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ppp crime family will make guyana a tax free entertainment zone

irfaan ali of babaa - another dangerous criminal & minister of tourism

irfaan ali of babaa – another dangerous criminal & minister of tourism

ppp crime family has taken over the ‘entertainment’ business in Guyana to launder cocaine proceeds and mask other illicit activities. from time to time certain select promoters are granted tax free concessions when they bring in the big name foreign artistes. now that ppp crime family has complete control over the guyana backball business irfaan ali of babaa & crew are now moving ahead to make Guyana a tax free zone for entertainment.

what does this mean?

well artists will no longer be bothered by forms and having to pay taxes in Guyana. like all those new ppp crime family businesses around the country. they enjoy tax free concessions and do not even pay NIS for their employees. which means all those working boys and girls have nothing to get from the National Insurance Scheme. the crime family promoter will also enjoy tax free benefits on all his activities. this will be marketed as a win win situation for all because it will boost tourism and the poor at the bottom of the pile will benefit from the trickle down effect.

from time to time crime family outfits like hits and jams get everything tax free but the family is now moving to codify this in law. don’t think about entering the business cause the pre-qualification bar will be set so high, you’ll be in the same position of the other drug suppliers trying to get into the drug supply business. the legal one that is fighting against the flawed system. the system is so set that mobster bobby ramroop is already pre-qualified for the next three years.

foreign artistes coming to Guyana are known to fetch in cash from cocaine proceeds abroad and also take out cocaine, gold and other items for their ppp crime family benefactors. see buju banton who used to be a regular feature in Guyana.


2 thoughts on “ppp crime family will make guyana a tax free entertainment zone

  1. Football in de air, I want to ask one question why so much young people killing them self in Guyana can anyone tell me?

    Posted by Football in de air | June 14, 2014, 4:27 pm
  2. Everybody else is getting tax free at the people who have small business in Guyana

    Posted by M. Stuart | July 29, 2014, 9:09 am

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