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bharrat jagdeo

narco-gangster palace

bharrat jagdeo say he likes little girls. you believe him?

bharrat jagdeo dancing with a little girl

fling it pon meh gyal fling it pon me – yes folks this is the president of Guyana carrying on with a lil gyal

jagdeo signing the sexual offences bill in guyana

jagdeo signing the sexual offences bill in front of a set of school girls. this same bill may one day send him to jail dec 6 2010. priya manickchand looks on. fat man with pen is vic persaud, protocol officer in office of the dictator. jaggie most trusted bodyguard behind him

varshnie singh and bharrat jagdeo

you too old fuh me woman. yuh know duh right? should i kill you now or 5 minutes from now you bastard¿

bharrat jagdeo is on his back foot as wikileaks comes closer and closer to home.we’ve been told by office of the dictator insiders that jagdeo is very close to wearing pampers as he almost shit-up h eskin when the news of the first cable break. [that one dealing with his cousin roger khan, desi bouterse and racheid doehkie]

don’t worry jagbamzee there will be more cables and more opportunities for you to select your pamper size

today in a startling admission before officers of the Guyana Defence Force the president of Guyana admitted that he likes little girls.

we already know that jagdeo [cousin of roger khan]

remember this is the same jagdeo that made much ado about signing the sexual offences bill with priya manickchand

sometimes these things just have a way of coming back and biting yuh in de ass

just ask baby doc duvalier

bharrat jagdeo dancing in the streets

bharrat jagdeo getting his freak on. big man with fancy colour shirt, bald head man left head down man right partially hidden in black shirt are presidential guards. clique on picture

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113 thoughts on “bharrat jagdeo

  1. Jag de hoe is only pretending.The man—- i mean girl is a fag.Even Joey said it on radio in NY a few years ago.Jag had an African fellow student as his man while they were students in Russia,Both jag de hoe and kwamie are batty boys.Varshnie was used as a tool to deflect his true sexual orientation.Jag still meets his old African boy friend and his other man in Queens New York.

    Publisher i implore you to call Joey Jagan to confirm his interview on a New york radio station a few years ago.A certain guyanese lawyer and two other people were on the discussion panel.

    Posted by cuffy777 | January 26, 2011, 8:40 pm
  2. Nah. The fat fuck in the grey suit with the pen is a criminal name vic persaud chief of protocol in the office of the president. He is the facilitator of the diplomatic runnings; People with false documents leaving Timehri as diplomats through the diplomatic lounge and switch passport on the plane. or body strapped with drugs. He is a convenient relic from the pnc era. When the time comes, he is one that certainly qualifies for several decades behind bars.

    Posted by Freedom house guard | January 26, 2011, 9:06 pm
  3. ahhhhh vickie
    always drinkin an sportin in orange walk

    Posted by nelly avila moreno | January 27, 2011, 11:58 am
  4. Frank Anthony is the faggot.

    Posted by shaun | February 1, 2011, 5:12 pm

    Posted by Tony | February 26, 2011, 12:49 pm
  6. Bharrat Jagdeo is a homosexual. He limes with dougla girls to prove that he is not a faggot. He pays the girls to hang out with him.
    His sex partners are Dr.ramroop, Manniram Prashad, Brian Yong and Dr. Coby Fripong.
    He loves to suck dicks especially big ones.

    Posted by Avinash | February 26, 2011, 2:19 pm
  7. dem man fuck barrat

    Posted by renny kevin | May 4, 2011, 3:03 pm
  8. i hear Jag get a big asshole…………. my friend fuck Frank….. the boy is a Unit Leader with PYARG

    Posted by Cock man | May 16, 2011, 3:15 pm
  9. PLEASE BE ADVISED THAT THE REAL ESTATE THIEF ed ahmad WAS denied permission to Travel to Guyana to Visit his Girlfriend Jagdeeshri…he also claimed in court today that he is personal FRIEND OF THE PRESIDENT OF GUYANA ..this thief Ahmad is trying to run ..please note also that the properties that he put up for Bail does not have any equity , he does not own a Fancy Car Anymore he sold it for 100K a few months ago ..definitely he will make a perfect hen in prison

    Posted by David | July 29, 2011, 3:48 pm
    • more details would be helpful. thanks for checking in with updates

      Posted by el che | July 29, 2011, 3:54 pm
    • David, we all try to be successful in life, and Ahmad seems to be a man who tries to develop himself, I do hope that he does not end up in prison and that he should try to sort out his business and desist from situation that could cause him problems, I think he is extremely handsome and I would hope that he does not end up in prison.

      Posted by observer | September 3, 2011, 2:21 am
  10. wow all you fag or non fag really love the president of guyana to spend so much time talking about him

    Posted by fry | November 29, 2011, 10:17 pm

    Posted by AUBREY | January 28, 2012, 5:10 pm
  12. I find the language very distasteful.

    Posted by James Anthony | February 10, 2012, 5:28 am

    Posted by PAM | March 17, 2012, 9:41 am
  14. fuck alll ayo

    Posted by sahid | April 3, 2012, 11:01 am
  15. “Has the world gone mad”

    Posted by Ezio Auditore | May 14, 2012, 10:47 am

    Posted by james | July 30, 2012, 10:02 pm

    Posted by Farouk@yahoo.com | September 22, 2012, 2:26 pm
  18. very nice. the queen loves you all.

    Posted by ddog | October 5, 2012, 5:05 pm
  19. hey renny kevin, yu can sen u sun ova ot de reverend…e sound like e can set im strait, not like them otha reverends .

    Posted by ddog | October 5, 2012, 7:06 pm
  20. I am seeing this blog for the first time. WOW! whilst some of you have some facts, That’s not the whole story. Look at my avatar. it has three sides. yours, mine and the truth. I also have testimonials on who supplied jagdeo’s brazilian women at castellani house compound. How much they were paid and what a good time they say they had! I also know whose wives visited State House alone and were let in without security checks. Hey even jesus surrounded himself with adoreing male sycophants. But that doesn’t curse him beyond redemption…seems we need to refocus on the real issues.

    Posted by barbados1956 | October 25, 2012, 1:04 pm
  21. seems like the pink dollars a run things in Guyana as it does in the UK. The Taliban can do a better job than the pres of Guyana

    Posted by Sydney | January 17, 2013, 9:40 pm
  22. again a man been a youg professinal working years after years save his money , ggot a million US from the UN changed such and got 200 000 000 now a house like that worth that, now huges have so much houses and lands, now he paid the GRA 5 000 000 in taxes that not half, we need to understand taht mosses get 1 200 000 a month, grangers get 120 000 from his pension scheme, pluse now a whoppinng 1 500 000 for been a opposition and plus a guard, duty freee every three years, so is mooses come on let me talk more nnnnaaaa you see fa your self…

    Posted by youngrevolt | January 19, 2013, 2:17 pm
  23. if you get a man like benschop in the parliamnet the mooses you are a crimainal, come on demons, you no that you are a criminal, a now the afc the peace let me tell you people of guyanan a man like huges when he represent a case a saw a case in cotton rtree village where the farmer trying to sue the mma the people who gave them water for their crops, wondering if the afc can do better an d if so does the huges getting a cut from the money, al the farmer at cotton tree are the one need to protect there land but tyen again does farnmers pay taxes, i need the gra to cogo to cotton and do a auditting and get all those people to pay there taxes, at the end of the day tax payer money going to repay them…

    Posted by youngrevolt | January 19, 2013, 2:22 pm
  24. Guyanese ppl are in an abusive relationship with their country. No food, no jobs, no proper school system, no proper social system just mental abuses and promises to change, but yet Guyanese love this disgraceful Guyana. It is what it is. Why should Guyana change when it is quite accepted by Guyanese the way it is. It’s like a man beating a woman…if she is still there then why change…maybe she likes it or she has no other choice and that’s where the abuse comes in. Guyanese who can’t get out of Guyana has to put up, shut up or get killed.

    Posted by Sydney | May 12, 2013, 2:20 pm
    • Guyana is progressing Squidward!! 65,000 new registrations of motor vehicles in less than 5 years. Diamond, Grove, La Parfait Harmonie and Tuschen are growing villages. The skyline of GT is changing from wooden 3 storey buildings to state of the art 6-8 storey buildings. Marriott Hotel is almost completed and the infrastructure of Guyana’s roadways are upgraded to a 4 lane thoroughfare. I bet you are one of those in the Diaspora who can’t afford to own a car or own a home in Jewmerica. You should thank the black man Obama for the food stamps and Medicare. Guyanese don’t go to dollar stores for bargain.
      Too bad you can’t afford the bus fare to the airport to come back to Guyana loser! The opposition is peddling their bullshit around the Diaspora. If we Guyanese are poor, why are 10,000 vehicles being sold and registered every year? And house lots are selling like hotcakes! We Guyanese deh good! Go and study about the rent you owe this month to the Jewish landlord you debt slave!!!

      Posted by PPP/C run things | May 13, 2013, 7:45 pm
  25. ask Bharrat about Paulie from Barr Street kitty…

    Posted by john smith | September 17, 2013, 10:37 am
  26. What De rass?? Ayo leave ppl and their fancy lives.. work and build your own..

    Posted by DDL Guyana | October 16, 2013, 9:41 am
  27. jagdeo sucking a lot of people wife and daughter…..chandini rambalack was one of them….oh in that picture with jagdeo signing the sexual offence bill….the fucker @ the back of him ( bodyguard) his name is Mcpherson…he and wesford does fuck….how the parliamentary opposition dnt investigate wahat is going with wesford ministry….she employed two presidential guard on a patrimely basis. they are Mcpherson and purai…these two chaps receive more than what they receive @ the presidential guard plus duty free concession and they doesn’t meet that criteria. I guess because purai does fuck jagdeo drunking sister shanta.

    Posted by watch dog for the poor | October 27, 2013, 8:58 pm
  28. yo…uncle paul the biggest drugs lord in Guyana….supplied all the cement and trowel text to bugarat jagdeo when he was building pradoville 2 house. I have the info from an ex presidential guard who is in the states living happily.

    Posted by watch dog for the poor | October 30, 2013, 9:45 pm

      Posted by BODYGUARD | December 21, 2013, 11:58 am
  29. He under minding President D.R

    Posted by Kumar | December 23, 2013, 3:14 am
  30. De man is a rich champion of the Dirt

    Posted by Earth of the Dirt | December 23, 2013, 6:29 am
  31. If Batty men can ,command Authorities in G/Y,then what kind of real men living in that Country, them like baby Toys.

    Posted by G/T Times | February 20, 2014, 10:07 am
  32. The Govt administration’s are a bunch of Quack.

    Posted by marksingh | February 26, 2014, 6:04 pm
    • i heard that brazzy, babby, barrat, and kwame does keep bikini pool party in florida… only thing is that there ain’t no girls… :D

      Posted by siva 6 the woozie killer | March 18, 2014, 2:19 pm
  33. Stabroek News MARCH 24, 2014 · BY STAFF WRITER ·


    In last Monday’s editorial `Pass this bill’ Stabroek News argued that it was time for the groups in Parliament to reach a compromise on the passage of the anti-money laundering bill as there was a growing risk of financial sanctions hitting the ordinary woman and man.

    The point was made that for all of the gnashing of its teeth over this bill, the PPP was being grossly hypocritical as it had had several years with a clear parliamentary majority to pilot the enhanced measures necessary and nearly two years in the last Jagdeo administration when there were explicit warnings from the Caribbean Financial Action Task Force that non-compliance could result in dire consequences.

    Further, the editorial went on to say that the period 2003 to 2011 would come to be recorded as “one of the darkest and replete with the most egregious crimes that the AML/CFT bill is seeking to counter. During this period, there is little doubt that rampant money-laundering and the financing of terrorism was occurring in the shadowy activities of the several death squads and the unrestrained activities of convicted drug lord Roger Khan, who was bold enough to state that he had assisted the Jagdeo administration in fighting the crime wave triggered by the 2002 prison escapees. It is a period that will undoubtedly require careful examination of why there was a failure across the board to detect these activities.”

    It would appear that this passage in the editorial hit a raw nerve at Freedom House, or more precisely, in the camp of former President Jagdeo as the PPP went into overdrive accusing the newspaper of an attempt to tarnish the “character and successes of the former Bharrat Jagdeo administration”. The statement by Freedom House points to an increasingly frenetic proxy campaign for Mr Jagdeo either for reasons of his international image or for domestic purposes. Time will tell which one it is.

    Suffice to say, the editorial had nothing to do with the “character” or “successes” of the Jagdeo administration. Why Freedom House would reel off a compendium of his achievements is perplexing as the editorial did not address the record of Mr Jagdeo’s entire presidency. That would be an exhaustive undertaking too onerous for these columns. Yet Freedom House was moved to argue that “The reality is that Guyana has been placed on the relevant pathway to economic development since, development projects under the Jagdeo Administration continue to impact positively on the daily lives of its citizens.”

    While many of the items on the Freedom House list are questionable in terms of their impact, success and propriety, there was one notable omission which would unbalance the cloying hagiography: the fate of the sugar industry. Indeed, the sugar industry was brought to its knees progressively and patently during the 12-year tenure by Mr Jagdeo, highlighted by the no doubt well-intentioned but gigantic failure at the Skeldon factory. Mr Jagdeo takes the major credit for that project. However, as stated before, the total record of Mr Jagdeo is for another occasion.

    What is being examined are the actions of the Jagdeo administration that culminated in the manifestation of criminality in its grossest forms. Unfor-tunately for Freedom House, its statement was its worst enemy. The PPP statement opined that the “darkest” period referred to by Stabroek News was triggered by the February 23, 2002 Mash Day jail break and the beginning of a reign of terror in Guyana by criminals. It added that it was during that period the criminal gang of Rondell `Fineman’ Rawlins shot and killed 11 law-abiding citizens including children at Lusignan, 12 persons in Bartica and eight miners who were working to make an honest living at Lindo Creek. The pinning of all three of these massacres on one gang is simplistic and questionable but that, too, is a matter for another occasion.

    The breakout from prison was indeed the catalyst for the crime of that period but what cannot be ignored is that a full decade earlier, the PPP/C had been repeatedly warned that security reforms were desperately needed to professionalize the police force, strip away corruption, improve intelligence gathering capabilities and heighten the all-round capacity of the joint services to battle serious crime. These calls went unheeded as the PPP/C was too consumed with wanting to control the police force to permit a revamping. Former President Jagdeo assumed the presidency in 1999 and did nothing to alter that equation despite the fact that the Symonds Report of 2000 – the author of which is now assisting with limited police reforms – had recommended sweeping changes.

    So when the notorious five broke out of Camp Street on Mashramani Day 2002 with the intent to cause maximum mayhem, the Jagdeo administration was caught completely flat-footed. It had no answer to the daily carnage. The police force was without adequate leadership, morale was low, ranks were outgunned and not motivated. No solution worked and several key Joint Services operations were compromised by infiltration.

    This was when the criminalizing of the state began in earnest. Those who felt threatened by the marauders, many of them in the drug trade and in the deep underworld mobilized themselves and offered their services to those in authority. They conducted their own operations unimpeded by the security forces and when bullet-riddled bodies were discovered there would be knowing looks of unknowing. The term `phantom’ gang was of the Jagdeo administration’s coinage and the unrelenting allegations of connections between death squads and then Home Affairs Minister Gajraj brought the matter into sharp focus.

    Into this cauldron, the activities of convicted drug lord Roger Khan became known to all and he would years later seek to stave off apprehension by the local police in relation to the theft of arms from Camp Ayanganna on the grounds that he had helped to beat back the criminals who were rampaging along the coast. Much earlier in the rampage Khan had been nabbed red-handed with electronic eavesdropping equipment and weaponry by alert GDF intelligence ranks in the midst of one of his crime fighting operations. After much hemming and hawing he was charged but like with many other sensitive, clear-cut cases, the charges against him were thrown out and he continued with his operations unimpeded. There have been credible reports that Khan was well-connected with government officials and on one occasion was seen on the premises of the Office of the President. His interconnections with crime, vigilantism and officials of the Jagdeo administration require an investigation of the order of the Commission of Inquiry that will soon embark on an examination of the killing of Dr Walter Rodney.

    The PPP statement also went on to say that “Stabroek News must prove beyond reasonable doubt that during the 2003 to 2011 period; `rampant money laundering and financing of terrorism was evident around that time.’ Rather than engaging in scandalous and vexatious allegations, the Stabroek News must come clean and provide the evidence in its pages”. The guilty plea of Roger Khan in a US court to the shipping of drugs to the US, the conviction of others in foreign jurisdictions and the constant interception of drugs from Guyana in various parts of the world provide the starkest evidence of what the PPP seeks. The recruiting and financing of death squads by enforcers and drug lords for political and other purposes would also fall into the categories that the Anti-Money Laundering/Countering the Financing of Terrorism (Amendment) Bill is seeking to fight.

    There is only one other point in the PPP statement worth exposing, that is the claim that upon the death of `Fineman’ in August of 2008 the government “embarked on national consultations aimed at reforming the Guyana Police Force.” This is absolute piffle as the comprehensive report of the Disciplined Forces Commission (DFC) had been delivered in 2003 and not implemented. So derelict was the government in this respect that it is still today trying to address some of the key DFC recommendations and the Minister of Home Affairs is well into the second year of another supposed set of reforms which are still to yield results. Any consultations held after the death of `Fineman’ would merely have been for the purpose of throwing up a smokescreen.

    It remains the case that the PPP/C continues to toy with security reform and the operational readiness of the police force. The force remains in dire need of professionalizing and this grave lack will not be aided by airbrushing former President Jagdeo’s record.

    Posted by mark | March 28, 2014, 8:03 pm
  34. Does the PPP honestly believe it is innocent or is it a deranged group?


    Every year I would publish an analytical review of world politics. I did so for 2013 but it was never printed. And that is because I never submitted it. On the occasion when I was about to send it, Guyana’s depraved exercise in power got in the way. It has been like that for many other columns.
    I did a review of a new book on Guyanese history that painted a pro-PPP position on the troubles of the sixties but never submitted it. The runaway train of depraved power got in the way. I rushed to my keyboard and analyzed a piece of mouthing-off by Mr. Jagdeo in Essequibo at a PPP meeting to celebrate twenty years in power in which he said he, Jagdeo, took away the young lover of a certain media owner in Guyana. I didn’t get the opportunity to send it off.
    Recently, I looked at the inherent weakness of an observation by a certain weekly independent columnist in another newspaper in which he opined that the RACE thing exists in all countries, so why do we concentrate so obsessively on it in Guyana. It ended up lost somewhere on my hard drive.
    This week for sure, I will look at Fazil Khan.
    The reason why these columns remain invisible is because of the tsunami of power madness that gets in the way, so I rush to do another column on matters that need more attention. There is no letting up. Every day the Government of Guyana or the PPP does something that is so awful, so terrible, so undemocratic, that you have no time to publish an article on world politics or review a book on Guyanese history.
    The exigency demands that you look at these waterfalls of political depravities.
    Today’s column should have been on the need for Guyana to suffer the consequences of the sanctions for the anti-money laundering lapse, so it can drive home to Guyanese that they have to be less self-destructive and confront their heartless government on the desire for good governance. But here I am doing a different column.
    And it was motivated by the anger generated in me when I read a statement by the PPP rejecting an editorial by the Stabroek News, in which it opined that Mr. Jagdeo presided over some of the most disturbing periods in modern Guyanese history.
    Unbelievable would be the adjective that would come out of the mouth of anyone who read the PPP reaction. The PPP let Stabroek News know that the more troubling days in Guyana’s history were under the Burnham Government and it cited Walter Rodney and Father Darke’s murders, and the shooting death of two protestors during the 1973 general elections.
    As you read this sickening denial of the PPP horror story since 1999 and including the reign of Mr. Ramotar, you wonder to yourself; are these people sick? Do they know what they have done since 1992 to this country? It is impossible not to ask yourself if the PPP is not a psychotic organization, in that it lives outside the mainstream of reality.
    How can a government be in power for twenty-two years, in which time, people were remanded for long periods for treason and sedition; people hauled before the courts for libel; people murdered in suspicious circumstances, including a Minister, and directions point to a centralized hand; attempts made on the life of critics; the press hounded down; civil servants dismissed under circumstances even the colonial government would find too tyrannical.
    I could go on and the examples would fill volumes of books, not just newspaper columns, but my concern is not the mountains of depraved and abominable acts of tyranny committed against democracy in Guyana by the PPP since Mr. Jagdeo became president. There has been the constant need by the PPP to publicize the sins of the Burnham Government, with the specific desire to fool Guyanese into thinking that Mr. Burnham was the bad guy and Mr. Jagdeo was the good sermonizer.
    Two questions face you in dealing with this macabre situation. One is that the PPP is truly a psychologically-wrecked collective. It has no mental awareness that it has been and is a terrible government, the members of which cannot avoid prosecution if the PPP loses power. The second one is that the PPP is fully aware that it has virtually collapsed, has lost all moral standing in the eyes of the world, and its only hope is that in telling the young population of Guyana that the PNC is the bad guy, it can survive in the future. I doubt it.

    Posted by mark | March 28, 2014, 8:13 pm

    Posted by ExCANU | March 29, 2014, 12:34 pm
  36. Dem boys seh…Bobby and Jagdeo frighten
    Guyana beginning to look and sound crooked. Dem boys flying in a plane and dem see how shape change. One man seh that it tek de face of Jagdeo, another seh that de centre look like Brazzy belly and dem boys seh that de tail part look shaat like Bobby.
    That happen because of de airwaves and since all de crooks flying in de air. Jagdeo give away half of Guyana after he done tek half fuh heself and he friends and family.
    One quarter he give to de Chinese and de other quarter he give to de Brazilians. De real Guyanese, coolie and black man, ain’t lef wid one S*&$##. De last thing he give way was de airwaves. He try fuh give way de sky but he find out that de sky belong to de Creatah.
    He do all that to Guyana and he got de nerve fuh try to guh back in de chair. Dem boys got a message fuh he. Dem wouldn’t rest until he and Brazzy and all of dem see de jail door. He never allow de DEA and de FBI because he know that he and all ee friends woulda done deh in jail because of wha dem people woulda done pick up. He only delay destiny.
    Donald allow dem fuh come in but dem nah set up office yet. Dem deh all over de place. Some of dem wukking wid Bobby and he nah know. That is why de other day when he loss he office key he didn’t realize that de Feds did want to search he office.
    Dem boys would like to know wha dem find and how much dem see wha Jagdeo really own in Bobby business. Bobby change de lock in he office but by then de Feds did done get wha dem want.
    Now Bobby distressed and Jagdeo worried over that. But Donald seh that if you nah do nutten you nah got fuh frighten anything. But Bobby and Jagdeo frighten.
    Talk half and look out fuh de arrest.

