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guyana crime

robeson benn jr killed an unborn child

no sympathy for lil scunty robeson benn jr. he should be charged with murder or die a miserable death in hospital.
[we need a better picture of this asshole. if yuh got it send it in]

in other countries this is what they do with lil scuntys who beat women to kill unborn babies. they lock dey lil scuntys up. a big propaganda press fuck out to all u lil scunty supporters. your comments will not be allowed here

A COP who battered his pregnant ex-girlfriend to kill her unborn baby has been jailed for ten years.
Former constable Matthew Cherry, 35, put on a balaclava and a fake foreign accent to attack Caroline Craft, 27, also a police officer.
He was furious when she refused to have an abortion and tried to bring on a miscarriage by repeatedly punching her in the stomach and back.


10 thoughts on “robeson benn jr killed an unborn child

  1. i feel bad for her, but in life the choices you make normally determines ur path. hope those reading take notice and at least go the right path…all that litters is not gold as a matter of fact hardly anything that glitters ever turns out to be gold.

    Posted by Saddam | November 13, 2012, 4:24 pm
  2. KN reporting hard on every stab and chop but this one. Ah wonda why? The thing had a lil piece in the papers and now it just disappear.

    Posted by salty_balls | November 13, 2012, 5:15 pm


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