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walter rodney commission of inquiry cancelled as boycott widens in guyana


the national boycott has forced the cancellation of the walter rodney commission of inquiry until april 28
the guyana govt, patricia rodney & other members of the rodney clan are in bed with ppp crime family. their sole goal is to score political points with this “inquiry”
leading the national boycott are hundreds of guyanese with vital info about the killing, the people’s national congress, the guyana human rights association, the working people’s alliance and many more
the extension of submissions indefinitely from march 26 was the first sign that the boycott was taking a severe toll on this charade.
Guyana govt is wasting in excess of $112 million on this madness.

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3 thoughts on “walter rodney commission of inquiry cancelled as boycott widens in guyana

  1. Dr. Walter Rodney’s Demise!

    I think the whole truth pertaining to his death will never be fully uncovered. Regardless of how much so-called evidence is presented.

    The grave is too old now for it to be exhumed and DNA taken, that would allow for an acceptable conclusion to this assassination., (figuratively of course)

    I say let the dead lay in peace, but Never Forget!

    Posted by derrycksgriffith | April 22, 2014, 2:03 pm
  2. $120 million wort of toilet paper

    Posted by Peter | April 24, 2014, 8:56 am


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