    Posted by mark | March 30, 2014, 12:21 pm
  37. Jagdeo ‘drools with renewed hunger’ for high office


    …had set in motion a two pronged strategy to regain power – Ramkarran
    “Party stalwarts were retired, removed or sidelined…Independent voices were driven out…The newcomers, enticed with career opportunities…easily fell in line…”

    Former Executive Member of the Peoples Progressive Party (PPP) Senior Counsel, Ralph Ramkarran delivered a stark warning to Head of State, Donald Ramotar, while suggesting that former President Bharrat Jagdeo is attempting to scheme his way back into power.
    In his most recent writings on his conversationtree.org outlet.
    Ramkarran first alluded to an article in the Guyana Times, which said that the Opposition had caused a poll to be conducted last month which found that “former President Bharrat Jagdeo would be the most formidable candidate that the Opposition parties…could face in any upcoming general elections.”
    Former PPP stalwart, Ralph Ramkarran
    Former PPP stalwart, Ralph Ramkarran1
    He noted that the following day, the state-owned Guyana Chronicle carried a similar front page headline: “Jagdeo favoured as PPP’s presidential candidate” in an Opposition poll.
    Both the Alliance for Change and A Partnership for National Unity have denied any such poll.
    Ramkarran noted that the publications in the newspapers belie Jagdeo’s protestations that he is not interested in a third term.
    “This new campaign was no doubt inspired by talk of a landslide victory if he had been the candidate in 2011, and if he is now the candidate.”
    Ramkarran recalled too that an expensive campaign calling for a third term was also put together in 2010 which only fizzled out when the then General Secretary, Donald Ramotar, took a stand against a third term.
    According to Ramkarran, now that elections appear to be on the horizon Jagdeo is “beginning to drool with renewed ambition and hunger for high office.”
    From the time he settled in to the Presidency and realized its potential to elevate him to ‘greatness’ and wealth (by saving), Jagdeo set in motion a two pronged strategy, Ramkarran says.
    The former executive member of the party said that Jagdeo, while in office began to nurture and encourage a group of business people, many of whom expanded through opportunities available from state contracts and other linkages, into massive and still growing conglomerates.
    “Today, crony capitalism has taken root in Guyana in a big way.”
    Ramkarran opines that the group of businessmen is personally loyal to Jagdeo and displays nominal loyalty to the PPP “but some are now quietly establishing or renewing links with the Opposition.”
    Former President Bharrat Jagdeo
    Former President Bharrat Jagdeo
    According to Ramkarran the second limb of Jagdeo’s plan was to break down any independent thinking and resistance to himself from the leadership of the PPP.
    “Party stalwarts were retired, removed or sidelined…Independent voices were driven out, stilled or subverted…The newcomers, enticed with career opportunities and devoid of ideological commitment or political history, easily fell in line and learnt that exaggerated and sycophantic displays of loyalty offered security of tenure and protection, albeit limited, from the great man’s rages.”
    Ramkarran noted that unfortunately, the core leadership of the PPP unwittingly succumbed in the early stages of the plans, not realizing their implications.
    “Worse, even after the Party realized their purport, they went along, seeing only short term advantages and not the big picture.”
    According to Ramkarran, the party leadership certainly did not recognize that the ambitions of Jagdeo, who was soon to leave office, could not be contained.
    “The 2011 elections revealed the extent of the damage to the Party.”
    According to Ramkarran, the open campaign for a third term, the direct challenge to President Ramotar and his leadership and the attempt to deprive him of a second term, whether of a minority government or not, were nevertheless exposed by the two publications.
    He posits that Jagdeo “can only succeed if he divides the Party which he clearly has no qualms in doing.” Ramkarran says that he can make bold to raise this direct challenge because, although President Ramotar recognizes the need to curb his influence, he has taken no decisive action to do so.
    “President Ramotar is now paying the price for inaction, which will probably continue and which will become increasingly costly.”
    Ramkarran said that Jagdeo, salivating for office, is not going to give up against President Ramotar and the PPP who are not his comrades, but instruments of his now monumental ego and ambition.
    “(Jagdeo’s) scheming has been perfected into a high art,” according to Ramkarran.
    The billboard that was erected seeking to solicit support for a third term for then President Bharrat Jagdeo
    The billboard that was erected seeking to solicit support for a third term for then President Bharrat Jagdeo
    He says that Jagdeo, who now has nothing but contempt for the alleged failings of the leadership of the PPP and of the Government, arrogantly sees little obstacle in his path even though, “as one comrade told him immediately after the elections in 2011, ‘it was your mansion and pension that caused the loss…The comrade, deprived of high office as a consequence, omitted the cussing out, loud music, lewd dancing, big rallies and years of hostility to sugar workers, all designed by the genius.”
    According to Ramkarran, Jagdeo succeeded in doing what the British, Americans and the PNC together could not do – deliver an electoral disaster to the Party of Cheddi Jagan.
    “With his usual hubris he now believes that only he can reverse the disaster of his own creation, ‘deal’ with the Opposition and manage Guyana.
    The PPP would unfortunately continue to regard an anti-socialist like Jagdeo as a ‘comrade,’ and defend him, in order to maintain the appearance of unity, “even though he has demonstrated by the publications and otherwise, over and over again, that he cares nothing about Party unity.”
    Ramkarran observed that the success of his plan for the Party has weakened it, has caused simmering discontent, has led to the almost total depletion of leadership material which understands the primacy of the PPP’s commitment to the disadvantaged within certain ideological perspectives and underpinnings.
    Ramkarran in his writings, warned that unless the Jagdeo grip on the throat of the Party and Government is prised open by President Ramotar, finger by finger, and he nurtures the leaders mentioned, and they in turn show some political courage, the intellectual successors of Jagdeo will eventually inherit the leadership of the Party and Government, and he and they will have the last laugh.

    Posted by mark | March 31, 2014, 9:40 am
  38. Third term’ campaign – Moses Nagamootoo


    There seems to be something more sinister about the “Jagdeo Third Term” saga, says Alliance for Change Parliamentarian, Moses Nagamootoo.

    According to Nagamootoo the Ralph Ramkarran column from last Sunday really “hit the hammer on the nail”.
    Ramkarran, a former PPP/C stalwart in his weekly blog, delivered a stark warning to Head of State, Donald Ramotar, suggesting that former President Bharrat Jagdeo is attempting to scheme his way back into power.
    According to Nagamootoo, everyone saw how persons whom he refers to as the “gang of B’s” coined the campaign of “Bring Back Bharrat”. Nagamootoo told Kaieteur News that he strongly believes that the “gang” isn’t so “concerned” about a third term but something more sinister.
    “The gang knows that the notion of a third term is a like kite that cannot fly. The tail is too heavy to make it fly” Nagamootoo said. He explained that the campaign is even more sinister and perhaps less noticeable by the general public and the PPP membership.
    It could see Ramotar being forced to step down as President before the end of his term and Jagdeo being installed. Then he does not breach the constitutional provision which states that he cannot be re-elected.
    According Nagamootoo, former President Bharrat Jagdeo has been a debilitating factor which was introduced into the PPP. He said that everyone has seen him operate by stealth trying to wield control.
    “Because he had access to the Ministry of Finance and it’s a fairly influential position he was able to corral under his side people who could be easily compromised” Nagamootoo opined.
    The idea in the PPP was described brilliantly by Dr. Joey Jagan who said that the “Gang of Eight” out of 15 members of the leadership, which is the executive committee, can control literally the party which is like the head.
    According to Nagamootoo, the former president had worked his way among the group of trained leaders of the party, and moved the Gang of Eight to his side.
    “I think that they are attempting to start a rift inside the party to be able to get Jagdeo to control the Gang of Eight, in which case they could ask President Ramotar to step aside for whatever reason as what has happened with Janet Jagan in 1999 and allow Jagdeo to act as president until fresh elections,” Nagamootoo posited.
    Ramkarran first alluded to an article in the Guyana Times, which said that the Opposition had caused a poll to be conducted last month which found that “former President Bharrat Jagdeo would be the most formidable candidate that the Opposition parties…could face in any upcoming general elections.”

    Bharrat Jagdeo
    He noted that the following day, the state-owned Guyana Chronicle carried a similar front page headline: “Jagdeo favoured as PPP’s presidential candidate” in an Opposition poll. Both the Alliance for Change and A Partnership for National Unity have denied any such poll.
    Ramkarran noted that the publications in the newspapers belie Jagdeo’s protestations that he is not interested in a third term.
    “This new campaign was no doubt inspired by talk of a landslide victory if he had been the candidate in 2011, and if he is now the candidate.” Ramkarran recalled too that an expensive campaign calling for a third term was also put together in 2010 which only fizzled out when the then General Secretary, Donald Ramotar, took a stand against a third term.
    According to Ramkarran, now that elections appear to be on the horizon, Jagdeo is “beginning to drool with renewed ambition and hunger for high office.” From the time he settled in to the Presidency and realized its potential to elevate him to ‘greatness’ and wealth (by saving), Jagdeo set in motion a two pronged strategy, Ramkarran says.
    The former executive member of the party said that Jagdeo, while in office began to nurture and encourage a group of business people, many of whom expanded through opportunities available from state contracts and other linkages, into massive and still growing conglomerates.
    According to Ramkarran, the party leadership certainly did not recognize that the ambitions of Jagdeo, who was soon to leave office, could not be contained. “The 2011 elections revealed the extent of the damage to the Party.”
    The open campaign for a third term, the direct challenge to President Ramotar and his leadership and the attempt to deprive him of a second term, whether of a minority government or not, were nevertheless exposed by the two publications.
    He posits that Jagdeo “can only succeed if he divides the Party, something he clearly has no qualms in doing.” Ramkarran says that he can make bold to raise this direct challenge because, although President Ramotar recognizes the need to curb his influence, he has taken no decisive action to do so.

    Posted by mark | April 4, 2014, 7:35 am
  39. Jagdeo’s legacy was already tarnished …


    Dear Editor,

    Those whom Cheddi Jagan lifted from obscurity to megalomania at Freedom House are concerned about Stabroek News tarnishing of the legacy of Bharrat Jagdeo. Mr Jagdeo was President of Guyana from August 11, 1999 to December 3, 2011. Guyana became a major drug transhipment point and crime-infested republic during that period, and attained its pinnacle of inequality, injustice, corruption, cronyism, immorality and unfairness. This is some achievement considering the dreaded PNC regime swung a wrecking ball at this country for 28 years. So what is there to tarnish when it has already been tarnished? Mr Jagdeo was trained as an economist, yet Guyana under Jagdeo achieved the following yearly GDP growth rates from 2000 to 2011 inclusive: 2000: -1.4%, 2001: 2.2%, 2002: 1.1%, 2003: -1%, 2004: 3.3%, 2005: -2%, 2006: 5.1%, 2007: -3.6%, 2008: 2%, 2009: 3.3%, 2010: 4.4% and 2011: 5.4%. Guyana had total annualized GDP growth of 18.8% in the 12 full years of Mr Jagdeo’s rule. Dentist Cheddi Jagan oversaw the following GDP growth rates from 1993 to 1996 inclusive: 1993: 8.2%, 1994: 8.5%, 1995: 5% and 1996: 7.9%. Janet Jagan achieved annual GDP growth as follows from 1997 to 1999: 1997: 6.2%, 1998: -1.7% and 1999: 3%, an average of 2.5% in those years. Those propagating the myth of Jagdeo as a leader believe they can con the Guyanese people; they cannot.

    The most telling legacy from the Jagdeo era is the criminalization of the society. Add waste (Skeldon Sugar Factory), incompetence (we cannot collect full LCDS payouts under Guyana-Norway agreement because of a self-strangulating agreement), cronyism (Berbice River bridge paid for primarily by taxpayers but private companies are reaping the most profits), and an indifference to wrongdoing and we get to the almost failed state we have today.

    It is no wonder the PPP continues to decline. It is no wonder there has been a mass exodus of PPP supporters. Everything is a game of historical jumping jacks to Freedom House. When Stabroek News quotes a period of terror and crime within the last decade, the PPP hijackers at Freedom House become like automated kangaroos jumping several decades further back to haul up erstwhile events that the majority of citizens and PPP supporters do not care about.

    Backward looking idealism is symptomatic of the backward mindset infecting Freedom House. Present atrocities must be addressed with past atrocities. Walter Rodney’s killing in 1980 is raised when the killing of so many Guyanese is happening yearly right now. Did so many Guyanese lose their lives in 1980 when Rodney was killed or when the two PPP activists were shot over the ballot box incident? Were Berbicians being incessantly terrorized by bandits then as they are now? Mash Day would not have occurred if the PPP had reformed the prison system, professionalized the police force and strengthened security and the protection of the citizenry, something which their own supporters had demanded for decades before they returned to power in 1992. The attempt to use drug trafficking cartels to fight criminals has left us with even more crime. Using criminals to kill criminals has given us even more criminality. Mexico and Colombia have a DEA office, Guyana has none.

    Do Clement Rohee and his associates really call the pathetic performance of the Guyanese economy under the PPP relative to the rest of the world and similar economies responsible fiscal management? Does a country with 83,000 square miles of some of the richest territory on earth with a mere 750,000 people to reap the benefits but which is still mired in poverty really a model of responsible fiscal management? If Haiti did not have the natural disasters it suffered in the last 21 years, it would have outgrown Guyana economically despite its humongous population! Why didn’t Mr Jagdeo use these state of the art health facilities his government created when he got sick instead of jetting off to foreign lands? The PPP has not fixed many of these decrepit hospitals but wants to spend taxpayers’ money to create a Specialty Hospital.

    Is domination of the Amerindian people by throwing them outboard engines and vehicles, and expecting them to politically bow to the PPP hinterland development? Is the smuggling of our gold by foreign and local miners also hinterland development? Was the dried-up Amaila Falls of US$1billion fame, hinterland development? Guyana’s international image has been rebuilt indeed; we are now known as a cocaine trafficking nation.

    Is a boundary award obtained after a pathetic government incapable of militarily defending its territory was chased out of its own territory by a smaller neighbour now something to celebrate? It was our territory to begin with as the award confirmed, and the PPP was incapable of defending it just as this PPP government has bent over and allowed Venezuela to hold this country to economic ransom with PetroCaribe.

    The fibre optic cable is now years behind schedule and has drained and continues to drain tens of millions of US dollars from taxpayers’ pockets, and an airport expansion that is overpriced and not justified by demand is now development. House lot distribution is a PPP success but so has been the giveaway of prime lands to a select few. Mr Jagdeo who has saved to afford a mansion worth millions on the local market still, despite his ability to be able to build such a mansion, got his land at Pradoville 2 at a price below what remigrants are asked to pay. This is not to say the PPP has done no good.

    The problem is it is difficult to see and even some of the projects which could bring genuine benefit to the country are so damaged by graft, or misuse or waste, that they no longer produce a viable return on taxpayers’ money.

    Yours faithfully,
    M Maxwell

    Posted by mark | April 9, 2014, 9:26 am
  40. Why the PPP gets away with excesses


    Do you know the police can arrest you for buying foreign ice cream? There is no doubt about it; the young population of this country if asked which President was a terrible leader would say Bharrat Jagdeo. Given our demographic structure, they are too young to know that President Burnham was far from democratic.
    In fairness to Mr. Burnham, I lived under his reign and had caustic encounters with him and I suffered but one has to be the epitome of intellectual depravity to argue that Forbes Burnham was more extreme than Jagdeo.
    Any scholarly comparison, I believe, would have Mr. Burnham coming out far better than Mr. Jagdeo. As a layman and a trained academic, I believe Mr. Forbes Burnham was a better President than Mr. Jagdeo
    What is it about Guyana that allowed Mr. Jagdeo such gigantic latitudes for dictatorial behaviour that even the Ramotar presidency enjoys? Take the madness that came out of the mouth of Minister Irfaan Ali. If such words were said in any other Caribbean country, there would have been angry denunciations. Mr. Ali is quoted in this newspaper as telling one of its reporters that the advice of the government to commuters is not to pay a $20 minibus increase and that they must take the bus number to the police.
    Obviously, the government had to inform the police of the situation, why else would the commuter go to the police. What Mr. Ali and the Government of Guyana have done is to proclaim that they don’t care about laws and to make it more horrible, they order the police to do the same thing.
    There is no law under which a minibus driver can be arrested for hiking his fare. The reality is that minibus fares are not regulated by law. You can call the driver unreasonable or refuse to pay him but he cannot be arrested.
    To think that the government can openly embrace such lawlessness and the media, human rights community, Bar Association, opposition parties and the society in general stood silent is graphic proof of why dictators get away with their horror shows.
    You may think it is a joke but after what Irfaan Ali said, who knows what next is coming. Maybe if the Government has an ice-cream manufacturer it favours, he can report you to the police for patronizing the foreign version. Maybe the police can arrest you if you choose to support a football match at another venue instead of the one the government would like you to attend at another ground.
    If you find these examples absurd then how do you account for what Ally said about the minibus fare?
    What Irfaan Ali did explains why Jagdeo became such an invincible dictator. So let us answer the question why this country allowed Jagdeo to do what ever he wanted and why we are now silent about the Jagdeo pattern that Ramotar has adopted? The answer is as old as time itself.
    Consider Hitler of Germany, Amin of Uganda, Doe of Liberia, and Bush of the US.
    Hitler committed one atrocity after another and there was no national outcry. The result was psychological invincibility. Hitler felt that he couldn’t be touched. The same applied for Amin and Doe. After Bush began to assault American democracy using the war on terror as his reason, the American people refused to check him until it was too late.
    When they woke up they found that American democracy was shaken to its foundation by the extremism of Bush.
    Jagdeo began to take small tyrannical steps after the 2001 elections when he felt that Mrs. Jagan could no longer give him instructions. From 2001 to 2006, Mr Jagdeo had a taste of untamed power and he saw the society’s fear and compliance. Invincibility began to creep in.
    Mr. Jagdeo knew he had become a powerful president whose authority was unchecked. Then came another victory in 2006 and untamed power became absolute power. As the years wore on absolute power became omnipotent power.
    By the time we reached 2011 when was time for him to demit office, Jagdeo had become the first absolute dictator in the history of the British West Indies. There was nothing Mr. Jagdeo wanted he could not do and he did it.
    Where President Burnham was sacred because he wondered what the PPP, WPA, Catholic Standard, would say or do if he overdid it, there was no such hesitancy under the Jagdeo presidency.
    By the time he left office, Mr. Jagdeo had virtually destroyed the weak pillars of Guyanese democracy inherited from the British in 1966. Will we allow Ramotar to copy Jagdeo? The truth is, we are doing so.

    Posted by mark | April 10, 2014, 6:20 pm
  41. Penis erection politics and the goat man’s goat politics


    The incident in which a powerful PPPite told a very young journalist in a request for an interview that he still can achieve penis erection has come at an interesting time. In Trinidad, the Prime Minister is in an ongoing no-nonsense mood. She has fired several Ministers over embarrassing indiscretions. Had one of her Ministers done what this PPPite did to that journalist, he would have been fired.
    In Guyana, the reverse is the opposite, the more sexually depraved are the apparatchiks, the greater the protection by the party machine. The sexual thing in politics in Guyana is not new. Maybe it goes way back to the early post-colonial days. But the sickening and semi-civilized dimensions can really be dated to the era of the champion.
    The champion really dirtied the personality, mind, soul, heart and character of the PPP. It is not that the PPP had much of those elements anyway, but what little the PPP had of them, the champion destroyed with the saturation of sexual excesses.
    One simply has to do elementary Freudian analysis on the penis erection encounter and one will see how sexual morbidities have taken over the PPP Government. There are literally millions of ways you can indicate to a woman that you want to have sex with her. You have to belong to a culture of extreme lecherousness to tell her; “I want you to know I still can get an erection.”
    Why did he descend to such vulgar levels? Because this is what he has seen since the champion took over his party and the country.
    Look who the champion surrounded himself with? Look what crazy sexual things they say and do? Let me repeat in these columns about an incident that took place with me and one of the most intimate pals of the champion. I was coming out of the Foreign Service Institute of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on New Garden Street when this tall friend of the champion who is a stain on the revolutionary credentials of the African people of Guyana came into my car.
    He just opened the door and sat down. I swear on my life, this is what he did. There wasn’t time to stop him. He asked if I was going downtown, then said, “This is the first time I’ve see you in person; I didn’t know you were so small, how you is manage to F… all those women at UG?” That is how this man greeted me. This man became extremely close to the champion.
    Imagine what direction he and the champion went into. I can tell you that when Roger Khan was in his prime, there were nasty late parties at the Pegasus in which the type of debaucheries that took place there featured many prominent members of the corridors of power as participants.
    This is the direction the champion took the PPP into.
    This is the only world the penis erection man knows, that is why after one of the annual anniversary events of Cheddi Jagan’s death at the mansion of the champion, he took a 14-year-old and played with her at his home rather than keep the promise to her mother that he would take her to her home. The penis erection incident will not be the last.
    The culture of sexual escapades has overtaken the organization that Cheddi Jagan left behind. To hear about these sexual escapades would sicken you, especially since they involved underage age boys and girls.
    It simply boggles the mind why the powerful United States has not moved against this regime given its mountain of unspeakable immoralities. My two nephews and my brother-in-law visited from Canada some years ago and we stayed way into the early morning at Celina Resort at the Kitty pump station.
    The caprine Minister came in with another gentleman and two definitely underage teens.
    What the penis erection man did is just the tip of the iceberg. But that will not deter the goat man. The goat man will continue to tell Guyanese that his party and his government are the best things to have happened to Guyana.
    The goat man is going to completely black out from his press conference notes or from his mind when he addresses his party supporters that penis erection politics has permanently damaged the image of his party.
    The goat Minister is not going to tell Guyanese that never before in the history of politics, has power been so intertwined with sexual miasma, sexual orgies, sexual vocabulary as in the rule of the PPP since 1999. Sad though that as the goat man continues to sing his song of PPP goodness, penis erection politics will continue to make him look like a goat.

    Posted by mark | April 13, 2014, 9:07 am
  42. Prosperity for a few on the backs of all is what Hydar Ally and the PPP celebrate


    Dear Editor,

    Hydar Ally’s article titled “The rising tide of prosperity” (KN, Apr 12, 2014) was standard PPP propaganda dancing lewdly in front of us and telling us it is a modest creature. The kangaroo tendency of the PPP to jump backward into the past when confronted by its shortcomings and atrocities of the present is now legendary.
    Hydar Ally speaks of negative economic growth under the PNC. But Hydar Ally will not tell us of the shoddy and pitiful economic performance of the PPP in an era of unrestrained free market growth from the 1990s to present. Cheddi Jagan oversaw the following GDP growth rates from 1993 to 1996 inclusive: 1993: 8.2%, 1994: 8.5%, 1995: 5% and 1996: 7.9%. Janet Jagan achieved annual GDP growth as follows from 1997 to 1999: 1997: 6.2%, 1998: -1.7% and 1999: 3%. Mr Jagdeo was trained as an economist, yet Guyana under Jagdeo achieved the following yearly GDP growth rates from 2000 to 2011 inclusive: 2000: -1.4%, 2001: 2.2%, 2002: 1.1%, 2003: -1%, 2004: 3.3%, 2005: -2%, 2006: 5.1%, 2007: -3.6%, 2008: 2%, 2009: 3.3%, 2010: 4.4% and 2011: 5.4%. Donald Ramotar had economic growth of 4.8% in 2012 and 5.2% in 2013. That is 73.1% total annualized GDP growth over 21 years or growth or 3.48% per annum for the past 21 years. The entire world economy grew by 3.5% annually over this time period. So much for this pathetic economic charade the shallow comrades at Freedom House are crowing over!
    That is lacklustre economic growth by any stretch of the imagination and certainly when one considers Guyana as one of the most blessed nations in terms of resources per capita. That is a shameful performance for a country with Guyana’s distinct advantages of (1) small population (2) high debt writeoffs (3) significant per capita natural resource allocation (4) English speaking population (5) cheap labour (6) close proximity to Latin American, Brazilian, South American and North American markets and (7) significant remittance inflows. We missed out on the commodity booms and instead cocaine became our strongest export in the past 20 years. Massive countries devastated by the fall of communism like China and Russia with hundreds of millions and over a billion in populations were able to lift their people out of poverty yet the economic charlatans at Freedom House were able to deliver a pathetic 3.48% annual GDP growth over 21 years.
    Now that we know the PPP’s dismal economic performance in relation to the rest of the world, we must consider the type of economy inherited by the PPP. The PPP operates Hoyte’s economy without any significant alterations over the past 20 years. Hoyte handed the PPP an economy that grew by 6.026% and 7.758% in 1991 and 1992 respectively. The PPP got a booming economy from the PNC, ready for takeoff in a free market system. The economy has sputtered since. The PPP’s sordid claim to fame as an economic rejuvenator is bogus. Its lifelong excuse of inheriting a broken economy from the PNC does not fly anymore. The following countries all had decrepit socialist and communist economies – USSR, China, India, Vietnam, Albania, Angola, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Cambodia, Mongolia, Poland, Romania, former Yugoslavia republics, Ukraine, Belarus, Algeria, Indonesia, Nicaragua, Seychelles and Suriname- and they have all outperformed the PPP’s Guyana.
    The other issue with Ally’s propaganda is prosperity for whom: the fat cat contract worker friends of the PPP like some sitting at OP and collecting inflated salaries to write mindless drivel to the nation’s independent newspapers or the lean sugar workers trying to stay afloat financially? Is it prosperity for the lucky few who get government contracts or the unlucky not so few who have to make out with the contract of indenture the PPP has saddled them with? Prosperity for the Pradoville mansion builders or the Plastic City shantytown residents?
    Or is it prosperity for the drug dealers, gun runners, contraband traders, fuel smugglers, pimps and money launderers versus prosperity for the decent citizen struggling to find his or her daily bread. Prosperity by inequality, by taking taxes and VAT collected from all including the poor and giving it to a few in choice contracts is not prosperity. Nor is allowing drug kingpins to flourish in prosperity.
    The GDP per capita does not reflect the dangerous and crippling repercussions of the PPP’s wrongdoing, marginalization and cronyism. It does not show the chasms and gulfs between the haves and the have-nots.
    The PPP have glorified the demise of the working class people. And these rogues still have the temerity to keep Cheddi Jagan’s photograph adorning their Freedom House shrine.

    M. Maxwell

    Posted by mark | April 14, 2014, 5:36 pm
  43. Vulgarity


    Vulgarity is part of life; in this country, some might say, too much part of it. But even here, there is a general feeling that there are some places and some occasions where it should not find a receptive environment, and one of those is the nation’s Parliament. While in some ways the National Assembly is a dysfunctional institution, the reasons for which cannot all be blamed on the MPs who grace its precincts, some of our lawmakers are nevertheless guilty of inappropriate behaviour which diminishes its status in the eyes of the public.

    Those who sit in Parliament are paid by the citizens of Guyana to represent them. As such, they are expected to take seriously the issues before them; research their areas of expertise; listen to the concerns of their particular constituents and try to pursue these; engage in genuine debate with those on the opposite benches to arrive at the best decisions for the country; and generally conduct themselves in a way that commands respect – or at a minimum, does not attract opprobrium. The last-mentioned particularly applies to ministers of government.

    The rules require that members do not simply read an address, although they can refer to notes and read out certain portions; for the most part, however, they should be speaking extempore. As it is, that tradition has been in abeyance for many years, and certainly there is no one in our Parliament who could emulate the former British Prime Minister Harold Macmillan who at the age of 90 gave a fluent maiden speech in the House of Lords without notes that lasted 32 minutes. Not surprisingly, the assembled peers of the realm gave him a standing ovation.

