East Indian boy beaten & tortured by Guyana Police

east indian boy beaten & tortured by guyana police forcefield report from Aamir Khan 
Sometimes I try to stay away from problems just not to spoil my reputation..i know ill be a target after this post.but Fuck the police in Guyana.. around 2am this morning I took this pic of this youth that was beaten by a police with an AK47..they say he was thieving car mirror .wtf wha he doing in a police pick up half dead.? His head dent in…blood start flowing out his mouth…. one my friend told police he knew d kid n took him out the pick up..after 10 mins his skin started to get stiff stiff n not even moving .he was rush to the gphc..I’m sure those 2 officers had in mind to go dump him somewhere cuz they cudnt carry him in station with that result..