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Guyana Cocaine

jean leblanc murdered by omar khan for guyana govt cocaine syndicate

major omar khan guyana defence force torturer

major omar khan guyana defence force torturer & govt hit man


jean le blanc

jean le blanc, dead man tell some tales

Major Omar Khan – torturer in the Guyana Defence Force. well known for torturing and maiming countless African Guyanese

the ever reliable major omar paid jean leblanc a visit at the govt owned georgetown hospital and gave him a prepared portion to drink. it looked like a fresh bottle of water

update guyana govt thinkin of cremating le blanc so he family don’t reveal the truth with they own autopsy. things nice in GT.

major omar khan special. he get his gdf salary, he on a special payroll at office of the president and ppp crime family rent he house in eccles. $200,000 a month. plus whatever he mek pon the side wid de cocaine syndicates


3 thoughts on “jean leblanc murdered by omar khan for guyana govt cocaine syndicate

  1. He’s a Lt Col. CIA agent.Michael Bloomberg reveal his meeting with ricardo rodrigues days before he was executed…their main objective was to get Paul daby…but the meeting was in infiltrated by chief spy…Col Omar Khan who notify daby who ordered the hit on rodrigues….DEA agent Le Blanc identity was then revealed by CANU boss…..Le Blanc was then eliminated with all the info rodrigues would have given him. the numb skull reporters we have in this country, couldnt have investigate this….

    Posted by james007 | November 14, 2012, 11:13 am


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