    The citizenry is probably not too fussy at this stage about whether MPs read their presentations or not, but they do want to feel that some level of serious debate is going on, and as said above that the nation’s potential projects and real problems are the subject of meaningful exchanges. But even this is open to question, with the situation deteriorating in the current Parliament probably because the government has turned its face against any level of negotiation, dialogue or debate with the combined opposition. As a consequence, the members’ addresses for the most part are at best formulaic and at worst polemical. A notable exception during the recent budget debate, was that by newcomer Dr Karen Cummings.

    This does not mean that the National Assembly should be devoid of any humour or even some controlled raucousness in the form of heckling, which is an old tradition dating back hundreds of years to the British House of Commons. There are well-established limits to what can be said, however, as there are during the formal presentations as well, where members have to eschew ad hominem comments. (To cultivate an air of respect members also refer to each other by the title ‘Honourable.’) Personal insults should invite the intervention of the Speaker, who will then demand an apology, which if not forthcoming can produce a ban on the offending member.

    So it was that the week before last Minister of Education Priya Manickchand heckled APNU member Volda Lawrence while she was speaking about rape victims with a remark about the father of MP Jaipaul Sharma. As is well known, Mr C N Sharma has been charged with sexual offences and the matters are currently sub judice. Rightly, Speaker Raphael Trotman asked for an apology, which was not forthcoming, and so he placed a ban on Ms Manickchand. Quite inexplicably, however, Mr Trotman appeared to reverse himself when the National Assembly next met, and Minister Manickchand was allowed to speak on education with APNU Chief Whip Amna Ally being the only opposition member present; the others had walked out.

    It was without question a flawed decision, more particularly since last year Ms Vanessa Kissoon had behaved similarly inappropriately, this time with the heckle being directed towards Minister

    Robeson Benn. She was required to apologise by the Speaker, and did so. It might be noted in passing that there is nothing like consistency to enhance a Speaker’s reputation, while the reverse, of course, will damage it. That aside, as Mr Jaipaul Sharma later observed at the time of his resignation, no member of APNU came to his defence when the Minister heckled; it was the Speaker who took action. As for Ms Manickchand, she apparently believes herself above reproach. She should be careful, because she is acquiring a reputation for contemptuous behaviour, which is never good for a politician.

    If the public thought that this year’s spate of budget vulgarity was at an end, they were mistaken. There was Presidential Advisor Odinga Lumumba to come. It was not just that what he had to say was vulgar; it was also that it was incendiary, offensive, unmitigated drivel. Futilely attempting to ground his insults in the events of the American Civil Rights movement and the statements of the Black Panthers, he said “certain people” could be labelled “termites and uncle Toms.” And what triggered this aberrant outburst? It must have astonished all rational citizens to learn that it was the opposition stance on the sugar industry.

    He also told members in the House that those who took this stand “run the risk of being mistaken as architects of ethnic and geographical discrimination. Let us not forget Rwanda, Kosovo, and Hitler Germany… it was narrow analysis that led the conflagration in these states.” Leaving aside the rank absurdity of this piffle, it is also testimony to appalling historical ignorance. Should we really have someone who cannot tell the difference between what Hitler did in Germany and opposition criticism in relation to the sugar industry, representing us in Parliament? Quite clearly, this is a member who does not have a clue what he is talking about.

    One would have expected that even Mr Lumumba’s own colleagues would have been embarrassed, but it seems nothing disturbs the smooth contours of their political cocoon. And in contrast to the case of Mr Sharma, Leader of the Opposition David Granger was on his feet fast enough in this instance.

    There has always been bottom house vulgarity in our politics and later on our TV screens, but up until the last few years it tended with some exceptions to be kept off the big public political platforms (although there were plenty of code words in use) and outside the confines of the parliamentary chamber. The father of political vulgarity in its modern incarnation is undoubtedly former President Bharrat Jagdeo, who used any and every occasion, formal or otherwise, to unleash his political barrages. Ms Manickchand clearly belongs to the same school. One must infer that both she and Mr Lumumba have the sanction of Freedom House for their approach. If so, the PPP needs to rethink its modus operandi. Taxpayers don’t pay MPs’ salaries for this kind of dismal vulgar performance.

    Posted by mark | April 15, 2014, 7:33 am
  44. Manickchand’s manipulanda and mannalichen


    In this country, libel is quick to follow critics. Even if people don’t know the meaning of words they assume they are libelous and you get a lawsuit. I had fun with Bharrat Jagdeo when I referred to his politics as derived ultimately from his bennettitaceous style. (see my May 17, 2010 column, “Benn’s benthoscope and Guyana’s bennettitaceous dictatorship.”
    I learned that a libel writ was to be filed but they could not come up with a definition of “bennettitaceous.” The little dictators are funny people. They do not know how to do elementary research. They probably checked the dictionary instead of a science encyclopedia for the word and couldn’t find it. Of course the little dictators don’t know that you can pull a word from science and contextualize it in political or journalistic writings.
    I used “bennettitaceous” about three times in my columns to denote the source of Jagdeo’s excesses and I believe that style holds the key to explaining why he became so intolerant of the population.
    Let me assure my editor that the two words above that are supposed to rhyme with Manickchand are not used in any libelous sense at all. I found them appropriate after her explanation as to why she would not apologize directly to Jaipaul Sharma. Manipulanda is the plural of manipulandum. Definition- something that is to be manipulated. In Manickchand’s case, the manipulandum was public opinion.
    In claiming that she could not apologize to Sharma because of her sympathy with rape victims, Manickchand was hoping to bend and shape public opinion in her favour away from the fact that Mr. CN Sharma is not convicted off rape, that the case is still in the courts and it was highly injudicious to pronounce on something that is sub judice. Manickchand’s mannequin did not make the showcase.
    The public believed, then and still think, that Manickchand was way out of line and an apology should have been made to Jaipaul Sharma. The Speaker provided a safety net for Manickchand by a faulty ruling, a decision he ought to apologize for. That error by the Speaker has not stopped the outrage against this lady, the latest being a devastating Stabroek News column.
    Mannalichen is another example of mine where I lift a word from science and apply it to social analysis. It refers to a type of lichen that is crustaceous and scaly and blows all over the place in the African and Arabian deserts. For this purpose, it refers to those colleagues of Manickchand that roam all over Guyana doing things that should meet with the revulsion of Manickchand.
    Was it not under Manickchand’s watch at the Ministry of Social Services that Kwame McCoy was appointed to the Rights of the Child Commission? Is there any published document or unpublished document available to researchers to ascertain how Manickchand felt about this appointment? Is it too late for her to comment on McKoy’s membership? Was Manickchand not a Minister when one of the most shocking episodes in politics anywhere in the world occurred when Varshnie Singh went public with horrible accusations against a sitting President?
    It is the most inflexible stance of this columnist that the Varshnie Singh/Bharrat Jagdeo scandal has no parallel in modern world politics.
    Those accusations would have caused the downfall of any President or Prime Minister in all, I say, all the democratic states in the world. To date, Mr. Jagdeo has not answered even one of the claims made by Ms. Singh. Looked at from any angle, it was abuse, mistreatment and psychological mauling of a woman by a President who used his office to achieve his plan.
    None of the women in the PPP Government, who constantly see public opinion as their manipulanda, have come out in support of Varsnie Singh,
    I will give Manickchand the benefit of the doubt that she is not aware of the PPP’s mannalichen but the information is out there. She can get it if she wants. But if she does, will she mention the names as she did with Sharma? The list includes the beating of a wife in a night club in my hometown of Wortmanville, by the lecherous bandit/pandit whose life would make an interesting Lifetime movie.
    Which brings me to a question; as a practising Hindu, did Manchickchand ever host a ceremony over which this Pandit presided? After a ceremony at a renal clinic up the East Coast, all the young female journalists declined the offer of a ride to Georgetown from a PPPite.
    Interestingly the Stabroek says Ms. Manickchand and Jagdeo belong to the same school. Wow!

    Posted by mark | April 15, 2014, 8:40 am
  45. Govt. must explain $80M Ed Ahmad land deal – APNU


    Government must explain the details surrounding a land deal with New-York based Guyanese, Edul Ahmad, who received a 17-acre plot of prime land at West Coast Demerara, but failed to build a wood processing plant as promised.
    Ed Ahmad
    Ed Ahmad
    Instead, Ahmad, said to be a close associate of former President Bharrat Jagdeo, converted it to house lots and is now set to make at least $600M from his $80M investment.
    The Opposition is not taking the matter lightly, with the coalition, A Partnership for National Unity (APNU), demanding an entire review of the transaction.
    According to APNU Member of Parliament, Joseph Harmon, whenever state resources are allocated or sold for specific purposes to help create jobs, then any changes will require a different consideration. This will include a full assessment of that change, with considerations of the market value of the land.
    In the case of the land sold to Ahmad, Harmon stressed that it was almost 17 acres of prime property at Leonora.
    “To convert this land from a wood processing plant project to create jobs to now selling house lots is concluding that the new owner is profiteering. We could have gotten more money if the true purpose was disclosed initially.”
    The MP insisted that with Ahmad known as a “friend of the administration”, the transaction itself becomes even more questionable.
    “I believe that to make changes would be breaching the conditions of the lease or the sale of the land. Clearly, this is highly unacceptable, and speaks of how this Government and previous ones go about handling the assets and business of the people.”
    The land in question was sold about five years ago to Ahmad through a local company, South American Woods Incorporated, in which his name appears as one of the directors. It was the understanding that the low cost of $80M for the land was because of the promise it was to be used for the establishment of the wood processing plant.
    The project, Leonora Mall and Hollywood Garden, is being managed by Leonora Projects which is owned by Shareef and Ed Ahmad. The transaction was handled by the controversial National Industrial and Commercial Investments Ltd (NICIL), headed by Winston Brassington.
    The land was once the managers’ compound of Leonora sugar estate which once fell under the control of the state-owned Guyana Sugar Corporation. Around 2009, NICIL reportedly sold it to Ahmad for $80M or about $4.7M per acre. According to the company’s website, Leonora Projects is planning to construct 87 homes on the site. A house lot is now being sold for at least $7M. This means that the $80 million plot of land is now worth more than $600M.
    The company is also building homes for at least $30M each.
    It is the plan to include a full gas and service station, facilities to house two banks and a huge shopping mall.
    The Leonora projects are being run from Ahmad’s building materials depot at Ruimveldt, Georgetown.
    NICIL itself has been embroiled in a number of questionable transactions, including its privatization of the Sanata Complex in Ruimveldt, which was sold cheaply to Queens Atlantic, headed by former President Bharrat Jagdeo’s best friend, Dr. Ranjisinghi ‘Bobby’ Ramroop.
    NICIL’s point man, Winston Brassington, is at the centre of a number of questionable deals including the Marriott Hotel and financial arrangements of the Berbice River Bridge.
    Ahmad was charged by the US Federal authorities for his involvement in a massive real estate fraud scheme. In October 2012, during a plea deal in a New York court, he was found guilty of knowingly and intentionally conspiring to defraud several lending institutions over a period of 15 years.

    Posted by mark | April 16, 2014, 7:40 am
    • Ed Ahmad gears to make $600M on $80M GuySuCo land deal


      …changes from wood processing plant to housing scheme

      Almost five years after acquiring a huge piece of prime, seaside property to develop a value-added wood processing operation, a New York-based Guyanese businessman has now instead converted the area into house lots.
      However, there has been no official announcement by the administration over the new arrangements and who would have given the permission.
      The conditions of sale were that the company would have set up a factory to creat jobs for persons in the neighbourhood.
      This condition was responsible for the low price they paid for the land. There has been no factory to date. Instead there is a multi-million-dollar housing development project.
      The project, Leonora Mall and Hollywood Garden, is being managed by Leonora Projects which is owned by Shareef and Ed Ahmad. The latter is said to be a close associate of former President Bharrat Jagdeo.
      The name of this project is advertised on a signboard established at the site of what was to be the location of the wood processing plant.
      The conversion of the almost 17-acre plot to the Leonora Mall and Hollywood Garden has been raising eyebrows as again, it is the controversial National Industrial and Commercial Investments Ltd (NICIL) that is involved.
      Winston Brassington heads NICIL although he offered his resignation almost a year ago. He was the one that piloted this deal with Ahmad.
      The land, located around a scenic turn, was once the managers’ compound. It was under the control of the state-owned Guyana Sugar Corporation (GuySuCo) and home to a pool and several of GuySuCo’s senior staffers.
      Around 2009, NICIL reportedly sold it to Ahmad for $80M or about $4.7M per acre.
      According to the company’s website, Leonora Projects is planning to construct 87 homes on the site.
      Company officials said, yesterday, that a house lot is now being sold for at least $7M. This means that the $80 million plot of land is now worth more than $600M.ed ahamad housing scheme
      The company is also building homes for at least $30M each.
      In announcing the sale, NICIL and its sister agency, Privatisation Unit, had said that the use of the land was restricted to value-added wood processing operations.
      The sale of the land was made to one of Ahmad’s companies, South American Woods Incorporated, which is also owned by another individual whose name is given as Shareef Ahmad.
      According to the website leonoraprojects.com, the initiative is one of the most grand development projects in Guyana. “It is being done with ‘you in mind’. Leonora Projects is a vision of Ed Ahmad.”
      It is the plan to include a full gas and service station, facilities to house two banks and a huge shopping mall.
      “Leonora Projects illustrates the envisioning of an entire community, not just homes,” the website says.
      The Leonora projects are being run from Ahmad’s building materials depot at Ruimveldt, Georgetown.
      NICIL itself has been embroiled in a number of questionable transactions including its privatization of the Sanata
      Complex in Ruimveldt which was sold cheaply to Queens Atlantic, headed by former President Bharrat Jagdeo’s best friend, Dr. Ranjisinghi ‘Bobby’ Ramroop.
      NICIL’s point man, Winston Brassington, is at the centre of a number of questionable deals including the Marriott Hotel and financial arrangements of the Berbice River Bridge.
      Ahmad was charged by the US Federal authorities for his involvement in a massive real estate fraud scheme.
      In October 2012, during a plea deal in a New York court, he was found guilty of knowingly and intentionally conspiring to defraud several lending institutions over a period of 15 years.

      Posted by mark | April 16, 2014, 5:57 pm
      • NICIL denies knowledge of Ed Ahmad GuySuCo land for house lots

        APRIL 17, 2014 | BY KNEWS | FILED UNDER NEWS

        …says agreement provides for shopping mall following wood processing plant

        The National Industrial and Commercial Investments Ltd. (NICIL) has denied any knowledge that the portion of Guyana Sugar Corporation (GuySuCo) land sold to New York-based Guyanese Edul Ahmad is being converted into house lots.
        Edul Ahmad a close affiliate of former Bharrat Jagdeo.
        The foreign-based businessman, who is said to be a close affiliate of former President Bharrat Jagdeo, bought over 16-acres of prime land from the local sugar company. According to the Agreement of Sale, his company, South American Wood Inc. is supposed to construct a wood processing facility, which is supposed to create numerous jobs for locals.
        However, it has been reported that Ahmad stands to make profits of over $600M when he converts the property for which he paid a mere $80M, to a housing scheme, inclusive of a shopping mall, full gas and service station and facilities to house two banks.
        NICIL in a press release, yesterday, claims that it acted as an agent when the transaction was done between Ahmad and GuySuCo and according to the agreement, the land at Plantation Groenveldt on the West Coast of Demerara could be converted to a shopping mall once the wood processing plant is the first structure on the property.
        NICIL said that GuySuCo entered into a Restrictive Covenant as set out in the terms and conditions of the sale, published in the Vesting Order, effecting the transfer of title, that “the property shall not be used for any other purpose other than for the construction and operation of a wood processing facility with the option of future development in manufacturing, industrial and commercial activities including the construction and operation of a shopping mall, providing that the construction of the wood processing facility is commenced first” and that construction of the wood processing facility commences within one year of the agreement.
        NICIL has defended the selling price; that GuySuCo’s land was subjected to two prior bids when in 2003, the highest valid bid amounted to $30M and in 2004, no bids were received for the property. This, the privatization agency said, caused the land to be sold, “at a price comparable with valuations established for GuySuCo land on the East Coast Demerara at $5M per acre.”
        While NICIL claims ignorance of the matter, it says that neither the government nor GuySuCo, “has any knowledge of any change of the agreement,” which was entered into with Ahmad’s wood processing company.
        The opposition is however, bent on asking hard questions relating to this transaction and is also demanding that the entire transaction be reviewed. The opposition is convinced that all may not be as it seems since state property sold to create jobs and then being converted to a housing scheme means that the owner is profiteering.
        Winston Brassington
        The GuySuCo property was sold to Ahmad in 2008 and reports are that the project, Leonora Mall and Hollywood Garden, is being managed by Leonora Projects which is owned by one Shareef and Ahmad. NICIL, a state-privatisation arm of the government, is however no stranger to criticism; ending up in the spotlight for what many have referred to as being involved in “tainted” transactions where state resources were sold or privatized under the tenure of Winston Brassington.
        Most notable is the sale of the Sanata Complex for “a next to nothing” price to best friend of Bharrat Jagdeo, Dr. Ranjisingh ‘Bobby’ Ramroop.
        Ahmad is also no stranger to negative publicity. He was charged by US Federal authorities for his involvement in a massive fraud scheme and in 2012, he entered a plea deal with US agents, and was found guilty of knowingly and intentionally conspiring to defraud several lending institutes over a 15-year period.

        Posted by mark | April 17, 2014, 1:29 pm
  46. Commentary: Smoke and mirrors: A closer look at Guyana’s looming debt crisis
    Published on April 14, 2014

    By Avinash Pulchan, MFM, FQF

    Avinash Pulchan was born in Georgetown, raised in Corentyne, Berbice and attended President’s College. He has a Masters in Financial Mathematics, Fundamentals in Quantitative Finance, and Bachelor of Science in Economics from the University of Minnesota. He is now preparing to pursue a PhD in Economics.

    According to World Bank data, Guyana’s external debt has risen over 117%, US$850,393,000 in 2008 to US$1,845,561,000 in 2012. During that same time period gross national income per capita (purchasing power parity) has increased only 25% from US$2,720 to US$3,400. Furthermore, personal remittances have increased a whopping 34% from US$278,436,000 to US$373,096,197 during the last four years.

    A common problem that lesser developed countries (LDCs) face, which Guyana falls into, is that of too much dependence on foreign nations and foreign entities. Guyana’s debt to GDP ratio increased from 44% (US$850,393,000/US$1,922,597,807) to 64.7% (US$1,845,561,000/US$2,850,572,407). A country’s debt-to-GDP ratio compares what a country owes to what it produces and is an indicator of the country’s ability to pay back its debt. Currently Guyana’s debt-to-GDP ratio of 64.7% is very unhealthy.

    Now some people are going to argue that other more developed nations have higher ratios but they must take into consideration that these countries are industrialized nations, where a large part of their debt is carried by their citizens and not foreign entities. Secondly, these nations are economies unto themselves and global macroeconomic stress is mitigated through their diverse economic systems.

    Guyana’s external debt leaves it at the mercy of its debtors and it definitely doesn’t have a diverse economy; Guyana has shifted to an ill-advised import-based economy, which I will discuss in a moment.

    In light of Guyana’s indebtedness it would be a travesty to Guyanese of epic proportions to raise the debt ceiling. Foremost is the fact that, despite the much hyped years of economic growth as measured by GDP, Guyana is still running a budget deficit, meaning the Guyanese government is spending more money than it generates in revenues. As of 2012, the budget deficit is -5.9% of GDP.

    Guyanese citizens need to realize that the country’s debt is their debt. They need to ask the government how they plan on repaying the debt; what percent of GDP will be used towards debt repayment? What are the interest rates on loans? Are these rates fixed, variable, capped? Are the loans hedged to the US dollar or Guyanese dollar? How will the government combat inflation in face of a growing external debt?

    The opposition should also critically analyze the balance of payments account for Guyana and see why is there a budget deficit? They should do a trend analysis on the balance of payments account to see if there are common factors affecting the current account, capital account, and cash reserve account over the past years. This would lead to better allocations of funds over the long term and curtailment of inefficient macroeconomic policies.

    Guyanese should keep in mind that Guyana’s debt has increased 117% (US$995,168,000 = US$1,845,561,000 – US$850,393,000) over the last four years and what has this increase translated to for the development of Guyana?

    If the national debt ceiling is increased to allow the Amaila Hydro Power development initiative, how long will it take for the benefits to reach all Guyanese people? Has an independent-neutral party done a cost-benefit analysis on the feasibility of this undertaking? If differences arise from various feasibility studies of this project can they be reconciled? What are the terms of the financing of such a project? What are the positive/negative externalities of the Amaila Project? Will it create jobs for Guyanese? What are the environmental impacts?

    Much has been harped on about the economic progress Guyana has made in recent years such as “Guyana on course to record eight consecutive years of positive economic growth: New ECLAC report says Guyana expected to surpass CARICOM partners in economic growth this year” as reported in the Chronicle.

    Retired professor at New York University and author of the foremost textbook on Economic Development, Michael Todaro noted, “Economic development cannot be measured solely in terms of the level and growth of overall income or income per capita; one must also look at how that income is distributed among the population – at who benefits from employment and why.”

    GDP growth rate is not a true reflection of the economic health of a nation. That is why the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) developed the Human Development Index (HDI), which is used as a holistic measure of living levels. Upon examining the components of GDP and the HDI, one can then decide whether a country is achieving sustainable economic growth.

    Gross domestic product (GDP) is calculated as the sum of consumption (C), investment (I), government purchases (G), and net exports (NX), which is exports minus imports. I will focus on all C, I, and NX but only briefly on G because it will require an article unto itself.

    Guyana’s GDP growth (annual %) has increased from 2.0% in 2008 to 4.8% in 2012, GDP (current US$) increased from US$1,922,597,807 to US$2,850,572,407, a 48.2% increase. During this same time period its GDP per capita (measured in current US$) increased from US$2,478 to $3,584, a 44.6% increase.

    Personal remittances (measured in current US$) increased from US$278,436,000 to US$373,096,197, a 34% increase. Now an observer will say those numbers are great, but if he/she delves deeper, the numbers tell a sad tale. Personal remittances as a percentage of GDP were 13.09% in 2012. What happens to personal remittances? Well, these remittances are pumped into in economy via consumption (C) and investment (I) and these artificially inflate GDP growth rate. Thus the government of Guyana should not take too much credit for the GDP growth rate since some of it is due to remittances.

    Many studies, including a study on the impact of remittances on poverty in developing countries conducted by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Economic Development in 2011, corroborate this claim.

    An alarming statistic is that of the Guyana’s general government final consumption expenditure (as a % of GDP), which is the G component in the calculation of GDP. Per data from the World Bank, Guyana’s general government final consumption expenditure (as a % of GDP) stayed at 15% from 2008 to the present but during this same time Guyana’s debt increased 117%, from 44% of GDP to 64.7% of GDP.

    Where is all of Guyana’s debt going? It is definitely not used to finance government purchases because that has remained at a constant 15% for the last five years.

    Finally, the examination of the net export (NX) component of GDP tells an ominous tale of what developmental economists term “growth without development”. Guyana is running a trade deficit, that is, imports exceed exports. In 2011 Guyana exported US$1.18 billion compared to imports of US$1.46 billion (deficit of US$0.28 billion) and in 2012 the deficit increased to US$0.75 billion (exports US$1.311 billion minus imports US$2.065 billion).

    In order for less developed countries such as Guyana to sustainably develop and wean dependence on foreign economic entities, they need to foster growth in a local subsistence economy that will actively engage citizens so that they can shoulder some of the development responsibilities. However, the Guyanese government has increasingly increased imports at a higher rate than exports. Thus, more goods and services are being imported to Guyana that can actually be produced locally at a comparative advantage. This type of policy leads to an abhorrent unemployment rate of 21% over the last four years and expounding this statistic will lead to a positive correlation between the increase in crimes and other social problems.

    For those detractors of my points above, please let me use a couple of statistics so that irrational arguments and overgeneralizations do not come into play. Ethiopia and Niger experienced GDP growth (annual %) of 8.5% and 11.2% respectively in 2012 while the United States and Germany experienced 2.2% and 0.7% respectively.

    Now you don’t see people migrating from the United States and Germany to Ethiopia and Niger to live because the African nations have such high GDP growth rates; the world GDP growth rate was 4.9% in 2010 and 3.7% in 2011 so the world on average has experienced economic growth.

    My point is that Guyana’s 4.8% GDP growth rate is misleading and it hides the social and macroeconomic problems plaguing the country.

    The government is not implementing development initiatives that will foster a robust local economy that will complement the increase in foreign investments. Their focus on large infrastructure development will not create jobs in the long run or short run because the labour force in Guyana is not being equipped with the tools needed to maximize the potential benefits of these infrastructures.

    The opposition should ask the government how many engineers and skilled technicians will be needed to run the Amaila Hydro Power Facility; how many Guyanese possess these skills? Are there training programs, study abroad programs to educate Guyanese in these areas? For instance educating a couple of miners on operating new mining equipment is different than educating them on how to fix the equipment in the case of a breakdown.

    The government needs to focus on local development strategies to promote sustainable economic growth and well-being locally. They should use information from all the different case studies by development economists that point out the pitfalls of LDCs and how to avoid them.

