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US finally admits ambassador John Melvin Jones did quit Guyana!

the former ambassador who quit Guyana after death threats

we’ve been awaiting confirmation on this for a looooong loooong ime. they’ve made no announcements that we know of nor did they say who threatened the life of big melvin forcing him to quit Guyana but they’ve slipped this one in recently and we spotted it today on the state department website

Principal U.S. Embassy Officials
Charge d’Affaires–Karen L. Williams
Political and Public Affairs Officer–Ken Reiman
Economic/Commercial Officer–Richard A. Bakewell [also the political affairs officer – present at city hall during presentation of torture & murder dossier by joint t opposition]
Chief, Consular Affairs–Malia Heroux
Management Officer–David Smale
Regional Security Officer–Millie Dominguez
Peace Corps Director–James Geenan
USAID Country Director–Carol Horning
Military Liaison Officer–Lt. Col. Melba Hernandez
CDC Country Director–Wrenn Slocum

the lady in red is the defacto us ambassador to guyana - she goes by the handle karen l williams. that's negroe sam and negroe captain frank ponds of uss kearsarge fame.

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