assets. salim azeez and crew are claiming a mysterious investor out … Continue reading

salim azeez surface in guyana wearing a purse – hotel tower workers still not paid

Demerara Waves: The management of Hotel Tower on Wednesday began discussions with the Labour Ministry about paying off and sending home workers ahead of moves to sell off the decades-old hospitality landmark.

salim juman azeez dead in guyana?

we heard salim azeez was found dead in #2 canal with a tilapia in his mouth if true, this would be a lightening speed decline for cocaine salim. first new line aqua collapse then castle burn down then guyana power and light disconnect the lights at hotel tower

Hits & Jams cocaine courier Vilton Bourne headed to Guyana with $35577, busted @ JFK

Hits & Jams cocaine courier Vilton Clarence Bourne was busted at JFK with $35,577 on his person and luggage. Bourne is also facing charges of conspiracy to import cocaine into the united states. in Guyana Bourne is a close confident and agent of rawle ferguson , kerwin bollers and the hits and jams team. ferguson … Continue reading

hotel tower guyana press release – we had to close, we have no money!

It is with regret that The Management of Hotel Tower Inc. wishes to inform the general public that the Hotel was forced to close its doors for business as of the 24th day of May 2014. This decision was a last resort, especially given the number of employees that were likely to be affected. In … Continue reading

guyana’s top drug dealers & money launderers list

only @propagandapress can you learn who is who in the guyana cocaine & money-laundering world stay tuned for the details

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