    The Guyanese government should look at the work of Nobel Laureate and economist Muhammad Yunus of Bangladesh, who pioneered microcredit lending, and the Grameen Bank, which did wonders for that country, and something along those lines will be instrumental for economic progress in Guyana. Now there is a big difference with naming an institution microcredit and having it perform the duties of a microcredit institution. The reason I point that out is because I’ve already investigated microcredit lending in Guyana and it is very different from what microcredit lending needs to be.

    Therefore in order for Guyanese to achieve what Mahatma Gandhi called “the realization of the human potential”, they must demand changes to inefficient policies of trade, micro and macroeconomics, fiscal and monetary that foster “underdevelopment” in Guyana.

    The Land of Many Waters currently has a budget deficit, trade deficit, a malfunctioning, barely existent local economy, unemployment in excess of 21.00% and a GDP growth rate that is misleading due to the impact of remittances.

    The following analogy sums up the pervading mindset of the Guyanese government: what is the use of an economics textbook to an illiterate person? Sure that textbook can be purchased for US$100 but is it worth US$100 to an illiterate person? Definitely not. It could be worth that of toilet paper or fuel for a stove.

    The point is why build a bridge over a river, expand an airport, harness a waterfall, when at this moment Guyanese people don’t need them? The enormous amount of funds used for these projects can be used to improve the lives of Guyanese by creating a sustainable local economy that will generate earnings for Guyanese and tax earnings for the government in both the short and long-run?

    The government in Guyana needs to stop copying what they see happening in industrialized nations because Guyana is still a developing economy that has different initial conditions of modern economic growth than those experienced by already developed nations. Guyana is unique in its physical and human capital and resources, population size, distribution, and growth rate, etc. Therefore, responsible fiscal, monetary, and macroeconomic policies need to be tailored and implemented for the economic condition of Guyana.

    Guyanese who visit Guyana always say that Guyana has changed for the better, everybody has a car now, there are dishwashers and microwaves, and even cane cutters have cell phones. Well, is it really development? I want these same people to Google search cell phones in Africa, or televisions in the Philippines and they will see that people in those places have technology too. In an increasingly global economy, technology transcends borders and Guyanese would’ve experienced these technological innovations regardless of which political party is in power.

    The Guyanese people need to know that they will have to shoulder the burgeoning debt of Guyana and should always examine and scrutinize any government projects that require more national debt because a continuous budget deficit, trade deficit, barely existent local economy, an unskilled labour force, high unemployment rate resulting in social ills, etc. are all ingredients of a concoction that will result in a vicious, self-perpetuating cycle of “growth without development” in Guyana where those in power will continue to enjoy a decadent lifestyle while the common Guyanese will continue to languish in mediocrity without achieving their full potential.

    Posted by mark | April 16, 2014, 7:44 am
    • Dem boys seh…Brazzy playing stupid again


      Every time a big one dead under suspicious circumstances people does always run to see if he got insurance. When dem bad men did kidnap that big businessman and then dem cut off he head, people find out that just a few months earlier, he tek out a big insurance.
      Some people start fuh think bout people killing de man fuh de insurance money.
      De other day some people kidnap another big businessman. Of course, de police find de businessman dead. Now dem boys checking fuh see if he had a big insurance policy. Dem want to see if is people close to he responsible because once people got big insurance is like people can’t wait to claim.
      Dem see how Brazzy close to Hand in Hand Insurance. He buy shares fuh he buddy. Dem boys want to know if he tek out insurance fuh he buddy and fuh heself.
      A smart man like he would hide de policy. In fact, dem boys seh that he does walk wid it in he briefcase every day because he don’t want he family see how much he insure heself for.
      Dem boys seh that he might got to surrender that same policy fuh pay Ed Ah Mad. De GuySuco land wha Ah Mad get fuh next to nutten at Leonora was to build a wood processing factory. But Ed Ah Mad hold on pun de land fuh a while then decide that he gun sell it out as house lots and mek big big profit. Dem Boys hear through the grape vine that this was arranged with the rat and the fat crook Brazzy.
      Now the story buss out he now claiming that he ain’t know bout no housing scheme. But dem boys know different. He done collect already and he know that he can’t tek back de land.
      He claim that he didn’t know bout de Sanata complex although he sell it fuh next to nutten. That is how some people begin to get real money. Two of dem draw down from Ed Ah Mad even before de land sell. De same two done know bout de plan to sell de land fuh house lots and fuh mek a big profit.
      Hap New done announce that somebody got to explain. But dem boys know that crooks don’t explain nutten. Brazzy still to explain who putting money in de Marriott and although dem boys know he keeping he mouth and he hole shut.
      He trying de same thing wid Ed Ah Mad land—pretend that he ain’t know and then keep he mouth shut.
      Talk half and watch how Brazzy and Donald aint gon do nutten bout dis.

      Posted by mark | April 17, 2014, 1:34 pm
      • This provided URL below, proves jag_De_Ho,_the_the_LYING_THIEVING_Rat. Close affiliate of the SELF CONFESSED CRIMINAL CONVICT, Edul Ahmad. To sell land for a huge profit, converted from it’s original contracted purposes. Assisted by Winston Brassington and the rest of the CORRUPT_ppp_CRIMINAL_SYNDICATE, BAREFACED THIEVES AND LIARS.

        Posted by mark | April 17, 2014, 9:43 pm
        • This COLLUSION with jag_De_Ho,_the_the_LYING_ THIEVING_Rat and his ‘friends’. To make HUGE-WINDFALL_PROFITS by SWINDLING & RAPING the National Treasury, Consolidated Fund, Tax_Payers Revenues.

          Are most similar to his “bestest_closest_friend & lova_babby”. Where he sold the “Santa_Complex” for ‘next to nothing’ and having him monopolize the Prescription Drugs Contracts. Then selling those same drugs back to the ppp_Government at 1000% mark up profits.

          The other one, was his “friend_buddy”. ‘Loaning’ ‘buddy’ money from the National Treasury to build the ‘buddy’ Hotel & Casino. Now renamed Princess Hotel & Casino . Then sold it for over a $1 million USD profit, just a year later. While the ‘loan’ repayment was reimburse as “room_rentals”, for the ppp_government’s functions, parties and such like.

          Same as the Amaila Falls Hydro Electro project. Where they gave Makeshwar ‘Fip’ Motilall, US$15.4M for the construction of the Amaila Falls Access Road. He never completed it but get to keep that US$15.4M. This man never build even a driveway anywhere in the world in his life.

          Same as the Marriott Hotel. The Cheddie Jagan Airport Expansion. Where only Chinese workers would be employed and Guyanese PROHIBITED from working. Those two MEGA_DOLLAR_KICK_BACK_DEALS especially, were made in SECRET with the Chinese in another country. We only got to know of it, when it was broadcast in foreign media. All those projects would be funded with the National Treasury, Consolidated Fund, Tax_Payers Revenues.

          The Specialty Hospital, the same situation. MEGA_DOLLAR_KICK_BACK_DEALS, made in SECRET. With Indian Companies for quid_pro_quo as an incentive. jag_De_Ho,_the_the_LYING_ THIEVING_Rat was given “honorary_doctorate_degrees”. At the same, those Indian Company gets several thousand acres of virgin Guyana forest, FREE OF COST, to chop down for HUGE PROFIT.

          THESE MEGA_DOLLAR_KICK_BACK_DEALS. ARE JUST THE ‘TIP OF THE ICEBERG’, SO TO SPEAK. OF THE CROOK, jag_De_Ho,_the_the_LYING_ THIEVING_Rat and his ‘friends’. To make HUGE-WINDFALL_PROFITS by SWINDLING & RAPING the National Treasury, Consolidated Fund, Tax_Payers Revenues.

          Posted by mark | April 18, 2014, 12:50 pm
          • This person is a “ppp_card_carry_member”. Even he’s SPEAKING OUT. At LEAST SOME OF THEM GOT SOME SHAME LEFT. He’s got the following to say about HIS_CORRUPT ppp_government …

            From the Diaspora…Stop this Amalia Falls hydro project now

            AUGUST 11, 2013 | BY KNEWS | FILED UNDER NEWS By Ralph Seeram

            A few years ago the U.S. Government implemented a law forcing banks to disclose to borrowers the true cost of loans they are taking out. It is called The Truth in Lending Act. Banks and mortgage brokers hated this because the borrowers would realize in most cases they will be repaying twice the amount borrowed.
            I did some work as a closing agent for banks, and I can tell you that 90% of the time the mortgage broker never attend the signing of the loan documents. They were embarrassed when I would have to disclose to the borrower how much money that has to be repaid. For instance if you borrow $100,000 for 20 years at 8.5% interest you end up paying $164,000 in interest plus the $100,000 making it a total of $264,000 that you repay. It was the bank’s little secret.
            I mention the above because I was reading various reports on the Amaila Falls Hydro Electro project, and it is my firm belief that this project should come to a “dead halt” NOW. There are quite a few things not right about this project. To be honest there is something “fishy”; this contract has the stench of a fish market and the opposition needs to take a strong stand and bring this project to a halt.
            Not only is it too much money, but the way I see it, Guyanese in the near future will be saddled with a serious debt problem, the likes of which can bankrupt the country. This project is too big to continue with so many unanswered questions.
            One of the main benefits of the PPP losing its majority in Parliament is that most of those secret backdoor contracts are now “seeing the light”. Had the PPP won Parliament it would have rammed these contracts “down the throat of Guyanese taxpayers”. Thank God the opposition can to an extent bring a halt to this.
            Let me state that I am no economist, but I know a thing or two about mortgages and amortization of loans. I even had a mortgage broker licence at one time.
            So let’s look at the financing of the Amaila Falls project, and I am assuming the loans are being amortized. My understanding is the Government is borrowing US$500M. I don’t care about the technicalities and accounting trickery, it is the Amaila Falls Hydro Inc. borrowing and GPL paying that I am concerned about. At the end of the day it is the Guyana Government that is going to GUARANTEE the payment no matter “how you twist and turn it”
            So they are borrowing US$500 million at the outrageous interest rate of 8.5% amortized over 20 years. Do you know how much is the interest to be repaid over 20 years? It’s over US$541 million plus repaying the principal or US$500 million so the repayment will be over a BILLION dollars. By the 15th year, GPL would have repaid the US$500M in interest and still owe US$200M.
            In today’s financial markets 8.5% is really at the high end. Kaieteur News has already showed where loans for similar projects were made at less than half of the 8.5%, some made by the very China Exim Bank.
            The bleeding of the GPL doesn’t stop there. There are the investment returns for Sithe Global. Reports say Sithe Global is going to get a whopping 19% return on its investment of US$157M. Do you know that Sithe Global is going to get its US$157M in less than six years, and if it has to be paid for 20 years, it will have a return of US$453M in interest on its investment of US$157M. Put another way, it will receive a total of over US$600M.
            Now tell me who are the idiots that agree to this type of financing? Maybe they are not idiots; maybe the “goody bag” was passed around and everybody got a “piece of the action”, a piece of the pie.
            Brian Kubeck of Sithe Global really thinks Guyanese are “jackasses” to tell them that the company needs 19% return because it is taking the risks. GPL and the Guyanese taxpayers and electricity consumers are at risk here. They have to repay the loan. Besides, insurers take care of risks.
            Another thing that puzzles me is how come Guyanese have to pay the bulk of the loan and Sithe Global has a 60% share? Why create a middle company, why not the Guyana government or GPL taken the loan directly, making them the majority shareholder, maybe Christopher and Anand can explain this.
            Here is the deal; nobody is against hydroelectricity, even critics of the government. What everyone wants is to ensure Guyanese get the best deal possible. This present contract seems to point in the opposite way. It has been pointed out in this newspaper that the cost per megawatt is twice the average cost.
            The way I see it that overpriced projected cost of US$858 M is going to balloon to twice as much, to over US$1.6 BILLION, and I have not even included associated costs that go with loans like lenders fees and insurance costs. If people think electricity rates will go down, they will have a surprise. GPL will have to fork out nearly US$7M a month to service those loans, not counting other overhead costs.
            It may have missed me, but I have not seen any analysis on projected revenues to cover GPL expenses, service the loans and provide cheap electricity.
            Another smelly aspect of this contract is the supply of labour and materials. Any person with “commonsense” will tell you those bullet points on the subject are vague and are escape clauses rather than enforcement with penalty.
            For instance “use reasonable efforts to use materials produced in Guyana etc.” should have been written, SHALL use materials produced etc. etc; same for hiring Guyanese workers, instead of “use reasonable efforts to hire individuals who are Guyanese etc. etc., it should read ‘SHALL hire individuals who are Guyanese etc. etc. and the list goes on. The nonsense that happened at the Marriott Hotel must not be repeated either at the new Timehri Airport or the Amaila Falls project.
            If the government fails to protect the rights of Guyanese workers I can foresee serious industrial actions from Guyanese workers. I have not even gotten into if those Chinese foreign workers will pay tax and NIS.
            By the way, anybody out there knows if those Chinese workers at the Marriott are paying their NIS and P.A.Y.E. contributions? Just asking. Can someone in Government tell the Guyanese taxpayers?
            This Amaila Falls project is a national project; the success or failure would affect Guyanese if it transcends the PPP, APNU or AFC. It is time for the PPP government to realize that this contract as it stands is not in the best interest of Guyanese. It is time to reexamine the contract and financing, it is time for the PPP government to realize that at this stage it is not about showing the opposition the contract at this late stage, it’s about getting consensus from all the various experts, be it Anand Goolsarran, Christopher Ram, Clive Thomas, Janette Bulkan, ( I know the PPP sees them as critics but they still have a contribution to make) various stakeholders and international experts, to satisfy the taxpayers that they will value for their hard earned money.
            It is time for a truly independent body to review the entire project. If the PPP goes ahead with this project as it is I can foresee serious legal actions to stop the project, the opposition parties would be justified in taking such actions on behalf of the Guyanese taxpayers.

            Ralph Seeram can be reached at email: ralph365@hotmail.com

            Posted by mark | April 18, 2014, 12:51 pm
            • This from another “ppp_card_carry_member”, Mr. Ralph Ramkarran.. Not just an ordinary ppp_member but an EXECUTIVE_CENTRAL COMMITTEE_ppp_MEMBER. From where “the_gang_of_eight_dominates. Whom wants THE CROOK, jag_De_Ho,_the_the_LYING_THIEVING_Rat, for president for a third term.

              This is what he has to say …

              THE KLEPTOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF GUYANA Posted on June 23, 2013 by Ralph Ramkarran

              Since the last elections several revelations have emerged of corrupt, and even potentially criminal, activities by persons currently or previously associated with the PPP and who have friends in the leadership or access thereto. Corruption has become so pervasive that it is no longer possible to keep the evidence away from the Press and the Police. And most important, none of them have come to light as a result of any action initiated by the Government without prior exposure. It is now clear that the adamancy of the Government and the PPP in refusing to acknowledge the level of corruption in the society, and to do something about it, is linked to where the corruption is located. It is not known whether Government spokespersons are still so blind about corruption that they are still asking, where is the evidence? Guyana will soon qualify as The Kleptocratic Republic of Guyana.

              An important clarification needs to be made. There are thousands of public servants, businessmen, contractors and others who perform services of a high quality with dedication and integrity. In any discussion on the issue of corruption they must always be acknowledged.

              When the PPP came to office in 1992 Cheddi Jagan perceptively suggested the creation of Community Development Committees (CDC). Party Groups and District Committees were given the task of establishing these but they were to comprise members of the community and their initial functions involved the monitoring of contracts as an exercise in popular democracy. They were to be given copies of contracts so that the works could be measured and approved and not left to engineers alone. A Government agency was established to assist the establishment of these CDCs and to ensure that they function. After 1997 the State’s interest in the CDCs began to wane and eventually withered.

              Even though the intention was not clearly articulated at the time, the CDCs would have assisted in the transformation of the functioning of Party Groups and Bodies whose roles had to be reassessed in view of the collapse of socialism and the attainment of office by the Party. At the same time Cheddi Jagan must have understood the great danger of the emergence of corruption which he had been fighting vehemently during the PNC years. At the same time, the focus of Party Groups needed to be shifted to development and service issues so as to keep their activities relevant to the new situation. All of that has now collapsed in the scramble which was allowed to develop for jobs, gun licences, house lots and contracts.

              It is not known what percentage of roads, bridges, buildings and other infrastructure works are badly done. The complaints are plentiful. And it is not merely that the contractors are dishonest. They tell you openly that if they have to bribe so many officials, then there is not enough to spend on the works to complete them in accordance with the contracts and to make a profit for themselves at the same time. Of course, they willingly collaborate with this state of affairs. This situation is a direct result of the failure of the PPP build on the work of Cheddi Jagan and to deal with corruption. Many of these contractors, businessmen and suppliers of goods and services have close links with the PPP, including members of the leadership.

              The other group consists of bureaucrats. Lest some of these protest that they are being unfairly maligned, the range of bureaucrats is not listed here. Many bureaucrats are dedicated and honest. But many others are corrupt. These bureaucrats are usually in charge of funds, contracts, supplies and they easily maneouvre around the regulations to enable them to perpetrate their corrupt deeds. They utilize their positions to manipulate contracts so that the rewards go to them directly or through surrogates. They establish companies with their friends or relatives and steer the contracts to these companies. This is a well known practice that is widely engaged in. They also have friends in the Party leadership or access thereto.

              Above all of these is a group of wealthy and influential businessmen who have high political connections. They meet regularly to examine business opportunities and potential deals and map out strategies as to how their plans can go forward, and implement those plans. They have access, through their political connections, to information of the potential opportunities that are likely to emerge in the near to medium term and are in a position to make the investments now so as to cash in on those opportunities down the road.

              The PPP leadership is supported and financed by all of these groups and state decisions are influenced by their interests. The PPP is no longer motivated by working class ideology although it still clings to its historical connections. The reason why the Public Procurement Commission, a vital instrument in the struggle against corruption, will never be established is that the PPP is a political organization that now represents a section of the petit bourgeoisie, those three parts of which are described above, whose interests are antagonistic to those of the working class and conflict with acceptable standards of integrity.

              Posted by mark | April 18, 2014, 12:52 pm
  47. Ed Ahmad land deal…Investigate all state assets sold by NICIL under Jagdeo’s presidency – AFC


    “No one doubts that in the Bharrat Jagdeo terms, the patrimony of our state has been hived off to friends and cronies in an unparalleled frenzy of nepotism and favoritism.”
    A Parliamentary Opposition party is urging Government to swiftly convene a Commission of Inquiry (COI) by natural resources experts to investigate the distribution of state lands, spectrum use and frequency access, and lease of forestry/mineral concessions in Guyana under successive post-Jagan regimes.
    Edul Ahmad
    Edul Ahmad
    This is according to Vice Chairman of the Alliance for Change (AFC), Moses Nagamootoo, who in a brief interview with this publication made the call and said that an investigation must firstly produce an inventory of state assets transferred to National Industrial and Commercial Investments Limited (NICIL) along with the proceeds received from their sale.
    When President Donald Ramotar came to office in 2011 he promised full disclosure on the deals but the document which was prepared by NICIL’s Executive Director, Winston Brassington, had been criticized by many experts as designed to disguise the transactions made by NICIL.
    According to Nagamootoo, “No one doubts that in the Bharrat Jagdeo terms, the patrimony of our state has been hived off to friends and cronies in an unparalleled frenzy of nepotism and favoritism.”
    Nagamootoo said that NICIL cannot easily wash its hands of these deals and the Leonora scheme is just one questionable transaction.
    The Leonora deal referenced by Nagamootoo, involves land purchased by Jagdeo’s close associate who has been indicted in the US over financial crimes.
    Edul Ahmad, the foreign-based businessman bought over 16 acres of prime land from the Guyana Sugar Corporation (GuySuCo) through NICIL.
    It is reported that Ahmad now stands to make profits of over $600M when he converts the property for which he paid a mere $80M, to a housing scheme, inclusive of a shopping mall, full gas and service station and facilities to house two banks.
    According to Nagamootoo, “Sugar workers have not been allowed to indicate an interest to either buy the lands on which the sweat and blood of their parents have been buried with their bones, or to cultivate through peasant cane farming cooperatives.”
    Nagamootoo insists that Government must produce a comprehensive land use policy after wide consultation, so that lands allocated for industrial development are not converted into exclusive housing schemes in ad hoc deals.
    Bharrat Jagdeo
    “We need a working democracy not an opportunistic ad hocracy…I feel that the hammer ought not fall on the head of Ed Ahmad but on NICIL and GuySuCo for yet another sell out scandal.”
    Following reportage on the questionable land deal with Ed Ahmad, NICIL denied any knowledge that the portion of the land sold to New York-based Guyanese Edul Ahmad is being converted into house lots.
    NICIL claims that it only acted as an agent when the transaction was done between Ahmad and GuySuCo and according to the agreement, the land at Plantation Groenveldt on the West Coast of Demerara could be converted to a shopping mall once the wood processing plant is the first structure on the property.
    NICIL said that GuySuCo entered into a Restrictive Covenant as set out in the terms and conditions of the sale, published in the Vesting Order, effecting the transfer of title, that “the property shall not be used for any other purpose other than for the construction and operation of a wood processing facility with the option of future development in manufacturing, industrial and commercial activities including the construction and operation of a shopping mall, providing that the construction of the wood processing facility is commenced first” and that construction of the wood processing facility commences within one year of the agreement.
    NICIL also defended the selling price that GuySuCo’s land was subjected to two prior bids when in 2003, the highest valid bid amounted to $30M and in 2004, no bids were received for the property.
    NICIL and Brassington, over the years under the Bharrat Jagdeo tenure, has come in for intense criticism and calls for investigation over some of the deals it has made.
    On such gained widespread notoriety that was called the “deal that stinks to high heavens,” is that involving Jagdeo’s best friend Dr. Ranjisinghi ‘Bobby’ Ramroop when NICIL sold his company Queens Atlantic Investment Inc (QAII), the Sanata Complex.
    Brassington, Jagdeo and Dr. Ramroop had also come under intense scrutiny over the sale of the Guyana Pharmaceutical Company along with the Government’s subsequent drug purchasing policy after the deal.
    Moses Nagamootoo
    Ahmad is also no stranger to negative publicity. He was charged by US Federal authorities for his involvement in a massive fraud scheme and in 2012, he entered a plea deal with US agents, and was found guilty of knowingly and intentionally conspiring to defraud several lending institutions over a 15-year period.

    Posted by mark | April 20, 2014, 8:04 am
  48. Mr. Ramotar is the twin of Bharrat Jagdeo


    I have been immersed in political activism, human rights crusades and public intellectualism since a teenager. From then to now I have no regrets, though I would have preferred not to have gone through all the bad things that have happened to me since my teen days right up to the present. I mean who enjoys being victimized and physical attacks on their person?
    But I have been lucky and I mean damn lucky. I never had a public sector job which allowed any past president and the present one to give me orders. Imagine if I were a police officer and had to endure the nonsense and hypocrisy of a President Jagdeo or President Ramotar speaking to me face to face. You have to feel profound sympathy for the people that Jagdeo commanded and that Ramotar now controls.
    You just have to feel sorry for police, soldiers, public servants and other categories of employees that the President has direct legal authority over. You just had to feel for these people under Mr. Jagdeo. How did they cope, when someone as poor in quality and substance as Jagdeo gave them orders?
    Mr. Jagdeo returned from New York and met protest action by air traffic controllers. To their face, Mr. Jagdeo told them that if they had picketed him at the airport when he came out, he would have dismissed them. Mr. Jagdeo once addressed a general meeting of the staff of the Environmental Protection Agency and spoke down to the seniors in front of their subordinates. It was a plain case of humiliation.
    Mr. Jagdeo summoned engineer Joseph O’Lall and dressed him down in front of others. When PM Hinds rose to speak, he was told to sit. That meeting ended in O’Lall’s dismissal from the Energy Authority. I knew O’Lall from my student days at UG and it was crazy to think that such an educated man could end up being shouted down by Jagdeo.
    There is bound to be deep anguish and raging anger in educated men and women who served their county dedicatedly and find themselves in front of a country’s leader who lacked all the qualities of leadership and intellectual finesse. And they have to listen to his inanities, vapidities, banalities, stupidities.
    When that happens you just have to feel sympathy for these people.
    When I look back at Jagdeo’s hegemony, I thank my stars that life did not put me in the position of these public sector employees. Of course during Mr. Jagdeo’s reign, I was a public sector employee at UG. But let me end with Mr. Jagdeo at this point before readers accuse me of showing off and silly chauvinism.
    Not for a fleeting moment would President Jagdeo have entertained the thought of summoning UG lecturers to meet him and I was required to go.
    Anyway, let’s go to President Donald Ramotar or as this newspaper’s satirical piece ‘Dem Boys Seh’ refers to him, ‘De Donald.’ ‘De Donald’ told the police force conference that an integrity test will be introduced. Read that to mean, lie detector test. Ramotar is following in the hypocritical footsteps of his benefactor, Bharrat Jagdeo. Put yourself in those officers’ place. It was the circus of Bharrat Jagdeo that they had to watch. Last week there was a reenactment, only this time, Jagdeo was replaced with Ramotar.
    All kinds of public sector employees had to endure the polygraph under the Jagdeo presidency but Jagdeo was not brave, creative and accountable to assign the test to himself and his Cabinet. He couldn’t do it because the consequences would have swept him from power. The cowardly tradition is being continued by Ramotar.
    Employees of the Energy Authority were forced to take the polygraph recently and many were dismissed.
    Ramotar should administer the test to himself, his Cabinet and the Jagdeoite school he inherited from his benefactor. The list includes the big boys at NICIL, Guysuco, NCN, his presidential advisors and Dr. Luncheon among others.
    Here is a president that is sitting on an anti-corruption report on NCN and just would not act on it. I point readers to one of the most trenchant dismissals of Ramotar as president by the Stabroek News on this locked away report (see the paper’s editorial on the issue).
    This same man has the temerity to tell police officers that they must take an integrity test. A Freudian ghost stalks Donald Ramotar. Look the word he chose to use, “integrity,” something the PPP leaders never had since the fifties.
    I am a lucky man – Jagdeo and Ramotar were never my bosses and could never have been. Pity those that have to take their orders.

    Posted by mark | April 27, 2014, 7:58 am
  49. Dem boys seh… Mosquito ah pick fight wid elephant


    Dem boys fed up reminding people that knack always got knack back. When you live by de sword you gun die by it. That is another saying that deh round a lang time. You live like a scamp, you gun die like a scamp.
    Everybody in Guyana want to go to America or Britain or Canada. That is what dem does call de ABC countries.
    Nobody in de world want mek trouble wid dem, except two-three mad people—North Korea, Iraq, Libya… and now Guyana.
    Everybody know wha happen to de leaders of Iraq and Libya. And if dem put hand pun de chubby shaatie from North Korea, people mightn’t find ee.
    Guyana decide to play powerful. It revoke de visa fuh a Canadian who wukking fuh Uncle Sam. But like everybody didn’t know bout de move. When Luncheon mek de announcement, de whole Cabinet get quiet. Right away some Ministers studying fuh done Luncheon dance more fast.
    Dem Government people remember when dem couldn’t travel to Uncle Sam and that was because de government did talk fat to Uncle Sam. Jagdeo was de man. He tell de Ambassador that Guyana ain’t tekking back none of dem deportees.
    When de US Embassy seh that no government official could travel to de States, de next day Jagdeo mek Luncheon tell de Americans that we didn’t mean wha we seh…Is just that we didn’t want dem Americans to pay fuh send de deportees back to Guyana; we did want spend we money fuh bring dem back we self.
    Well dem boys think Guyana did learn a lesson. But now it seem like we going back down de same road. Tekking way that man visa got more than backlash. Dem boys seh that is like a monkey pun a tree peeing pun a man wid a AK47 in he hand or a case of a mosquito picking fight wid an elephant.
    Pulling de man visa didn’t come just so. De Cabinet hear that Obama create a special unit fuh trace de assets and wealth of all dem corrupt leaders and politicians around de world. Somebody whisper that that man, Glenn Bradbury, was not only heading de American project, he was also heading a team that is investigating Jagdeo, Brazzy, Boyah, Bobby and all dem other Bees plus Irfaat, Rob de Earth, Ash Knee and a whole heap of dem.
    De Cabinet hear that Donald already give de FBI approval to come to Guyana any time to do anything. A special team that include de Canadian Feds investigating Jagdeo and all who very close to him.
    People gun hear de hooray fuh that visa wha dey tek away and fuh de work permit wha dem revoke.
    Talk half and wait fuh de backlash.

    Posted by mark | May 1, 2014, 4:45 pm
    • U.S. FBI creating unit to trace corrupt foreign assets


      WASHINGTON, (Reuters) – The U.S. FBI will create a unit to help trace the assets of corrupt foreign leaders, to complement an existing group of prosecutors focused on the issue, Attorney General Eric Holder said yesterday.

      The announcement comes as the United States scrambles to respond to unrest in Ukraine, and follows a new round of sanctions the United States announced on Monday over Moscow’s involvement in the crisis.

      Prosecutors, agents and other U.S. government officials have traveled to Ukraine to help authorities there recover assets allegedly stolen by former president Viktor Yanukovich’s government, Holder said in remarks before a London conference on recovering Ukrainian assets.

      Around one dozen agents and analysts will be part of the new FBI squad to support such efforts in Ukraine and elsewhere, he said.


      Join the discussion…

      Peta • a day ago
      UUUmmmmm, interesting!!! Some in Guyana better BEWARE!!!

      Especially those who suddenly became “nouveau rich’ on a ‘ministers’ government salary or those with ‘anchor babies’.

      Who live LARGE in prado-ville 1, 2 or 3. Complete with mac-mansions, swimming pools & houses, on acres of land they ‘ill-gotten’ on the cheap.

      Those who have “foreign”, ‘bank accounts’, supermarkets, strip malls, ‘real-estate businesses’ and such. Those ‘jet-setters’ who fly-hi on the tax-payers dime.

      YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!!! … HEED THE WORD, “dem ah wach yuh” …
      Complete with ‘seal-indictments’ for ‘extradition’ or ‘Extraordinary rendition’ …
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      C I Lewis • 11 hours ago
      I love this. Tied with some visa revocations. Some folks are silent.
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      Posted by mark | May 1, 2014, 4:52 pm
      • The visa revocation: A mendicant, primitive country insults the USA


        It has to be the most comical opera in international relations since Thucydides wrote his fantastic book two thousand years ago on relations among states and titled, “The Peloponnesian Wars.”
        Any student of world politics would know that Guyana is one of the poorest countries in the world. Any student of politics would know in terms of quality of life, Guyana ranks very low among the sovereign states that sit in the United Nations. Any student of politics would know that in terms of modern infrastructure, Guyana is a very primitive land.
        This is a country where in the 21st century, the capital city hasn’t got a proper functioning sewage system. This is a country that built a bridge four years ago that is the identical version to one that the Allies constructed in the Second World War as seen in the famous movie, “The Bridge on the River Kwai.”
        This is a country where once you build a house you have to buy a large black tank imported from Trinidad to store water. Central supply of water does not reach any house throughout Guyana at a height of twenty feet above ground level. This is a country where the only university has virtually collapsed.
        This is a country that only one month ago acquired a modern fingerprinting system for the police that the world has been using decades ago, and it was a donation from the American Government. This is a country where the police began using the speed gun only two years ago after the British Embassy donated six of them. This is a country where at the beginning of the year the entire police force had only three breathalyzer machines.
        This is a country where magistrates and judges write down every single word that is said by the person in the witness box, an anachronistic practice the world left behind decades and decades ago. This is a country of 800,000 persons where the population conducting business and trade and financial services in the society is one of the smallest in the world, but a cheque by any of the eminent business companies deposited in bank takes four days before the recipient can have the money.
        This is a country where a sitting CARICOM Prime Minister, Bruce Golding, in 2010, said that Guyana is an embarrassment to the region because it is an international beggar. Here is where the nudity of Guyana is laid bare. This country never stops begging the Inter-American Development Bank and it starts from the President right down to all his Ministers.
        Addressing the UN General Assembly last year, President Jagdeo was indignant that the UN raised the economic status of Guyana, thereby taking it off the list of countries whose poverty rating entitles them to greater UN financial assistance. Knowing that the elevated ranking will result in aid reduction, Mr. Ramotar, in fact, rejected such an improved status. Mr. Ramotar just wants Guyana to keep receiving financial handouts.
        The government of this kind of hellhole has become bold enough to revoke the visa of a consultant employed by the American Government who was the administrator of a democracy project. This project is needed in this country to teach its people about the lost value of democratic institutions. How institutions should be democratic, accountable and transparent is something we lost since Cheddi Jagan became Premier in 1957 right up to the present moment. This was the asset of the democracy programme.
        The visa cancellation is the irony of all ironies. The US, which helped Ramotar and Luncheon and company to come to power in 1992, is now told it is interfering in Guyana’s internal affairs because the US is helping us to understand how public institutions should relate to the citizenry.
        When we beg the US for money, when we send our wives to get babies in the US so they can become American citizens, it is alright. But not when the US wants to help to strengthen democracy?
        The visa recall by a virtual nonentity in world politics is a nasty insult that the American people should not accept from Guyana. For far too long the US has turned a blind eye to atrocities committed by the PPP Government and a majority of the population cannot understand why, especially in the area of drug trafficking.
        Captain David Clarke has named names for the US Government as to who in the corridors of power are involved in drug trafficking. But to date the US has not moved against these people. Will this visa insult be the straw that broke the camel’s back? Every Guyanese, in and out, is waiting to see how the US will retaliate against this nonentity.

        Posted by mark | May 2, 2014, 7:53 am
  50. Dem boys seh.. Bobby got it lock


    There is an old saying that carrion crow does wait till rain fall fuh build house. Then dem got another one, some people does wait till dem belly gripe dem then hustle to build toilet.
    Only fools do things like that. A man wid lil bit brains would mek plans; he would prepare in advance.
    Rob de Earth and he Uncle in law, Jagdeo, use to wait till rain fall before dem dig de drains to ease flooding.
    Dem boys know that dem never use to clean de drain. As a matter of fact, dem use to do things to block up dem, drain fuh mek de flooding look big suh dem can tek big money but spend li’l money fuh drain.
    Since 2005, Rob de Earth and Jagdeo can’t account fuh de millions of dollars that come from de treasury and from Canada as flood relief funds.
    When Jagdeo tek US$200 million fuh build de new Skeldon sugar factory, dem didn’t even got a plan. Dem must be had a floor plan fuh drop de sugar pun de ground. To this day de factory cyan wuk. Bobby gun get it soon fuh open a warehouse.
    That is de real plan that Jagdeo had. Is that kind of planning Guyana had since 1999 after Janet give Jagdeo de presidency.
    Jagdeo start de Amaila road without a plan. He and that fat crook, Brazzy, ask Fip fuh design a plan fuh de road. Fip rob dem and gone.
    When dem boys expose Fip and ask dem fuh explain de hydro plan wha dem had, dem bring Sithe Global. Just how Sithe Global come, dem gone, like Fip. There was no plan.
    Marriott still to get a plan; Enmore Packaging Plant never had a plan; de airport fuh bring Africans from Africa never had a plan; Dem ain’t got no plan fuh de Specialty Hospital; dem four-lane highway ain’t got plan. Dem ain’t got plan fuh dem stelling and clearly dem have no plan fuh de city.
    In Georgetown, dem bruck up all de road and realize after that Guyana ain’t got asphalt fuh fix dem road. Dem just don’t plan anything fuh de ordinary man.
    But when it come to Bobby, de man who does finance de Pee Pee Pee campaign, dem got plan, blueprint and even newsprint fuh he.
    De stage does set fuh he get any and everything he want, because he does got to set dem political stage right.
    Talk half and hope Guyana get better planners.

    Posted by mark | May 8, 2014, 2:30 pm
  51. Dem boys seh…Name one good thing Jagdeo do fuh Guyana


    Dem boys get a call from a big man saying, “Please lef Jagdeo alone. He do a lot fuh Guyana and he deserve a place in history.” Dem boys laugh…hard.
    Right away dem boys remember that two months ago, Ah Kneel call too and he seh that every day dem boys talking bout Jagdeo. He seh, “Why y’all don’t lef de man alone. He do so much fuh Guyana.”
    Well dem boys nerve bump raise when dem hear Ah Kneel seh he, Jagdeo, do so much fuh Guyana. De first question to Ah Kneel was fuh he name just one thing that Jagdeo did in de twelve years he sit as president of Guyana, that he and de people could be proud of.
    Dem boys had to remind Ah Kneel dem not talking about de friends and family and cronies that he, Jagdeo, enrich. Dem ain’t talking about going about de place begging and getting debt write-offs. Anybody can do that.
    A junkie does wait till de boss man fuh de Waterfalls paper drive up and he does busy wid he broom. He sweeping de pavement. As soon as de boss man jump out de vehicle he does approach de boss man and seh, “You see how nice and clean this place look? Is me got it suh. You got to give me something.”
    That is how Jagdeo use to beg dem foreign people and get something. That isn’t nutten hard. If a junkie can do that, wha do Jagdeo?
    But back to Ah Kneel. When dem boys ask he fuh name one thing that Jagdeo do, he stutter then he pause and seh “Ah can’t think now. I deh wid some friends drinking.”
    To this day, dem boys still waiting fuh he and de caller fuh name de one thing. Dem boys also challenge de entire Guyana, more so all dem Ministers that wuk under Jagdeo, fuh tell de nation one thing that Jagdeo do fuh mek people proud.
    Jagdeo free to call or send a letter fuh seh one thing that he proud of. But he must not talk about de Bees and dem scamps and dem crooks that he surround heself wid.
    And while he thinking about wha he do, he must also think about de former Prime Minister of Israel who yesterday get sentence to six years in jail fuh corruption.
    Jagdeo should thank God he don’t live in Israel, but dem boys seh dem would like to try him here fuh corruption.
    Talk half and we waiting for de answers from de caller, Ah Kneel, Jagdeo and Donald if he want push ee mouth inside de story.

    Posted by mark | May 14, 2014, 10:46 am
    • APNU says…Disclose Jagdeo’s spending out of Office

      MAY 13, 2014 | BY KNEWS | FILED UNDER NEWS

      A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) is seeking to find out exactly how much money the State has spent behind former President, Bharrat Jagdeo, since he demitted Office in 2011.
      APNU’s Desmond Trotman, has formally tabled a list of questions for the Minister of Finance to respond to in relation to the expenditure.
      The Finance Minister will be required to deliver the answers when Parliament meets on Thursday.
      The political opposition has always been critical over what it calls uncapped benefits encapsulated in the Former Presidents (Benefits and Facilities) which in May 2009, the then President Bharrat Jagdeo assented to.
      Former President Bharrat Jagdeo
      Former President Bharrat Jagdeo
      Trotman wants to find out what is the total health expenses/claims met under the Act for former President Jagdeo and or his dependents for each month since he demitted office in 2011, up to the end of February 2014.
      Jagdeo recently made headlines when he chartered a private Lear Jet to fly to Guyana and take him to Florida where he went for treatment over Dengue Fever.
      It was later revealed that when former President Jagdeo was airlifted to the United States, destined for a Florida hospital, he had in his entourage his best friend, Dr Ranjisinghi ‘Bobby’ Ramroop and they used a private luxury Learjet instead of an air ambulance.
      An air ambulance are planes or helicopters that have been specially fitted with medical equipment and beds and would also include medical personnel accompanying the aircraft to treat the passenger as they are taken to the hospital.
      What Jagdeo used is a fixed wing twin engine, 10 seat jet.
      The jet was charted from Jedami Aircraft Charter, LLC, registered in Florida.
      This publication understands that the chartering of a LearJet, from Florida to Guyana and back for a medivac, would cost between US$35,000 and US$40,000.
      APNU in their probe of the expenditure behind Jagdeo is also seeking to find out what is the monthly cost of providing security for personal and property(s) under the Act for former President Jagdeo since he demitted office in 2011 to the end of February, 2014.
      APNU is also seeking to elicit answers in relation to the cost of providing transportation local and overseas, inclusive of cars and drivers, including air cost and road under the Act for the former President and or his dependents for each month since he demitted office in 2011 to the end of February, 2014
      The coalition is also seeking to find out what is the electricity charge paid under the Act for former President, Jagdeo, for each month since he demitted office in 2011 up to the end of February 2014.
      On May 28, 2009, then President Jagdeo assented to the controversial Former Presidents (Benefits and Facilities) Bill, bringing it into law.
      Under that Act, he would receive free medical attention and medical treatment, paid for by the state, or reimbursement of medical expenses incurred by him for the medical attention or treatment of himself and the dependant members of his family.
      Jagdeo became Guyana’s youngest ever President when his predecessor Janet Jagan demitted office in 1999.
      During his term in office, Jagdeo initiated many controversial projects, among them the Amaila Falls Hydro-electric Project, the Marriott Hotel project, the Cheddi Jagan International Airport (CJIA) Expansion Project, and the failed Skeldon Modernisation Project.

      Posted by mark | May 14, 2014, 11:50 am
  52. Point_of_Interest some may find curious.

    This conclusion is on point, “Dictator bhar’RAT”.

    Since the abbreviation for the title of “Doctor” would be “Dr”.

    Then the last two words in the word D-ictato-R is, “Dr”.

    This relates to “bhar’RAT’s” multitude of “so-called” “honorary doctorates”, (dr, dr, dr, dr, dr) titles, he was able to BUY for cheap.

    Other DESERVING folks EARN those titles. UnLIKE “Dictator bhar’RAT” and the feral_blaster_MANIC_MANIC_MANICHAN, WAS ABLE TO Con SOME INTO PURCHASING AT SOME “Diploma Mill”.







    Posted by mark | July 12, 2014, 8:11 am
  53. Jagdeo has cost taxpayers in excess of $83M to date under his ‘Pension Package’

    …Guyanese to fork over an average of $3M a month until his death


    Former President of Guyana, Bharrat Jagdeo, has received as pension since demitting office in December 2011
    to the end of last month, some $31M.
    This is in addition to the recently disclosed figures upwards of $45M ($45,417,950) which the taxpayers have had to spend on him for his electricity bills, transportation and security between December 2011 and last February. They were spending $1.7 million per month.
    This financial package was cemented in law by Jagdeo himself, when in 2009, he as head of the then Cabinet, caused to be laid in the National Assembly, the former Presidents (Benefits and Facilities) Bill, which he later assented to, bringing it into law.
    Under this controversial law which was vehemently opposed at the time, it costs taxpayers an average of $3M each month to support Jagdeo.
    His security, electricity and transportation alone, average $1.7M each month. Then there is his $1.2M pension each month.
    Using the monthly average of $1.2M for his security, transportation, electricity and pension, it means that Jagdeo to date, since leaving office would have cost taxpayers in excess of $83M ($83,146,535)
    This $83M figure does not take into account all of the other expenditure incurred by Jagdeo under his ‘Pension Package.’
    Apart from what has been disclosed, Jagdeo is also entitled to, under the controversial law he enacted: expenses incurred in the provision and use of water; telephone services at the place of residence in Guyana; services of personal and household staff, including an attendant and a gardener; services of clerical and technical staff, if requested; free medical attendance and medical treatment or reimbursement of medical expenses incurred by him for the medical attendance or treatment of himself and the dependant members of his family; toll-free road transportation in Guyana; an annual vacation allowance equivalent to the cost of two first class return airfares provided on the same basis as that granted to serving members of the Judiciary; and a tax exemption status identical to that enjoyed by a serving President.
    It was Alliance for Change (AFC), Leader Khemraj Ramjattan, who back in 2009 computed that the Former President’s pension package would amount to just over $3M monthly, which was vehemently denied by the administration at the time but has turned out to be a reality.
    Carl Greenidge of A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) had attempted to cap the benefits, under the controversial piece of legislation by bringing amendments to the National Assembly. This was approved by the opposition using its majority but President Donald Ramotar, has never assented to it.
    This past week after months of delay, the Finance Minister finally acquiesced to APNU Donald Trotman’s request, to provide the National Assembly with answers as to the amount spent by the state on Jagdeo for his electricity bills, health expenses, transportation and security.
    The figures provided by Dr. Singh represent the money the State spent on Jagdeo on the three items (transportation, security and electricity bills) from the time he demitted office in December 2011 up to February 2014.
    Jagdeo’s total electricity bill for the duration stated amounted to $9,875,680. His average monthly bill is $365,766.
    For transportation, Jagdeo utilized $15,220,748. The State spent a total of $20,321,520 for Jagdeo’s security over the 27-month period, an average of $752,649 monthly.
    All security services are done by serving members of the Presidential Guard Service.
    The number of vehicles and guards provided to the former President were not provided.

    Posted by mark | July 13, 2014, 8:23 am
    • If Guyanese do not take action to remove corruption there will be no development

      July 12, 2014 · By Staff Writer ·

      Dear Editor,

      Many believe that corruption – the use of public office for private gain – is a major problem in Guyana. At the same time, most citizens are unhappy with their standard of living and Guyana’s level of development. The experts agree that corruption and development are linked; higher levels of corruption result in poverty, unhappiness and hardship for citizens, and underdevelopment for the country.

      The crime of bribery is the most well known form of corruption; it hits us directly in the pocket. There are other types of corruption though, one of the worst is called graft.

      According to Wikipedia, “Graft, a form of political corruption, is the unscrupulous use of a politician’s authority for personal gain.” If a person in high office, uses his position to give state contracts to friends and cronies, in exchange for kickbacks – some of the money that the state pays for the project – that is graft. If an official uses her inside knowledge to give an unfair business advantage to a friend, that is also graft. The experts say that the effects of graft can be devastating to a country and its people.

      Editor, graft causes suffering owing to substandard works. If a contractor gets a state contract by corrupt means, that contractor is likely to do a poor job. This results in overpriced, but structurally unsound schools, stellings and bridges. And roads may fall apart one month after being built. The effects are potholes, flooding and uncomfortable children in unsafe schools.

      Graft results in projects that we don’t need, at the expense of those that we do. In other words, real priorities – such as water, electricity, sanitation, health care, schools, roads, etc – are neglected, in favour of unnecessary projects that will generate greater personal gain for officials. So we end up without the essentials. Instead, the landscape becomes littered with white-elephant projects that we do not need or cannot use.

      Graft also results in the depletion of national wealth. This happens because scarce public resources are funnelled to private pockets. In many cases, the money for projects is borrowed from international banks, and must be repaid by taxpayers, with interest. So, instead of the money being used to feed the poor or house the homeless, it ends up in private bank accounts or real-estate investments. These investments, whether useless hotels or ocean-front mansions, do not benefit the people.

      Guyana’s latest score on Transparency Internation-al’s Corruption Perception Index (CPI), was a deplorable 27 out of 100 points; the worst score in the English-speaking Cari-bbean. We may therefore conclude that we have a problem. Unsurprisingly, Guyana is currently ranked a low 118th out of 187 countries, on the United Nations Development Index. The correlation between development and corruption is underscored too, when one looks at other countries. Western European countries may be some of the most developed in the world, with some of the happiest citizens. Their average CPI is currently an enviable 66 – the global average is 43. On the other hand, many believe that sub-Saharan African countries are the least developed, with citizens suffering terribly. Unsurprisingly, their average CPI is only 33.

      Clearly, corruption sucks the life out of national development and saps the happiness of citizens. If Guyana has such a problem, Guyanese must take action to remove it. Otherwise, there will be no development and happiness will always be an elusive dream.

      Yours faithfully,

      Mark DaCosta

      Posted by mark | July 13, 2014, 9:56 am
      • TUC slams Jagdeo over `Cadillac lifestyle’

        July 13, 2014 · By Stabroek

        The Trades Union Congress (TUC) today said it was unconscionable for former President Bharrat Jagdeo to reward himself with a “Cadillac lifestyle” while ordinary persons struggled to make ends meet.

        Its denunciation of the former President was contained in a press release addressing a number of local issues and comes in the aftermath of disclosures in Parliament on how much the state is paying to upkeep Jagdeo.

        An answer circulated in Parliament on Thursday revealed that the state has paid $45.4M in expenses for former President Bharrat Jagdeo in the 27 months since he demitted office and this appears to include the cost of a medivac flight to Florida.

        In its statement, the GTUC said it is troubled that while the law assures every citizen healthcare there isn’t proper universal health care.

        “The masses have to pray not to fall sick while government officials use our tax-dollars to access the best healthcare in developed countries. This disparity in access breaches the sense of nationhood/oneness the people have been assured of. The same can be said for the right to pension as government officials, one of whom is former President Jagdeo, continue to run-up exorbitant healthcare expenses, pension and post presidential benefits on the backs of the working poor”, the TUC said.

        It added that while the taxpayers pay millions for his electricity each year they are being disconnected because they cannot afford to pay $5,000.

        “It is unconscionable …that any person entrusted the privilege of the people to manage their affairs to reward themselves with a Cadillac lifestyle in this donkey cart economy. It is an abuse of the taxpayer’s money and their trust”, the TUC argued.

        The payments by the state were made under the controversial Former Presidents (Benefits and Other Facilities) Act for electricity, transportation and security. This works out to around $1.6M per month mainly for Jagdeo’s Pradoville Two residence.

        Details on Jagdeo’s expenses were circulated in Parliament in response to questions which had been submitted several months ago by APNU MP Desmond Moses.

        Posted by mark | July 13, 2014, 5:22 pm
  54. Jagdeo’s benefits are mother of immoralities – says anti corruption advocate …but Rohee defends Jagdeo’s pension benefits

    July 15, 2014 | By KNews | Filed Under News

    General Secretary for the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) has come out in defence of the exorbitant benefits which former President Bharrat Jagdeo is benefiting from under the Former Presidents (Benefits and Facilities) Act which Jagdeo made law in 2009.
    Under this controversial law which was vehemently opposed at the time, it costs taxpayers an average of $3M each month to support Jagdeo.
    His security, electricity and transportation alone, average $1.7M each month. Then there is his $1.2M pension each month.
    Using the monthly average of $1.2M for his security, transportation, electricity and pension, it means that Jagdeo to date, since leaving office would have cost taxpayers in excess of $83M.
    Rohee in defence of the benefits that Jagdeo is accruing said that “aren’t all of those things within what the Parliament provide him with, so what is the problem?”
    He said that there “will always be objections and there will continue to be objections, like we are seeing everyday in the headlines of the Kaieteur News.”
    The PPP General Secretary continued, “Kaieteur News is never giving up on Jagdeo, all that I am saying is that whatever spending was done it was not illegal it was authorized by the Parliament, you are free like the Kaieteur News is free and every citizen of Guyana is free to express a view on this money.”
    Rohee said that one has to be certain and take clearly into account that “the money was not illegitimately spent, not illegally spent and not spent outside of what was provided by the Parliament.”
    It was Alliance for Change (AFC) Leader Khemraj Ramjattan, who back in 2009 computed that the Former President’s pension package would amount to just over $3M monthly. This was vehemently denied by the administration at the time.
    Carl Greenidge, of A Partnership for National Unity (APNU), had attempted to cap the benefits, under the controversial piece of legislation by bringing amendments to the National Assembly. This was approved by the opposition using its majority but President Donald Ramotar, has never assented to it.
    Addressing the cap that the opposition approved for the President’s benefits, Rohee said that “any cap that is coming from the opposition I would bag it.”
    Rohee said that he does not agree with the combined opposition’s position that the money Jagdeo is receiving is exorbitant.
    “I disagree with anything the opposition says in respect of Jagdeo, I disagree because I believe that they are being personally vindictive towards the ex- President; that’s my position as the General Secretary of the PPP,” said Rohee.
    The PPP, according to Rohee, supported the Bill in the Parliament with respect to the benefits of the President’s Bill.
    “We consciously did that in the Parliament, every single MP supported that, including Mr. Nagamootoo who at the time was sitting on the government benches, so if we did that at that time, that is a manifestation of where the PPP stood clear and simply.”

    Asked whether that position conflicts with that of founder of the PPP Dr. Cheddi Jagan, Rohee said, “I would leave that for the so called political pundits to speculate on, that I’m not getting into.”
    Rohee was then asked that in a democratic society the government and the opposition are the people who would generally engage in discussions, bargain and work together or negotiate, but from his position the opposition is inconsequential.
    Rohee said that “as far as I am personally concerned, the opposition doesn’t want anything to do with me, so why should I have anything to do with them.”
    He said, however, from the position of General Secretary when it comes to the interest of the party “that’s a different question because the party’s position rest with the central committee, the congress rests with the executive committee which are collective bodies where all the leaders sit.
    “When they make a decision with which I am a part of, well then those decisions would be faithfully followed and implemented.”
    And an anti corruption advocate is contending that even though the benefits might be legal it is the “height of immorality; it’s the mother of all moralities.”
    His comments came against the backdrop of Guyana’s economic standing where wealth is highly skewed with the few rich and the many poor. He said the perpetuation of the former Presidents benefits “lacks serious consideration for the poor, for the disadvantaged, the unemployed youths.
    “Look how many people are living in Guyana with minimum wage; so many people are unemployed, in abject poverty.”
    “This thing is a national disgrace, it’s a national embarrassment, it lacks morality, integrity, fair play, justice and equality,” said the advocate.

    Posted by mark | July 15, 2014, 3:33 pm
    • Dem boys seh…Pee Pee Pee now stand fuh Plenty, Plenty Pension

      July 15, 2014 | By KNews | Filed Under Dem Boys Seh, Features / Columnists, News

      Jagdeo create history in Guyana and de nation gun be talking ‘bout him for a long, long time. Dem boys gun be praying fuh he until he lef this earth, however and whenever he lef it.
      Not he alone dem boys gun pray for. Dem got to pray fuh de Bees, especially Brazzy, Bobby and Boyah. All of dem is de talk of Guyana.
      As of now, Jagdeo pension package got people, even children talking. All dem children want to be president wid such a package.
      De big people seh that Jagdeo shameless. One man seh that de pension is an embarrassment, that while it is legal, it lack morality.
      Some of dem seh that it unreasonable and unconscionable, that when Jagdeo and that fat crook Brazzy, put together de pension package dem had no consideration fuh this poor nation.
      Is dem li’l children remember how he use to fly round de world fuh tell everybody how Guyana poor. Then he use to beg dem fuh write off de debt.
      De man set about going to country wha Guyana never borrow from fuh ask dem fuh debt write off. Kuwait tun he back when he was halfway to that country. People who know de story shame and dem boys was shame fuh he.
      Dem boys seh that when anybody look at such a package, any half decent human being would come out and mek a simple statement about de package.
      All dem had to seh was “Listen people, if y’all think de package too much, y’all fix it to suit y’all self.
      But not that heartless man. And it seems as if de Pee Pee Pee ain’t got nobody wid a reasonable decent heart. Donald use to cuss de package now it look like that he love it more than he love he wife.
      Dem boys know that Donald really love de Pee Pee Pee from since he small. Is now dem realize is why he and Jagdeo love de Pee Pee Pee so much. It stands for Plenty, Plenty Pension.
      Rohee defending this pension like if he gun be de next president. De closest he gun ever get to de president was when Jagdeo ask he fuh act and he tek de car wid de siren mekking nuff noise and go round de town drinking rum.
      Rob de Earth and Nandalall love de package. Rob de Earth table de pension Bill in Parliament because he got he eye down de line.
      Nandalall, de Hanah Rebel, been ask if de nation want Jagdeo fuh dead a pauper. Well dem boys want to tell dem old people that all of dem ain’t got a choice but to dead a pauper because all de money at de post office will have to pay out to Jagdeo, Donald, Rohee if he get near deh, Rob de Earth and de Hanah Rebel Nandalall.
      Talk half and wait fuh see any changes in de Plenty, Plenty Pension.

      Posted by mark | July 15, 2014, 3:34 pm
  55. Is Guyana a world mystery?

    July 17, 2014 | By KNews | Filed Under Features / Columnists, Freddie Kissoon

    The receipt of $83 million over a two-year period (excluding medical bills which from what we know may bring the total to $170 million) by Bharrat Jagdeo as part of the perks he collects as a former President is the talk of the town. Since the amount became public, this thing has swept through Guyana.
    It has emerged as the most talked about public topic for one basic, simple reason – it is unbelievable. From the wealthy to the poor, from the cocktail circuit to the fish market den of Priya, the Satira girl, people cannot accept that poor Guyana can offer that amount of retirement benefits to a former president who is not in his seventies or eighties but as they say in Guyanese parlance, “wan strapping big man who could go and look fuh wuk.”
    The question that should be asked as this incredible tale gathers momentum is, should we be surprised? The answer is no? The story of the PPP abuse of the resources of Guyana and the Guyanese people is from a science fiction novel. The nation has remained cowed and fearful since Mr. Jagdeo went on his post 2001 rampage.
    If any ruling party has contempt for a nation it is the PPP. If contempt is not confronted in its early stage, it will grow out of control. This is what has happened with Guyana and the PPP. It is graphically shown in the person of Clement Rohee. Each act of morbid venality by the PPP is met with a stoney faced Rohee, in a barefaced unapologetic response.
    Mr. Rohee told his press conference that he knows nothing about a claim by Mr. Jagdeo’s common law wife that she was terribly abused by the then President. No other example shows how contemptuous is the PPP of Guyana. Ms. Varshnie Singh’s accusations went viral. It went beyond Guyana and was the biggest story of that year in this country.
    So afraid that he would lose power over this macabre mistreatment of Ms. Singh, that Mr. Jagdeo sought help from a nationally known media personality.
    That Mr. Rohee can watch his country in the face and tell it that he knows nothing of what Mr. Jagdeo did to Varshnie Singh is sickening. Mr. Rohee didn’t stop there. At another press conference he justified pathological corruption by saying those in power saved their money when they were younger.
    The PPP General-Secretary seems to be in permanently bizarre overdrive. He sees nothing wrong with the stupendous post-retirement benefits Mr. Jagdeo receives. He said it is legitimate money. He heaped praise on Manickchand for her horrible conduct at the home of the US Ambassador.
    Mr. Rohee is not alone. Mr. Ramotar behaves like his presidential predecessor. Again we see the contempt. When asked about the findings of an inquiry into alleged corrupt transactions of the leadership of NCN two years ago, he simply refused to acknowledge the contents of the report much less act on it.
    At every press conference when pressed, he says he is yet to act on the report. Then the contempt came forth. He told the media why bother with the report. The people that were investigated are no longer there.
    You can analyze Ramotar’s response a million ways and you will end up with one interpretation because it is the only interpretation – brazen contempt of a nation. The equivalent of what President Ramotar is saying is that if a gynecologist sexually molested his patients at a hospital and was removed to facilitate a probe why bother with the results, because the predatory doctor is no longer at the hospital.
    Of course this complete dismissal of Guyanese people started with Bharrat Jagdeo. If any leader ever laughed at a country and with the wave of his middle finger dismissed the feelings of the population, it was Mr. Jagdeo.
    Where does one begin to tell the story of Jagdeo’s denigration and suppression of the Guyanese people?
    A date is hardly important. It is the enumeration of his authoritarian output. The outlandish post-retirement benefit was inevitable and more extraordinary amounts will come his way once the PPP remains in office. This is because under Mr. Jagdeo, right up to Mr. Ramotar, the PPP feels that it can perpetuate the most horrific violation on this country and get away with it.
    When you look at the tyranny Mr. Jagdeo heaped on this land, Forbes Burnham and Desmond Hoyte would have been afraid to do so because of the PPP and WPA opposition. President Janet Jagan buckled under PNC’s pressure. Why we tolerated Jagdeo and now the present regime remains a world mystery.

    Posted by mark | July 17, 2014, 11:54 am
  56. Jagdeo’s light bill alone exceeds most MPs’ pension and salary – Greenidge


    A Partnership for National Unity (APNU)’s Shadow Finance Minister, Carl Greenidge, is contending that the political
    opposition does not have an issue per se with the pension of Former President, Bharrat Jagdeo, although it is not set according to any principle used in the public service, but it is the uncapped benefits that are worrying and for which limits must be set.
    The Chairman of the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) said that Jagdeo’s monthly electricity bill alone at over $375,000 by far exceeds most parliamentarians’ monthly pension and salary.
    Greenidge reminded that the former President received a pension totaling $37.2M up to the end of last month. This is in addition to the recently disclosed figures upwards of $45M ($45,417,950) which the taxpayers have had to spend on his electricity bills, transportation and security between December 2011 and last February.
    Using the monthly average for his security, transportation, electricity and pension Jagdeo to date, since leaving office, has cost taxpayers in excess of $90M. This figure does not take into account all of the other expenditure incurred by the former president under his ‘Pension and other benefits Package.”
    In an exclusive interview with this publication, the Former Finance Minister said that the public needs to separate the pension from the benefits before they can fully understand the problem.
    He explained that Governments set pensions and reimburse expenses on the basis of widely accepted principles.
    “Although it is ethically wrong for the President to legislate for himself his own pension on the basis of new principles just before leaving office, that is not the heart of the quarrel…It is his uncapped additional benefits that are the problem. When Jagdeo raised the emoluments of the Chancellor and the Chief Justice, he tied to it the emoluments of the President. He then tied the pension of the President to the emoluments of the current President not his (Jagdeo’s) own last salary. If you move President Donald Ramotar’s salary, the retired President’s goes up as well.”
    “The President’s pension is to be seven-eighths of that of the salary of the current president. So if the President once received $2M in 2009 and it moved to $7M in 2012, the former President gets that fraction of not what he worked for before in 2009, but the bulk of the salary of the current President.”
    The politician referred to the Constitution which says that the President should get a pension. But Jagdeo passed a piece of legislation, the Former Presidents (Benefits and Facilities) Act, in 2009, which says that he should in addition to his pension, get other benefits.
    Greenidge said that this was never the intention of the Constitution, and is what his coalition is opposed to in principle.
    “We are not trying to change the pension, and the public needs to understand that this is a most disgraceful situation,” he added.
    The APNU Parliamentarian said that the public needs to recognize that these additional benefits, provided for in law, have been poorly worded and as a result do not provide limits.

    Carl Greenidge
    “If Jagdeo retired without children and tomorrow decides to adopt 50 children and he wants to take all of them to the USA to seek medical attention, the taxpayer has to pay. If he wants an Olympic-size swimming pool that costs a further US$1M for electricity we have to pay for it. The benefits need to be capped. Neither former US Presidents nor the former T&T President enjoy anything like this, for example. The magnitude of these benefits bear no relation to any paid to NIS pensioners or to public servants,” the politician argued.
    He said that it is something that Jagdeo specifically designed for himself and “his PPP cronies that will succeed him and voted for it.”
    “No Member of Parliament will receive if he/she lives to (2050) age 90, 7/8 of the salary of the Parliamentary salary in 2050. In other words, the pension he has paid himself is already generous, even without the other benefits which were added in 2009. The benefits alone are extravagant and leave it likely that the former President is receiving more in income and benefits than any current President. This is ridiculous and that is why there has been a continuing public outcry,” Greenidge concluded.
    Apart from what has been disclosed, Jagdeo is also entitled to, under the controversial law he enacted: expenses incurred in the provision and use of water; telephone services at the place of residence in Guyana; services of personal and household staff, including an attendant and a gardener; services of clerical and technical staff (numbers not specified), if requested; free medical attendance and medical treatment or reimbursement of medical expenses incurred by him for the medical attendance or treatment of himself and the dependant members of his family.
    As it relates to the tax exemption status, Greenidge said that if the former President were to get involved in activities such as gold mining for example, they would not be taxed. The APNU parliamentarian said that this is completely “unprecedented and unacceptable.”
    Greenidge had attempted to cap the benefits by bringing amendments to the National Assembly. This was approved by the Opposition in 2012, but President
    Donald Ramotar has refused to assent to it.

    Posted by mark | July 18, 2014, 12:11 pm
  57. Jagdeo’s pension among highest in the region


    At least one regional economy that vastly outstrips Guyana’s pays its former Head of State a smaller pension than what Guyana pays its former Head of State.

    Jamaica has an economy of US$15B but pays its former Prime Ministers, roughly US$3,500 per month as pension, while the other benefits are capped. This is not the case in Guyana.
    Under Jamaica’s laws, the Prime Minister when leaving office is entitled to benefits such as a gardener, a chauffeur, secretary, security and a maid but no more than one of these.
    Trinidad and Tobago, which has an economy of US$24B as against Guyana’s US$2.8B pays its former Prime Ministers US$8,000. Even the medical benefits are prescribed with caps.
    The United States of America, with an economy worth in excess of US$16 trillion dollars will pay President Barrack Obama, US$16,800 dollars a month in pension and provide Secret Service protection, and reimbursements for staff, travel, mail, and office expenses.
    Guyana with an economy of US$2.8 B pays its former Head of State, US$6,000 per month.
    Under Guyana’s Former Presidents Benefits (and other Facilities) Act a president upon retirement is entitled to payment in respect of the expenses incurred in the provision and use of water; electricity and telephone services at the place of residence in Guyana; services of personal and household staff, including an attendant and a gardener; services of clerical and technical staff, if requested; free medical attendance and medical treatment or reimbursement of medical expenses incurred by him for the medical attendance or treatment of himself and the dependant members of his family; full-time personal security and services of the Presidential Guard Service at the place of residence; the provision of motor vehicles owned and maintained by the State; toll-free road transportation in Guyana; an annual vacation allowance equivalent to the cost of two first class return airfares provided on the same basis as that granted to serving members of the Judiciary; and a tax exemption status identical to that enjoyed by a serving President.
    There is no limit to the number of security personnel, no limit to the number of cars for transportation, no limit to medical bills and no limit to telephone and electricity services.
    These are all separate and distinct from the pension payable to the former president.
    When the law was debated and approved by the People’s Progressive Party Civic (PPP/C) dominated Parliament in May 2009, the then Shadow Finance Minister, Winston Murray, while welcoming the move to formalize what is paid out to former Presidents had lamented the uncapped nature of the benefits.
    Recently, the National Assembly was informed that the State had spent in excess of $45 million ($45,417,950) on Jagdeo’s light bill, transportation and security between December 2011 and February at an average of $1,682,146 per month.
    This massive expenditure paid for using your tax dollars was cemented in Law by Jagdeo himself, when in 2009, he as head of the then Cabinet, caused to be laid in the National Assembly the Former Presidents (Benefits and Facilities) Bill, which he later assented to, bringing it into law.
    Under this law which was vehemently opposed at the time, it costs taxpayers an average of $3M each month.
    His security, electricity and transportation alone make up an average of $1.7M each month which must be added to the monthly pension of $1.2M.
    Jagdeo is also entitled to, under the Act, provision and use of water; telephone services at the place of residence in Guyana; services of personal and household staff, including an attendant and a gardener; services of clerical and technical staff, if requested; free medical attendance and medical treatment or reimbursement of medical expenses incurred by him for the medical attendance or treatment of himself and the dependant members of his family; toll-free road transportation in Guyana; an annual vacation allowance equivalent to the cost of two first class return airfares provided on the same basis as that granted to serving members of the Judiciary; and a tax exemption status identical to that enjoyed by a serving President.
    Alliance for Change (AFC), Leader Khemraj Ramjattan, back in 2009 had computed that the former President’s pension package would amount to just over $3M monthly. This was vehemently denied by the administration at the time.
    Carl Greenidge of A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) moved a motion to cap the benefits, by bringing amendments to the National Assembly. The motion was passed in the House but President Donald Ramotar has never assented to it.

    From December 2011 to February 2014 Jagdeo’s total electricity bill amounted to $9,875,680; the transportation cost was $15,220,748; while security cost $20,321,520.

    Country Size of Economy Pension Paid
    USA US$16 Trillion US$16,000
    Trinidad and Tobago US$24 Billion US$8,000
    Jamaica US$15 Billion US$3,500
    Guyana US$2.8 Billion US$6,000

    Posted by mark | July 20, 2014, 7:24 am
    • Jagdeo’s pension is US$180,000 per year; Obama’s is US$127,109


      Dear Editor,

      If Barack Obama was to start collecting a pension at the same time as Bharrat Jagdeo, he would be entitled to US $199,700 per year. Bharrat Jagdeo gave himself US $180,000 per year. Bharrat Jagdeo pays no taxes on his US$180,000. Barack Obama will have to pay US federal taxes of 33 percent and Illinois state taxes of five percent on his US$199,700 leaving him with US$127,109 in pension.
      Compare that to Bharrat Jagdeo’s US $180,000 tax-free pension paid for by the sweat, blood and tears of the working class people of Guyana and you get an image that makes you want to truly vomit in disgust.
      While the Guyanese people can’t afford to buy chicken in their own land and stagger under the weight of financial burdens, corruption and PPP misery, always thinking of running away to a good and immensely better life in the USA, Bharrat Jagdeo pays himself more than the man running the country which many in this dear land of Guyana see as the land of milk and honey, the good old USA.
      Barack Obama, the President of the great nation of the United States of America that gave hundreds of thousands of poor and fleeing Guyanese a place of opportunity and success, will collect less in pension than the Champion of the Guyana Dirt. The President of a nation that gave shelter to the multitudes fleeing this nation from the failed policies of PNC and the PPP and Bharrat Jagdeo will earn less in pension than the tin pot elected dictator of a broken state.
      Hundreds of thousands of Guyanese who found a better life in the country of Barack Obama send millions of US dollars in remittances to keep the decrepit cesspool Bharrat Jagdeo runs as Champion of the Guyana Dirt afloat. Barack Obama’s country enables Bharrat Jagdeo’s countrymen to stay alive in the horrors of Jagdeo rule.
      Barack Obama runs a nation of almost 400 million people and is the leader of the free world. Yet Barack Obama will earn less in pension than Bharrat Jagdeo every year. Some travesties and wrongdoings just make your skin crawl. Vote for change, people of Guyana, vote for change.

      M. Maxwell

      Posted by mark | July 20, 2014, 7:51 am
      • bhar’RAT Jag_De_Ho, THE_RAT!!

        Are the puppeteer of the puppet, rum_a_tar_the_drunkard, together are their leaders of THE_EVIL_RACIST_ppp_party, government, cabinet and ministers.








        Posted by mark | July 20, 2014, 8:44 am
  58. Jagdeo’s benefits likely cost Guyanese $4.2 million per month

    JULY 25, 2014 | BY KNEWS

    Dear Editor,

    The government released figures on Jagdeo’s electricity, transportation and security expenses from December 2011 to February 2014, a period of 27 months. Total electricity bill for the period was $9,875,680 at a monthly average of $365,766. Total transportation was $15,220,748 at a monthly average of $563,371. Total security bill was $20,321,520 at a monthly average of $752,649. The Minister apparently did not submit all the requested information and the opposition, as usual, was negligent in asking for an itemized list of all covered benefits under the Former Presidents (Benefits and Facilities) Act. Therefore, we are left with an incomplete picture of the totality of the largesse Jagdeo is enjoying under this law. However, the limited snapshot of expenditure offered on just three items – transportation, electricity and security – is already frighteningly mind-blowing. On only these three items, Jagdeo racked up a stunning $45,417,948 in expenses. That is $1,682,146 per month for just electricity, transportation and security.
    To understand the shameless and unconscionable atrocity here, the Bank of Guyana’s reported Guyana’s GDP per capita for 2013 as US $3496.30 or GY $699,260. Yes, you saw it absolutely correctly; Jagdeo’s MONTHLY expenses on only electricity, transportation and security is 2.4 times what every citizen of Guyana was valued at for the entire 2013. Guyana is producing an average of GY $699,260 per YEAR and Jagdeo is consuming $1,682,146 per MONTH only for electricity, transportation and security. This is not to mention Jagdeo’s pension, which is roughly $1.2 million per month. But there is even more. The Former Presidents (Benefits and Facilities) Act makes taxpayers liable for the following (1) water (2) telephone (3) personal and household staff including an attendant and a gardener (4) clerical and technical staff, if requested (5) medical expenses for the president and dependants (6) motor vehicles owned and maintained by the State (7) toll free road transportation in Guyana (8) an annual vacation allowance equivalent to the cost of two first class return airfares provided on the same basis as that granted to serving members of the Judiciary.
    Water and telephone use for a mansion with a pool and a former president with significant overseas contacts to call abroad is probably in the range of $50,000 per month. Using the assumption that the total household staff (cooks, attendants, gardeners, cleaners) for Jagdeo is generally equivalent in cost to Jagdeo’s monthly security expense, we are looking at approximately $750,000 monthly for these staff. Assuming clerical and technical staff has been retained, we are looking at another $300,000 to $500,000 per month for clerical and technical staff (we will use $300,000 in our calculation).
    Medical expenses, excluding medical transportation, for Jagdeo is difficult to estimate and is certainly going to be less now than in the future as he gets older. Jagdeo has already demonstrated by that trip the willingness to seek medical treatment abroad as opposed to utilizing treatment at home. It is highly likely given this precedent that Jagdeo will utilize medical treatment abroad as a first option. This is a very expensive route. I will use an estimate of $100,000 per month (US $500 per month) to cover future medical expenses (not medical transportation), which will increase with aging.
    Motor vehicles provided by the state are probably included in the figures provided for transportation, but that would obviously not include the purchase price of vehicles by the state solely for Jagdeo and their maintenance and depreciation costs. It is unclear if fuel expenses for transportation are included in the figures released by Ashni Singh, so clarification is required by the opposition on this item.
    Using two new high-end vehicles such as Prados purchased for Jagdeo or make exclusive for Jagdeo’s use at any given time at a purchase price of $5 million each or $10 million total and used for five years before being replaced with new similar vehicles, we are looking at a depreciation loss to taxpayers of approximately $5 million covering 5 years for both vehicles or $83,000 per month. This is based on North American average depreciation values. Maintenance of these vehicles is yet another cost. Estimating maintenance at 10% of purchase price or $1 million over five years, which is equivalent to monthly maintenance cost of $17,000, we have a total depreciation and maintenance cost of $100,000 per month.
    Again, this estimate is based on only two high-end vehicles and does not include operational costs such as fuel purchases and the cost of hiring drivers. Toll free road transportation is likely a nominal item.
    The toll on the Berbice Bridge is the significant expense for road tolls in Guyana. The question is whether Jagdeo himself has to be on the trip or whether the relief is available to his staff doing work on his behalf. A reasonable estimate for tolls is $2000 per month. A first class return airfare on Caribbean Airlines to a major city like New York is approximately US $1500. Two such tickets would cost approximately US $3000 or GY $600,000 per year or $50,000 per month.
    To estimate Jagdeo’s monthly tax-free expenses paid for by the taxpayers, we add the following: electricity $$365,766; plus transportation $563,371; plus security $752,649; plus pension $1.2 million; plus water & telephone $50,000; plus personal and household staff $750,000; plus technical and professional staff $300,000; plus medical expenses $100,000; plus vehicle costs $100,000; plus $2000 toll free road transportation; plus vacation expense $50,000. The total of these known and estimated expenses is $4,233,786 per month or US $21,169 per month.
    This is equivalent to GY $50,805,432 per year or US $254,027 per year. The yearly value of these tax-free benefits is equivalent to being in the top 1.5% of US households in terms of income and the value is 72.66 times the GDP per capita of Guyana. Based on this estimate, it is possible that the Guyanese people have paid and funded just over $114 million in tax-free benefits to Jagdeo for the past 27 months.
    The other issue is how much will this cost taxpayers for the rest of Jagdeo’s life. I do not like to pronounce of issues like life expectancy but for the purposes of estimating how much a certain legislation could cost taxpayers, it is important to do so to ensure the nation understands the economic cost and burden of these benefits. Clearly, Jagdeo’s life expectancy cannot be based on the average Guyanese life expectancy for the simple fact that Jagdeo has experienced a better standard of living than most Guyanese since his twenties and is expected to live longer than the average Guyanese as a result. His access to these Mercedes-Benz benefits will likely place him at North American life expectancy, which is 75 years for males. What will this cost taxpayers to age 75 for Jagdeo?
    Using January 2012 as the baseline when he was 48 years and assuming he lives to age 75, Jagdeo will likely have 27 years of remaining life. At an estimated GY $$51 million per year in benefits, the total cost to taxpayers will be $1.38 billion Guyana dollars or US $6.86 million. This calculation does not consider yearly increases to these amounts and costs, which are highly likely. For example, a simple three percent yearly increase in the cost of these benefits largely due to the demands of aging will see the total cost of the benefits at skyrocket to around GY $2.06 billion) by age 75 or US $10.3 million.
    These figures are subject to correction by the Minister of Finance and Mr. Jagdeo himself, with proof, of course. They highlight the travesty this unlimited benefits package really is. Donald Ramotar who has been a failure will reap these benefits. In fact, a minimum of three presidents and up to seven presidents could be elected by the time Jagdeo turns 75 years. At the cost of $2.06 billion or US $10.3 million per president, this unlimited package to all presidents elected before Jagdeo turns age 75 could cost taxpayers a minimum of $10 billion to a maximum of probably $30 billion. In a country teeming with poor people struggling for survival, this pension benefits package is an abomination. When will the Guyanese people wake up?

    M. Maxwell

    Posted by mark | July 25, 2014, 7:45 am
    • Have faith, your cries will be answered


      You got to have faith to continue to live a normal life in Guyana. You might want to know wha dem boys talking about. Dem mek a road today and it bruck up tomorrow.
      You build a stelling in de morning and by afternoon it float way; you build a bridge by morning and de next day it collapse. Dem building koker all across Guyana wheh dem don’t have canal or trench.
      Dem putting down water pump that can’t pump water fuh full a glass. All these projects got dem spending 15 and in some cases 50 times de actual cost to build dem.
      Dem go suh far fuh expand airport and spending money that can build ten airport in de region. That same airport got 69 toilet bowl and tank that cost $500,000 each. To justify that, Jagdeo and Benn seh that special people coming to Guyana and dem got to use de toilet because dem kaka special. Jagdeo and Benn justify de spending pun de airport telling de nation that dem eyeing black people from Africa.
      Dem boys seh that dem got some nerve, fuh sure is not balls, to tell this nation such crap, when dem can’t even bring dem own mattee black people, coolie people or buck from we neighbouring country.
      Dem building fancy hotel pon taxpayers land wid de taxpayers money that will eventually end up landing in private man hand. Is all dem things force people to have faith.
      Dem boys know bout faith and strongly believe in it. Dem remember de story wid Abraham, and not Jagdeo close man who he knock off. This is de one from de Bible.
      He was way too old to have a baby, but de Creatah promise him that he would have a son. Abraham had strong faith.” He get up every morning and said, “Lord, thank You for Your faithfulness. Thank You that my baby is on its way.”
      He kept thanking de Creatah and eventually, the promise came to pass.
      De same way de Creatah promise Abraham to give him a baby is de same way he promise dem boys that he will see all de Bees including de man who look like de devil, Jagdeo, Irfaat and Rob de Earth, end up in pumpkin jumpsuit.
      De Creatah tell Uncle Glenn and Uncle Adam, “What I started in your life I will finish.” The key is to follow Abraham’s example and praise God while you wait.
      Talk half and wait. It’s only time.

      Posted by mark | July 25, 2014, 11:13 am
  59. Our forests are been destroyed, time for a regime change

    AUGUST 20, 2014 | BY KNEWS

    Dear Editor,

    In any country, organization or institution that is performing poorly, the most important cause is almost always lack of leadership or incompetency or both. History is replete with examples that in almost every country the role of political leadership in the process of economic development is very important.
    Why do some countries achieve economic development and others like Guyana do not, thus remaining in a perpetual state of underdevelopment because of poor leadership or incompetency and we must add, corruption. In fact, we believe that Guyana is in a state of persistent poverty when compared to most of its CARICOM counterparts. This is why thousands of Guyanese have and continue to abandon Guyana for the Caribbean.
    This leads to the question as to why Guyana is a failed state. The answer lies in the myopic approaches/policies taken by the political leadership as well as the massive corrupt practices that are taking place almost every day.
    Political leadership has been observed to be a critical influence on the efficiency of institutions, economic behavior and investment incentives and it is these key ingredients that determine the economic success or failure of nations. For economic growth to be achieved, it is necessary to have effective political leadership which Guyana does not have at the moment.
    Economic decisions are critical for determining the performance of an economy, but whether a country is poor or prosperous depends on political leadership. It can be argued that it is political leadership that determines what economic decisions are taken. However, this cannot be achieved with the current inept leadership that has pawned Guyana’s pristine forests to foreigners who are causing major destruction to the environment.
    In Guyana, despite what the regime says, there has been very little economic success and the regime has to be blamed for its poor policies and lack of effective and good political leadership.
    They have not created a policy framework that ensures the security of the people, private property, and an unbiased system in which the best qualified will be employed and a functioning market system in an atmosphere based on the equitable distribution of goods and services. But despite some outstanding individuals, the ruling oligarchy since the late 1990s has not produced good political leaders and this is not an historical accident or an act of God, rather it is the result of irresponsible and reckless behavior of the oligarchy to select any riff-raff person as their presidential candidate.
    They select those who aspire to benefit from their political positions in the form of bribery or stealing. And the only reason why they have done this is because the party leaders believe that they can win an election by playing the race card and appealing to their supporters.
    Guyana needs its brightest and best leaders to go into politics and public service. Politics need people with the attitude extolled by the late President John F Kennedy: “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.” Guyana does not need leaders whose only intention is to rape the treasury to fill their pockets and those of their relatives and friends.
    These people must be weeded out of the political system and be prosecuted. Leadership change is urgently needed to weed out crime and corruption and to prevent the further destruction of our pristine forests.
    This regime has ruined the coastland, raped the treasury, bankrupted the country and has now sold the forests in the interior. They will not stop until Guyana is completely ruined and the people become full-fledged paupers and beggars.
    Guyana is in a crisis of political leadership. The current political leadership is pathetic and should be replaced immediately either by elections or by any other legal means necessary to save the country and its people from tyranny and the kletocrats .
    They have sold or have taken the best ocean front lands for themselves, sold the state properties to their friends at below the market prices and now they have pawned our pristine hinterland forests to foreigners who have no respect for the environment. As we watched our forests being destroyed by foreigners, it is time for new political leadership. This cannot and should not be allowed to continue. Wake up people, time for action is now.

    Dr. Asquith Rose and Harish S. Singh

    Posted by mark | August 20, 2014, 9:16 am
  60. The Jagdeo-Ramotar approach to private enterprise

    Posted By TarronKhemraj On August 20, 2014 @ 5:01 am In Daily,Features |

    Former President Jagdeo has carved out his own method of promoting private enterprise. The strategy has largely been adopted by current President Ramotar. Both men had strong Marxist-Leninist upbringing. This socialization is quite evident in the manner in which they go about promoting private investments in Guyana. On the surface, they appear to be strong proponents of a private sector led economy where economic activities are guided by free private markets and firms. However, if we delve deeper we would see the Freedom House hand instead of the invisible hand of markets driving private investments. The Freedom House hand, which appears pro-business on the surface, involves significant control of who can invest and in which sectors. Mr Jagdeo made it clear a few years ago that he is promoting a new private sector. He was dead serious and indeed his approach includes punishing the old private sector as he builds up the new one using the resources of taxpayers.

    Even the Private Sector Commission appears to be pro-Jagdeo and pro-PPP these days. So much so that it appears like the Marxist-Leninist PPP has become the pro-business party, while the opposition looks mainly like the party of negativism and budget cuts. Instead of crafting a new social, political and economic vision for the country, the opposition is now the party of many nays. It is not that active opposition is not needed, but to overcome the incumbency advantage positive alternatives have to be given as much as the nays. Although my sample of observation of young people – some of mixed ethnicities – in Guyana is cursory at best, it suggests some of them (very likely your swing voters) are coming around to accepting the PPP as the party of young professionals. Let us try to understand why the Jagdeo-Ramotar (hereafter the JR) method versus the opposition’s way could be turning some middle voters to accepting the status quo.

    Firstly, the entire edifice of the JR approach is to produce so-called symbols of development. These symbols, when combined with the ample new hang out spots that emerged owing to the underground economy, provide powerful visuals in favour of the government. The PPP and Jagdeo prefer a “development” programme that is premised on drinking, partying, gambling and 20-20 cricket. Tertiary education will take a back seat as we can see with the brinkmanship this week played out over the University of Guyana. The Social Sciences – from where the critical thinkers are more likely to emerge – in particular will take a big hit.

    Many young people, independent voters and the PPP East Indian supporters are given a choice between the so-called symbols of development and the purely negative approach of the opposition. The Guyana Times recently wrote an editorial “Cricket in nation building”. The editorial provides a key insight into the JR approach, which is not too concerned that the crowds frequenting the artless 20-20 cricket matches at the stadium are mainly East Indians. Nor is it too bothered by the disintegration of Bourda and its great legacy in West Indian and world cricket. Development does not include social cohesion and preservation of history and great legacies. It is the PPP’s way or the highway! Nevertheless, middle voters are given two choices: (i) the JR approach of hot and wild party spots, gambling, drinking, gyrating, swanky new houses located in areas with recurring floods, ample rum shops and no green parks in which children can play, a ritzy cricket stadium and 20-20 cricket; and (ii) the opposition’s negative way.

    Furthermore, in the JR approach gyrating and artlessness are not subtle. One has to only go back to the party’s 2011 election campaign song “dem a watch we” to get a feel for the in-your-face method. The song encapsulates the methodology and mentality of those proposing the JR way quite well. It says we the oligarchs will capture the state, the PPP and eventually the government to offer ourselves all the advantages for plunder and patronage. We shall acquire the wealth via patronage and nepotism rather than personal abilities, sacrifices or education. Therefore, civil society is just envious of our oligarchic wealth; hence the message “dem a watch we.” The meaning of the song is quite clear: join the wine up party or just be envious of our plunder and blunder.

    A second aspect of the approach is the desire to completely control the media and information space. Even data from the Bureau of Statistics are now suppressed. As this column is written, the website of the Bureau of Statistics has been suspended. It is the first time this writer has seen the website suspended after visiting it regularly for the past 14 years. State resources are used to nurture a new like-minded private media. The Guyana Times was created while Kaieteur News and Stabroek News were boycotted by the Jagdeo government. Monopoly rights are given for the purchase of medicines so that the monopoly profits can be used to buy up private TV and radio stations. Radio licences were given mainly to friends and families associated with the government.

    Thirdly, the strategy above is in keeping with the desire for limited complementarities of investments. A Marriott hotel was established in spite of the low occupancy rate that already exists in the hotel industry. The government did not see the need for a sound feasibility study. The purpose of the Marriott – subsidized by taxpayers’ money – is to eventually corner the market and gradually kill off other hotels that will eventually be bought up cheaply.

    This is the exact opposite of how the Asian economies (Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Taiwan and Malaysia) used complementarities in industrial policy to nurture their domestic business sector.
    The same principle is used for the suppression of the independent private media. It is hoped that eventually the pesky independent private media will just go away as the oligarchs create a new one.

    Fourthly, only dubious foreign investors without a credible track record are allowed to invest in Guyana. No reputable global publicly traded company (except the obscure CGX that was traded) subjected to strict disclosure laws or an American company subjected to the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) has ever invested here since 1992. The FCPA is an American law that prohibits its companies from offering bribes in foreign countries.
    The PPP government therefore found a natural ally in the natural resource sharks from Asia. The sharks often make great promises to invest in manufacturing and ship building here. But as the private media shows, it’s all a ruse meant for clouding the real intention of only extracting and exporting raw materials. The sharks also hardly rely on local workers. The tax base and NIS contributions are not expanded from these investments in natural resources.

    The next column will pick up on these themes providing data to demonstrate that the overall private sector is actually contracting instead of expanding. The main thesis of Development Watch is the contraction is determined because of the lack of complementarities and the deliberate crowding out of traditional private investors.

    Posted by mark | August 20, 2014, 11:12 am
  61. Forestry Commission another example of Jagdeo’s legacy of financial lawlessness – Chris Ram


    Chartered Accountant, Christopher Ram, after examining the Annual Reports of the Guyana Forestry Commission (GFC),

    Chartered accountant, Chris Ram has said that the entity is just another example of the perpetuation of Jagdeo’s legacy of financial lawlessness, a situation that is as wide as it is deep.
    On his website, Chrisram.net, the accountant provides further details about his findings of the reports of the Commission for the years 2005 to 2012 which were all laid in Parliament in November, 2013.
    Ram said that the state of financial lawlessness created by former President Bharrat Jagdeo, surely allows for the GFC’s “incomplete and deceptive” reports to be tabled and accepted by the National Assembly without any questions being asked or challenges posed.
    Ram asserted that the chaos created is one in which the national accounting body, the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Guyana, remains silent even as basic rules of accounting are violated with impunity.
    The state of lawlessness that exists, is “One in which the parliamentary bodies are paralysed by their own mediocrity. One in which we even have a mini-parallel Consolidated Fund called NICIL, and where the evidence of slush funds everywhere mounts,” he added.
    On his website, Ram said that the Government will not allow it, and the weak opposition will not even ask for it, but only a wide-ranging, independent investigation into the public financial management of this country generally, and of NICIL specifically, can stem the relentless decline in accounting and accountability. The people of Guyana must demand it.
    Since the Commission tabled its annual reports for the years 2005 to 2012, it has attracted several criticisms for its glaring deficiencies and violations of best accounting practices.
    There was a published series on the said shortcomings of the reports done by Janette Bulkan and John Palmer.
    In their analysis, they pointed to the fact that the ad hoc manner in which the report was prepared, would suggest that
    the reports were written long after events took place, because the reports for the years 2005 and 2006 make reference to the Low Carbon Development Strategy (LCDS) which was not implemented until mid 2009.
    Highlighted as well in their detailed report was the Commission’s failure to address the implementation of national policies and strategies in their annual reports.
    Bulkan and Palmer argued that, “this failure to present the most basic characteristics conventional in reports of government agencies – that is, the reporting on performance against national policies and strategies approved by the National Assembly – is a serious deficiency in the direction and management of the GFC.”
    They said that it makes it unnecessarily difficult to trace trends in performance. The duo said too, that the Parliamentary Sectoral Committee on Natural Resources should demand that the GFC among other agencies, report on their performance against policies.
    Another point they mentioned was the failure of the Commission to report on performance of the forest sector. They explained, “Annual reports should tell what actually happened in relation to what was planned, and to explain the differences. Apart from congratulating itself in most years on achieving more than 90 per cent of its plans, the GFC makes almost no attempt to show its plans or to comment on what actually happened in relation to those plans.”
    They continued, “The Annual Reports from 2005-2012 mostly concentrate on process, not on performance, yet at the same time fail to situate the activities within the national forest policy process…There has been no attempt in these eight reports (2005 to 2012) to compare progress against the national forest policy (1997) and national forest plan (2001)…”
    The duo also said that the GFC operates a relatively large number of externally-funded projects. These, they said, include several capacity-building/training projects during 2005-2012.
    “Certainly it is important to say how many GFC staff went for what kind of training, where and when. But it is also important to indicate what lasting benefits have been obtained from this training, how GFC procedures and practices have changed as a result of the training, how national policies and strategies are better addressed by better-trained staff, and how overall and specific performances have improved,” Bulkan and Palmer expressed.
    The audited accounts of the Commission, they posited, make no explicit mention of the sub-accounts for the numerous projects; who has been undertaking the external audits of these projects, and with what results. These questions raised have not been answered by the Forestry Commission or by the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment.

    Posted by mark | August 23, 2014, 9:58 am
  62. GFC illegally paid over $600M to NICIL

    – “To add insult to injury, the Auditor General signs off on financial statements approved not by the Board which has the statutory duty for the financial statements but by Mr. James Singh, the Commissioner,” Chris Ram …


    The Annual Reports and the Audited Financial Statements of the Guyana Forestry Commission (GFC) leaves more worrying questions than convincing answers, particularly as it relates to transparency and accountability.
    Chartered Accountant, Chris Ram among other critics, upon doing a detailed analysis of the Annual reports of the agency for the years, 2005-2012 all of which were laid in the National Assembly in November, 2013 found several alarming deficiencies and irregularities.
    But even in the face of these, the reports were granted “unqualified opinions” by the Auditor General. When a report is given an unqualified opinion by an auditor, it means that he has vouched for the authenticity, accuracy and transparency of the information presented to him.
    The reports reveal that for several years, the Commission has been transferring millions to the National Industrial & Commercial Investments Ltd (NICIL) and the Environmental Protection Agency, which is against the law.
    Ram contends that for the $600 million that the GFC allowed to be paid over to NICIL, all its directors should be hauled before the courts while NICIL should be investigated and disbanded. He said that the combination of NICIL/GFC is not only an insult to the intelligence of Guyanese but a challenge and an affront to decency.
    To add insult to injury, Ram noted that the Auditor General signed off on financial statements approved not by the Board of Directors of GFC which has the statutory duty for the statements, but by Mr. James Singh, the Commissioner “Surely even the most docile Guyanese must have some breaking point at which they say enough is more than enough.”
    The Chartered Accountant on his website, Chrisram.net said that one would expect Finance Ministers to be zealously vigilant and robustly protective of moneys payable into the country’s Consolidated Fund. “Instead, we have NICIL, under the successive chairmanship of two Finance Ministers, being used to siphon off hundreds of millions of dollars due to the Consolidated Fund. There can be no extenuating circumstances that could excuse, let alone justify such unlawful and reckless conduct, fully aware of the nescient (ignorant) state of the Auditor General’s Office,” The accountant expressed.
    There was also a published series on the said shortcomings of the Commission’s reports done by Janette Bulkan and John Palmer.
    The duo also pointed to the NICIL/GFC fiasco. In their detailed analysis, they too pointed to the fact that large amounts of monies, and large variations from year to year between line items in the Commission’s annual reports appear to have been unquestioned by the Auditor General.
    Bulkan and Palmer said that no explanation was offered as to why the GFC should be holding over US$4 million in cash each year, why transfers are made to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and NICIL, but none to the Consolidated Fund.
    They said too that no explanation was given by the GFC as to why it is acquiring and disposing of fixed assets and why it has current tax liabilities of up to US$10 million in a year – dwarfing other line items.
    They stressed that there is a legal requirement for the GFC to make transfers to the Consolidated Fund (Section 16 (2) in the GFC Act 2007), but no requirement to send money to the EPA or NICIL.
    Chairman of the Public Accounts Committee, Carl Greenidge, in support of their findings, said that this is an important and contentious issue.
    The former Finance Minister reiterated that the Forestry Act of 2009 makes no reference to either NICIL or the EPA so an explanation is definitely needed as to the relationship of the two entities and their claims on GFC funds.
    “We need to know what instructions or secret agreements were made to facilitate this blatant disregard for the law. Did the GFC Board actually take this decision or was it a calculated move by the Minister of Natural Resources and the Environment, Robert Persaud? The people need to know,” Greenidge concluded.
    A Partnership for National Unity’s Member on the Parliamentary Sectoral Committee on Natural Resources, Joseph Harmon said too that even from a limited review of the reports of the Commission, “it seems like the GFC is another milking cow for NICIL, more food in the trough for Brassington and his crew. As these emerge, Guyanese people see clearly how the country’s resources are siphoned off to a parallel budget over which the National Assembly has no control.”
    Moreover, Ram had also stated that the GFC is just another example of the perpetuation of Jagdeo’s legacy of financial lawlessness, a situation that is as wide as it is deep.
    He said that the state of financial lawlessness created by former President Bharrat Jagdeo surely allows for the GFC’s “incomplete and deceptive” reports to be tabled and accepted by the National Assembly without any questions being asked or challenges posed.
    Ram asserted that the chaos created is one in which the national accounting body, the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Guyana, remains silent even as basic rules of accounting are violated with impunity.
    The state of lawlessness that exists, is “One in which the parliamentary bodies are paralysed by their own mediocrity. One in which we even have a mini-parallel Consolidated Fund called NICIL and where the evidence of slush funds everywhere mounts,” he added.
    On his website, Ram said that only a wide-ranging, independent investigation into the public financial management of this country generally and of NICIL specifically can stem the relentless decline in accounting and accountability. He opined that the Government will not allow it and the weak opposition will not ask for it but the people of Guyana must demand it.
    On his website, the accountant provides further details about his findings of the reports of the Commission for the years 2005 to 2012 which were all laid in Parliament in November, 2013.

    Posted by mark | August 24, 2014, 11:57 am
  63. GFC Annual Reports…Gross irregularities highlight slack nature of oversight bodies – Vieira


    The gross irregularities in the Annual Reports of the Guyana Forestry Commission (GFC) for the years 2005 to 2012
    which have escaped condemnation by the relevant oversight bodies not only highlight their weakness and lax nature, but bring their professionalism into question.
    This was the general principle that headlined the comments provided by Anthony Vieira who serves as an agriculture consultant to A Partnership for National Unity (APNU). The sugar production expert was asked to give his take on the anomalies that have been identified in the annual reports of the GFC by several critics.
    Chartered Accountant Chris Ram, Janette Bulkan, John Palmer and even other members of the opposition had given their take and in some cases provided a detailed analysis on the topic.
    Vieira in an interview with this publication noted that he agreed implicitly with comments made by Ram.
    Ram had said that the GFC is just another example of the perpetuation of former President Bharrat Jagdeo’s legacy of financial lawlessness, a state that is as wide as it is deep. He said that this state of affairs allows for the GFC’s “incomplete and deceptive” reports to be tabled and accepted by the National Assembly without any questions being asked or challenges posed.
    The state of lawlessness that exists, is “one in which the parliamentary bodies are paralyzed by their own mediocrity. One in which we even have a mini-parallel Consolidated Fund called NICIL and where the evidence of slush funds everywhere mounts,” he added.
    Ram asserted that the financial chaos created is one in which the national accounting body, the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Guyana, remains silent even as basic rules of accounting are violated with impunity.
    In support of Ram’s statements, Vieira added that the irregularities in the Annual Reports reflect the weakness of the opposition and more particularly the lack of professionalism and awareness in the audit office
    On the statement of the reports being a reflection of the executive lawlessness initiated by Jagdeo, and the fact that the Commission illegally paid over millions to the controversial NICIL, Vieira said that there is no question that the law has been violated in this matter. He said that this is so since all outstanding amounts from every government agency is supposed to be returned to the Consolidated Fund at the end of every year.
    Vieira said that the GFC seems to have been putting the money in places where our laws forbid it to be placed, and this inexplicably continues to be ignored.
    “How is it possible that a parliament which is controlled by the opposition accepted the annual reports of the forestry commission without question, despite gross irregularities almost on every page, it shows clearly that they are not paying attention,” Vieira asked.
    Moreover, Bulkan and John Palmer in their published series made mention of other glaring discrepancies in the GFC’s annual reports, all of which were laid in the National Assembly in November 2013. They pointed to the consequences of continued high turnover of staff mentioned in the Commission’s reports. The duo stated the reasons for this are explained only in relation to junior staff, no counter-measures are suggested, and the effects on performance are not indicated.
    At the recently concluded GFC press conference, officials told reporters that in terms of persons fired in the past, the agency has dismissed persons “for not fulfilling their obligations properly” but it would not be more than 5% of them.
    The Annual Report for 2006 makes no mention of employment. However, the Annual Report for 2012 said that the attrition rate for 2012 was at 17% compared to 13% for 2011. The 2012 report also stated that there were 9 dismissals in 2009 and 12 in 2010. This clearly contradicts what the Commission stated at its recent press conference.

    Posted by mark | August 27, 2014, 9:53 am
  64. The Indian middle class voted against the PPP in 2011


    Mr. Ralph Ramkarran wrote that the AFC drove its way into the PPP’s working class space in Berbice and received electoral support from such a class in 2011, thus reducing the PPP’s majority. Mr. Ramkarran felt the PPP retained Indian middle class embrace and he wonders if the Indian middle stratum will punish the PPP in the forthcoming general elections next year.
    The statistics do not corroborate these findings of Mr. Ramkarran. The AFC got three seats from Berbice and three from Region 4. It meant that all those votes could not have come from the proletarian constituencies only. The PPP lost a substantial amount of Indian middle class voters in 2011 and that is likely to increase in 2015. It should be mentioned that contrary to what Mr. Ramkarran posited, in 2006 all the AFC votes were not from the African electorate. In 2006, too, the Indian middle class gravitated to the AFC, though in less numbers than in 2011.
    Everybody talks about the changing ethnic demography that has adversely affected the PPP’s percentage in 2011 and that will doom them forever, because the Indian majority is a thing of the past. Be that as it may, the Indian middle class began to be alienated from the PPP from 2006 onwards, but certain factors stood in the way of an exodus. First, the 2006 poll came too close after the bloody drama of Buxton.
    The 2002-2005 crime syndrome deterred the Indian petty bourgeoisie from going to the AFC, because memories of the violence were too fresh. Secondly, the AFC was born just literally months before the 2006 election. It didn’t have time to showcase its personnel and values. If the AFC had more time, it would have received more Indian middle class ballots, because Raphael Trotman was seen by that class as a decent Black man that they could work with.
    By 2011, the Indian middle stratum had bolted. First, Jagdeo was a gigantic reason. The Indian middle class saw Jagdeo as a crude, ill-mannered corrupt man that was in billions of ways different from Cheddi Jagan. This class may go back if the PPP can produce what the Indian middle class wants, a politician that behaves like Cheddi Jagan.
    Unfortunately for the PPP, it hasn’t got such a person, but the AFC has one in Moses Nagamootoo. Nagamootoo should meticulously monitor his security arrangements as the next general elections draw near. Secondly, in 2016, a large contingent of Indian activists moved into the AFC, thereby giving the Indian middle class an alternative to the PPP. There is no reason to believe that this will not continue from here on. Thirdly, with Nigel Hughes replacing Trotman as an African that is trustworthy, the Indian petty bourgeois will be less uncertain about backing the AFC.
    There are other factors apart from the ones outlined above; another is the man himself, Donald Ramotar. There is no way a politician like Ramotar can win back the Indian middle class. Simply put, Mr. Ramotar just doesn’t have it to captivate even the upper working class level of Indian voters. It will take Herculean efforts to work on Mr. Ramotar and time is not on his side – the 2015 election is months away. What analysts need to know is that apart from decreasing Indian numbers in the population, Indian culture itself is changing, and rapidly so.
    Cheddi Jagan was a god to semi-literate and illiterate rural Indians. He could have fooled, cajoled, manipulated them and they wouldn’t have known what hit them. This is the nature of such people not only in Guyana but all over the world. The East Indian of the Cheddi Jagan era is dead and gone. The East Indian of Guyana in today’s world is a youth with a Samsung Galaxy S5 that he/she uses the entire day listening into and seeing what the world is doing. He/she is not cannon fodder as what they were in Jagan’s days.
    There is no way a Clement Rohee, Donald Ramotar, Roger Luncheon, Gail Teixeira, Komal Chand, Indra Chandarpal, and company can even talk to them, much less persuade them. But it is these same has-beens who will be leading the campaign trail in 2015, with Bharrat Jagdeo in the middle making things even worse.
    There is a growing number out there who believe the PPP will lose a majority again in 2015. I beg to differ. My analysis is based on the faults of the AFC’s 2011 campaign. If they could learn from the previous mistakes, like the neglect of Region 3 during the campaign, the PPP will lose outright in 2015.

    Posted by mark | August 27, 2014, 9:57 am
  65. Man-kisser, the beacon of truth and human mystery


    Civilization will go on for thousands of years, and knowledge of what makes up the human being will be greatly expanded, but the mystery of the human will go on. We may live forever, but it is doubtful we will ever understand what makes people do the things they do.
    Last Sunday, a speeding driver ran a red light and almost killed my cousin, William Cox and his wife. At the station, the erring driver apologized and asked for leniency. Then an incredible thing happened. When both drivers were asked to produce their documents, the driver in the wrong had three missing papers – driver’s licence, vehicle registration and insurance.
    What makes people do what they do? You would think that someone behind the wheel of a vehicle and not in possession of vital documents would be extra-careful. Last week, I was in conversation with a Guyanese I knew when I was a UG student. He has returned to invest and live in Guyana. With a broad smile on his face, he said he always found it funny when he read the online edition of the Guyana Times and the many instances it referred to me as a man-kisser.
    He said he told his wife he would like to meet me one day to find out where this man-kissing thing started, because he cannot conceive of me being a homosexual. My first reaction was that I don’t read the Guyana Times often and I don’t know they refer to me as a man-kisser regularly in their pages. He said quite often they do. When I explained who labelled me a man-kisser, this gentleman opened his mouth wide, wide and started to laugh loudly.
    The guy couldn’t believe it, I cannot believe it up to this day and I suppose all, not most, but all Guyanese in and out of Guyana cannot believe it. I was publicly called a man-kisser by a man who is nationally perceived to be a man-kisser himself. He is one of the most powerful politicians in the leadership of the PPP at present and once thought he was the monarch of Guyana. Not one person from the time I was born up to the present time ever hinted that I was homosexual.
    There is nothing I have done in my life that would cause anyone to think that I am a homosexual. And I am not a homosexual. But please note I have absolutely nothing against homosexuals. I have been married for thirty-six years to the same woman, fathered a kid and I find women aesthetically and sexually attractive. The comical irony is that the person who called me a man-kisser is believed by most Guyanese in and out of the country to be a practicing homosexual.
    His common law wife told the Guyanese people that one week after their religious wedding he evicted her from the martial bedroom. She refused to answer a question from the media as to if the union was ever consummated. This politician is never seen with women at any public event be it a visiting performer, international football game, international cricket match, a national event of importance. Always, he is in the company of men. There is no visibility of a woman in this man’s company in public events. As a bachelor he doesn’t seem to date females. At fifty-one, he is not a father and remains unmarried.
    He has facilitated a number of homosexuals in top public jobs. I repeat; I have no objection to homosexuality and no objection to gays being in top position in the public sector. My issue is why would such a person try to deride me by calling me a man-kisser when he is the man kisser? Why try to derogate me by putting a label on when the very label you wear.
    We come back to where we started. Could we ever understand people? The Guyana Times that often refers to me as a man-kisser needs to identify the man-kisser who is a powerful figure in the origin of the Guyana Times and is believed by many to be one of the owners along with major shareholder, Bobby Ramroop. The Guyana Times makes you think that indeed we will never understand human beings.
    On the masthead of the Guyana Times are the words – “the beacon of truth.” But the Guyana Times hides the truth every day. Each day, the Guyana Times produces four published letters signed by people who hide their real names. That is 28 fictional signatures a week.
    If the Guyana Times is the beacon of truth, let readers know the truth behind its letter writers’ names. But most of all, even if the Guyana Times calls me a man-kisser, the Guyana Times has an obligation to its motto – the beacon of truth – to tell its readers who is the real man-kisser.

    Posted by mark | August 31, 2014, 12:27 pm
  66. Guyana has very serious economic, political and social challenges


    Dear Editor,

    Governments exist to do the things necessary to allow citizens the best quality of life and to make them happy. The need for security of the person and the State is paramount. The ability of the citizen to realize his or her full potential is among the highest needs in any civilized society. Several countries have captured this importance by establishing the Happiness Index. The state of mind of their citizens is measured by how happy they are. The government delivers all the support to allow for this. However, in Guyana, the minority PPP regime seems to do the exact opposite because they prefer to see the poor live in misery.
    Guyana has very serious economic, political and social challenges. We are sure that each citizen now knows just how large the problems are. The country’s productivity is dismally low and the currency is not stable. A vote on the no confidence motion is looming and instead the PPP takes it seriously, they are considering taking the issue to court. This is the most backward, primitive and oppressive regime in all of Latin America. If the PPP cabal does not know that a government has to resign and call new elections when a no confidence is passed against it, then they do not deserve to be in power. How foolish can they be? And for the DO-THING PRESIDENT to ask Brigadier Granger to return the weapons that were allegedly given to the PNC almost 40 years ago shows how incompetent this man is. He has not only disgraced Guyana but both him and Jagdeo are considered the two worst presidents in the history of Guyana.
    This is a scenario that calls for the nation to rally against the corrupt and incompetent PPP regime which has been in power for 22 years and does not have a clue how to govern in the interests of all. There is no one in the Government who is capable of motivating the population. No one is telling the people the truth, and almost all of them are raping the treasury. The people are fed-up listening to their lying excuses and their propaganda stories. They are fed up with them taking from the poor and the working class and giving to their rich friends. The people are fed-up because they are being ignored by the PPP cabal who put their financial interests and those of their friends first and not the people and country.
    During the 2011 elections campaign, the PPP told the people that if elected, it would create jobs for the youths and improve the lives of the poor and the working class. In the next breath, they have told the people that the economy is developing at five percent per year and revenues have increased fivefold and the debt has been drastically reduced. But the reality is the economy is developing at only 3.5 percent, the debt is growing larger by the day and they have not created or provided any jobs for the youths. The PPP regime continues to borrow as there is no tomorrow.
    The PPP regime continues to act in an immoral and bullying manner. Just listen to the senseless comments from the Minister of Home Affairs. His statements have revealed how disconnected they are from the masses. We want Rohee to tell the people why his VISA was revoked by the U.S government; who was responsible for the extra-judicial murders of over 400 Guyanese and why he sidelined Assistant Commissioner of Police David Ramnarine two years ago. We want him to tell the people what happened to the $60 million that was to provide meals to the police during the 2011 elections.
    These Freedom House GANGSTERS will never admit that UG has collapsed; the public hospitals are in dire need of drugs, nurses and qualified doctors; the public schools are without basic supplies, and the teachers, nurses and civil servants are paid slave-like wages. They continue to waste the taxpayers’ money on projects where they have received huge kick-backs such as the Marriott Hotel, the Specialty Hospital and the building of a new airport. Why would they waste hundreds of millions of the taxpayers’ money on the Rodney COI and not a dime to investigate how the former Agriculture Minister Sash Sawh was assassinated? Sash Sawh was one of their own and the fact that they have refused to investigate how he was killed is because it was alleged that they are the culprits.
    And while all this is happening, the AFC is gaining in strength and popularity and is doing everything to rid the country of this corrupt regime. But the indecisive majority opposition, APNU huffs and puffs at the failures of the PPP regime but fails miserably to take decisive action against it. The Procurement Commission is not in existence. The Integrity Commission is not an independent entity and the DPP office is politically compromised and so is the judiciary, yet APNU has no strategic plan to deal with these issues.
    After 22 years of PPP rule, the vast majority of Guyanese are not in a good mood, especially during the last pathetic 12 years of Jagdeo’s misrule and the first three years of maladministration by the Ramotar gang. In almost every village in Guyana, the PPP is losing support to the AFC. As a result there is a growing sense of frustration and uneasiness among party leaders. They do not want Ramotar to be the next Presidential candidate for the PPP. This is very good news for Khemraj Ramjattan, Moses Nagamootoo and Nigel Hughes who have become the three most popular political leaders in Guyana. The PPP does not want an election now even if the government is defeated by the “no confidence” vote because they will receive a sound trashing from the electorate, including their own supporters. The people salute the AFC for going forward with the no confidence motion. They want those bastards out of office now.

    Asquith Rose and Harish Singh

    Posted by mark | September 1, 2014, 2:22 pm
  67. Ramsammy denies ‘60,000 hectares’ claims by Indian group … says agreement inked with Ministry has expired

    August 30, 2014 | By KNews | Filed Under News

    Agriculture Minister, Dr. Leslie Ramsammy, has denied that his Ministry allocated more lands in the Canje Basin, or entered into any “new deals” with Indian conglomerate, Ajeenkya DY Patil.
    This is in stark contradiction to what the company claims on its website.
    The company claimed that it has been provided with a 99-year lease on 60,000 hectares of land located in the Canje Basin for a mega-farm. Moreso, they are claiming that the Government of Guyana will provide tax holidays, waive import and export duties, and provide exemption from local taxes.
    The Ministry of Agriculture had initially stated that it had given approximately 10,000 hectares of land in the Canje Basin to the group for “mega farming.” There have been no announcements by Government of any new arrangements.
    On its website, the company said it was also able to acquire the rights to not only what is above the ground but below, a significant allowance, as it could pave the way for even mining taking place in the concession.
    Ramsammy, in response yesterday, told Kaieteur News that he is “totally unaware” of the claims made by the conglomerate. The Minister has outrightly denied that he or his Ministry has given any more lands to the conglomerate.
    “They are wrong…very wrong too…they first have to develop the 10,000 hectares which we had initially given to them.” According to the Minister, the group has not started to do anything with the lands allocated.

    He told Kaieteur News that DY Patil is expected to submit a proposal to his Ministry. Up to yesterday, the Minister said that the group had not done so. Moreover, with regards to the groups’ claim that they were given “tax holidays, and a waiver on import and export duties, as well as exemption from local taxes,” Dr. Ramsammy said that he is totally unaware of this.
    The Minister made it clear that the group never asked for “these things”, adding that they would not be given them if there is no proposal.
    “I want to make it clear…the Ministry has nothing….no proposal, the MoU that was signed has even expired, and even if they go to GO-Invest they would be sent back to us since my Ministry has to pronounce on it.” On the group’s website, the Indian company stated that the Administration will provide a single window clearance for all approvals like visas for importing labour.
    Further, Government will provide “sovereign guarantees” for successful funding of the project by international institutions.

    The company went further. It said that Government agreed that it will support the building of a road along the East Bank of the Berbice River to the concession, and will also facilitate development of internal infrastructure in the area.
    The group describes the project as a setup to an integrated agriculture business in Guyana.
    “The Ajeenkya DY Patil Group is the main promoter of this project and has already entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with the Government of Guyana,” the group reported.
    “With extensive experience and expertise of over 30 years in agriculture and related sectors, the group will bring solutions which will not only improve quality of agriculture produce, but also improve quality of life for Guyanese famers and will be complementary to the present agriculture system in Guyana.”
    The group is claiming that they would make investments which would create directly over 15,000 new jobs in the Canje and the Berbice River areas, when fully realized. It is estimated that another 5,000 jobs will be created indirectly, supporting almost 15,000-20,000 families (approx 50,000 Guyanese).
    The ADYP Group said that it has been assured of an active support from Government in the development of this project through a public–private partnership model.
    The Patil Group is currently building a university at Turkeyen.
    Dnyandeo Yashwantrao ‘DY’ Patil, happens to also be Guyana’s Honorary Consul in Mumbai, India. He and former President Bharrat Jagdeo both received Honorary Doctorates from Warwick University in London. After accepting that doctorate, Jagdeo received another from D Y Patil University.
    This particular announcement by the Indian company would continue to raise questions over the manner Government has been going about in courting investors. In most cases, Guyanese only learn of details after the deal is done and in some cases, by chance.
    Details of concessions have remained a closely guarded secret, with a number of investors, mainly Asians, including Chinese and Indian firms, in the spotlight.
    Two companies, in particular, Chinese-owned Bai Shan Lin, and Vaitarna Holdings Private Inc., an Indian company, have been in the news for the generous concessions afforded them and several questionable arrangements with Government.

    Posted by mark | September 1, 2014, 3:15 pm
  68. Jagdeo/Sattaur plot to destroy Kaieteur News unearthed


    Publisher of the Kaieteur News, Glenn Lall, is in possession of incontrovertible evidence of a plot by former President, Bharrat Jagdeo, and Commissioner-General of the Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA), Khurshid Sattaur, to bring down Kaieteur News.

    Confidential documentation, leaked to this publication, reveals that the Commissioner-General provided the former President with detailed tax information of a number of independent media houses in Guyana.tax – a a
    The disclosure of the information by GRA’s Commissioner-General to Jagdeo, represents a grave breach of the ‘Oath of Secrecy’ sworn to by Sattaur as an officer of the Guyana Revenue Authority, said one lawyer.

    In taking the Oath, Sattaur solemnly declared that he would “truly, faithfully, impartially and honestly execute the powers vested in him.”
    He also swore that he would “judge and determine upon all matters and things before him without fear, affection, or malice”.
    And he swore, too, not to disclose any tax information concerning any taxpayer, but this has not been the case.
    Both Jagdeo and Sattaur are fully aware of the impropriety of their action and as such Sattaur even acknowledged, in the documents, that Jagdeo is expected to treat the information with confidence, said the lawyer.
    The documents would lift the lid off a few Government officials who have been insisting that all is right in Guyana and democracy is very much alive, he added.

    Both Kaieteur News and Stabroek News have been on the receiving end of Government’s anger over critical issues like corruption, value for money on projects, and local government elections.
    This publication is of the firm view that former President Jagdeo is not entitled to receive financial or tax information of any taxpayer, let alone a private citizen, as it would be highly improper, and clearly a breach of regulations.
    The information received revealed that Jagdeo advised Sattaur on “an impending major audit of the Kaieteur News” as a public ploy to defend the GRA and Sattaur against criticisms by the Kaieteur News.

    There is strong indication, according to the documents seen by Kaieteur News, that the plot between Sattaur and Jagdeo was hatched after a news report a few weeks ago raised questions over the employment of three children of the Commissioner-General at GRA. The report had questioned whether it was proper.
    Sattaur had also been highly defensive and upset with Kaieteur News and the private media, after questions were asked of GRA’s role in granting Bai Shan Lin, a Chinese logging company that is being investigated by Parliament, tens of millions of dollars in duty free concessions.

    When asked about details of the duty free concessions granted to Bai Shan Lin, Sattaur made it clear that the laws that are in place barred him from ever disclosing the information. He said that the matter was closed.
    As such, the public was kept in the dark over those duty free concessions for high-end SUVs, like a Lexus, an Infiniti series, and even a number of luxury vans.
    The granting of duty free concessions for vehicles pertaining to investments has to be relevant to the type of investment being made.
    GRA remained silent on this and also how it granted the duty free concessions even before Bai Shan Lin was given permission to freely operate its concessions.

    According to Kaieteur News’s publisher, Glenn Lall, he is now even more convinced that certain members within the ruling People’s Progressive Party/Civic and Government are determined to silence the voice of the independent media.
    “The use of the Guyana Revenue Authority, a body to which members of the public entrust their most private information, as a weapon against the media is a dangerous development indeed, and a violation of press freedom…
    “Kaieteur News is forced to ask what other tax information has not been compromised by Sattaur and Jagdeo?”

    Lall opined that it is time for Sattaur to step down as Commissioner-General of GRA with an independent, criminal investigation launched to enquire the role played by Jagdeo, and to ensure that the tax agency is operating within its mandate.
    “We also call on President Donald Ramotar to take steps to prevent Mr. Jagdeo from interfering further in his administration of the country,” Lall said.

    Posted by mark | September 21, 2014, 7:23 am
  69. Dem crooks believe dem have a right to be wrong … and Guyana must follow dem


    A man did seh that ‘The man who keeps busy helping de man below him, won’t have time to envy the man above him.’
    That is A TRUE, TRUE story. But dem got some people who trying to kick down and kick out de man below dem. De man who like dig shit pun people got a woman below he who helping he fuh do dutty wuk and at de same time she helping sheself.
    This is a woman who like nuff wig. She got different wig, shoes, hat and bag fuh go to wuk every day of de week. Dem boys hear that Donald put a man over this woman and under de man who like dig shit. Dem really vex because dem can’t do as dem like and collect as dem like.
    This is de woman who collect wrang information that she pass to she boss who then try fuh pressure people. She know de information wrang but de wickedness in she mek she pass on this information and innocent people deh in court today.
    She collect other things too but all that gun done when de man tun on to wuk. She got to find another source fuh continue wid de lifestyle of changing wig, suit, hat, shoes and bag every day.
    And dem boys hear that every day since last week she boss does wake up soon and sit down and watch de camera fuh see when de paper vendor coming.
    Two days ago dem boys hear from a neighbor that he fed up watching de camera in he house suh he go and sit down pun de verandah and wait to see when de vendor coming.
    Yesterday dem boys hear that he wake up more early and like he nah only fed up watching de camera and waiting in de verandah, he come out and go at de gate.
    Dem boys seh is de evil and wicked things that he doing to hannest people that mek he can’t sleep in de night.
    Dem boys tell de neighbor that when dem boys done wid he, he gun get like Marks and he gun come to de Waterfalls paper and sit down and wait till de paper come off de press.
    Dem boys seh that a peaceful heart leads to a healthy body; and greed is like cancer in the bones.’ Greed does spread and it can destroy every relationship in your life.
    It does poison yuh attitude by mekkin yuh compare yourself to others. It robs you of joy and contentment. You become ungrateful and self-centered.
    De man who like dig shit is a greedy brute, just like de fat crook, de shaat scamp and Jagdeo and he Bees.
    Some of dem suh greedy that dem does end up biting demself.
    Dem boys know that God opposes the proud, but favors the humble. The proud are those who think the world revolves around them and dem can do wha dem feel like to it and in it . Dem really corrupt this nation and have no shame about it.
    Dem believe that dem have a right to be wrong and dem want Guyana to follow that pattern.

    Talk half and look out fuh de man at he gate tomorrow.

    Posted by mark | September 21, 2014, 7:32 am
  70. Dem boys seh…Dem Bees got obsession


    Dem psychiatrist believe that everybody got some obsession. De Bees got an obsession wid money. Some of dem got obsession wid li’l girls and some wid li’l boys. Ask Kwame.
    Some of dem like fancy car and some does buy fancy car. All of dem like big house but dem frighten jail. But dem boys seh that little do they know that de jail is de biggest house and accommodation is free because de taxpayers does pay.
    Four of dem Bees go to a session fuh therapy because dem worried that everywhere dem go people pointing to dem and laughing. De doctor tell dem “You all have obsessions.”
    To the first one, Brazzy, he seh, “You are obsessed with eating. You’ve even named your daughter Candy.”
    He turned to de second one, Bobby, and seh,” Your obsession is with money. Again, it manifests itself in your child’s name, Penny.”
    He turned to the third one, Anil. “Your obsession is alcohol. This too shows itself in your child’s name, Brandy.”
    At this point, de Rat get up, tek he nephew by the hand, and whispered, “Come on, Dick. This guy has no idea what he’s talking about. Let’s pick up Willy from school and go get to dinner.”

    Talk half and enjoy de breathing space while dem boys out drinking li’l Ciroc in 704.

    Posted by mark | September 22, 2014, 10:22 am
  71. Unparalleled Lawlessness


    The news that the local five star Marriott Hotel has hit a snag in attracting the private investor financing component should not raise any eyebrows in this country. From the very start those in the know recognized that the pursuit by the shady, behind the scenes local investors, for what may well turn out to be a nightmare, was a not well-thought out decision.
    The fact that a court matter regarding the use of public funds and land upon which the hotel is sited has not yet been heard aggravates an already contentious situation. The past revelations of monies being paid over for incomplete works which were later reassigned to another contractor for additional sums reek of impropriety.
    The inaction that characterizes the Donald Ramotar administration’s approach to these aberrations makes him look as the most inept national leader in this country’s history. This is regrettable since it is common knowledge that he inherited a raft of cabinet colleagues, many whose only claim to fame was an obsequious willingness to please his predecessor.
    There is no evidence to convince anyone that enough is being done at the parliamentary level to bring this undesirable situation of opaqueness and lack of accountability to a screeching halt. What people are seeing is a lawlessness that is unparalleled in this country’s post-independence history. What some are conveniently ignoring is the fact that lawlessness breeds more of the same, and there is no guarantee that many will escape the consequences of their unlawful conduct.
    The establishment of the Special Organised Crime Unit (SOCU) bears watching at this time and people should not fall prey to the belief that this body should have a breaking in period. For far too long the national psyche has been assaulted by an attitude of entitlement by those in power so much so that malfeasance in public office has become the order of the day. What will be interesting to observe is the degree of autonomy that the unit will be permitted to operate insofar as carrying out its mandate goes.
    Maybe a page could be borrowed from the book of the Jamaican Financial Investigations Division (FID) which reportedly is investigating how officials have spent public monies on government contracts; the wealth of drug kingpins and their lawyers who facilitate the acquisition of real estate; and individuals who have amassed significant wealth.
    The foregoing sounds all too familiar since those features predominate on the local scene. Therefore it would be a reasonable expectation that the head of the SOCU would have taken his bearings in addition to being briefed to determine his priorities in terms of focus.
    Ideally the work of agencies like SOCU would be significantly bolstered if International Financial Institutions play a more oversight role on how their parent organisation’s money is spent. But the seeming reluctance to engage in a more robust monitoring of financial behavior by resident envoys is a conscious refusal to incur the wrath of recipient governments, and who are wary of being accused of interference in the internal affairs of a sovereign state.
    Of course it would have been conveniently forgotten that the monies which form the loan or grant belong to the taxpayers of the donor countries who have every right to demand an accounting of how their taxes are being spent.
    The zeal with which the Guyana Revenue Authority has been performing its duties against critics of the government is worthy of note, and it is to be expected that the Guyanese people would see more of the same enthusiasm when persons openly aligned to the administration are suspected of participating in a scam.
    But maybe that is an unrealistic expectation judging from official inactivity or stymieing on matters involving the Minister of Finance; the Town Clerk and her bodyguard; implicated New Opportunity Corps staffers; the alleged molestation of boys at orphanages etc. These instances all speak to an almost vulgar acceptance of improper behavior that is observed and noted by the rest of the populace.
    In the face of tacit approval for these increasingly pervasive acts of impropriety in high places it is no wonder that the moral values of the young and impressionable are being corrupted.

    Posted by mark | September 22, 2014, 10:36 am


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